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The need for a website and web hosting Wpengine Nameservers arises when someone wants to introduce their business on the internet.

To bring your business online, you will need to create a domain first followed by a website. So, here we are talking about one such service provider who can help you win online.

What are WP Engine Nameservers?

When you register a domain with the WP engine, by default your nameservers for the domain will be set by the Wpengine Nameservers. These nameservers are called WP engine nameservers.

How Do I Point My Domain to WP Engine?

After the WP Engine Domain Registration, you can point the domain to WP Engine using CNAME Flattening and an ANAME Record. The steps to point to each are given below.

Wpengine Nameservers Steps to point your domain using ANAME record

  • Log in DNSMadeEasy Select the Domain
  • Now click on Records
  • Find your ANAME records section
  • If you want to add a new ANAME record, then click on +
  • Leave the field of Name blank
  • Enter your WP engine CNAME in the labeled Name
  • Now add a period to the end of the CNAME. For example mysite.wpengine.com
  • The next step is to set a TTL
  • Click on Submit button
  • Now you have to click on + sign again to add another ANAME record
  • Enter – www in the Name field
  • Type your WP Engine CNAME in the labeled Name
  • Again add a period to the end of the CNAME
  • Set TTL and click on Submit button

(Note: If you are using WP Engine GES DNS (Global Edge Security) or an advanced network, be sure to use the alternative CNAME here.)

Steps to Point Your Domain Using CNAME Flattening?

  • Sign up for a Cloudflare plan
  • Click on Add a Site
  • Enter the domain name
  • Cloudflare will identify and display any prevailing records for your domain
  • Delete any A records shown for your root domain. For example yourdomain.com
  • In the Type dropdown, select CNAME
  • Now Set the Name to @
  • In the Target field enter your WPEngine CNAME
  • Delete the www record
  • Click Add Record
  • Set the Type to CNAME
  • In the Name field enter www
  • Enter @ in the Target field
  • Click Save
  • Click Continue.
  • Two or four Cloudflare  Nameservers will be displayed.  You must  copy all these exactly into your DNS registrar’s dashboard
  • At your DNS host find the area to edit your nameservers. You may need to select an option to set “custom nameservers”.
  • After changingthe nameservers to those shown in the Cloudflare pane, save it.

How to change Nameservers from A2 hosting to WP Engine?

If your domain is registered with A2 hosting, you will have the default nameservers of A2 hosting itself. But, if you want to change the Nameservers from A2 hosting to WP Engine, then follow the steps mentioned below.

wpengine nameservers
  • Click on the Secure Client Login which can be seen under the heading Manage Your Account
  • Enter the  credentials and click on Log In
wpengine nameservers
  • The next step is to click on the My Domains tab
  • Click settings icon  
  • On the left sidebar, you can see the option Nameservers, click on that
  • Now the nameserver text boxes can be seen on the page where you can enter the new nameservers of the WP engine
  • Enter the WP engine nameserver and click on Change Nameservers

How to Set Default Nameservers from WHM?

To set default nameservers from WHM, follow the guidelines given below.

  • First, you must visit the WHM website to log in
  • Select Server Configuration
  • Click on Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
  • Scroll down to set the default nameservers
  • Now enter the nameservers
  • Click on the respective tabs to assign an IP and add A record
  • Click on Save Changes


What is WP Engine?

If you have not heard about the WP engine and what it does, then here is the answer to it.
This company is one of the leading digital platforms through which you can design attractive websites and apps on WordPress.
They help in driving your business ahead. WP Engine has won many awards for its services and the work environment.

Is WP Engine a server?

WP Engine is a hosting platform that helps in keeping your website available online. WP Engine offers various plans or packages to meet the requirements of various clients to host their websites online.
Besides, this company provides managed hosting on a committed server to create apps and websites for your business.

How Do I Change DNS Records?

Log in to the customer account and locate the DNS manager. Under that, you can see the DNS records. Click on the Settings icon (…) against the record you want to modify and click on the Edit button.
Make the changes and click on save changes.

What Happens if I Delete a DNS Record?

If you delete the A records it will take some time to remove them from all caching DNS servers. Then the CNAME is used. If there is no DNS then your domain cannot point to an IP address.

What are the two Main Benefits Of DNS?

Internet speed and dependency and security are the main benefits.


These are some of the details that you will need to know when using Wpengine Nameservers. Also, WP Engine support can be helpful to clarify any further doubts.

You can also activate free Wp Engine SSL with any plan. Besides, the WpEngine Migration Plugin helps in migrating your WordPress site to WPEngine.

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