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Being a new user, it becomes extremely difficult to configure the latest functions required to reach the tech support team in WP Engine. Are you the one looking for the answer to this question?

If yes, then we would say you are at the correct article. Keep scrolling down and read further to get descriptive information about WordPress Web hosting provider, WP Engine, and the manner to get access to its support channels to register complaints effortlessly. 

So let’s begin with a quick overview of WP Engine.

About WP Engine 

One of the best and ideal choices for WordPress hosting services is WP Engine. It is simple to operate and offers outstanding page loading speed and customer service. With WP Engine, WordPress technicalities are lucid for newbies.

about WP Engine

It can be easily configured and does not require rocket science to operate it. Furthermore, the WP engine has amazing SSD technology which enhances the speed of the website.

It offers exceptional uptime(99.95%), addons to optimize the website, as well as superb customer service to increase the effectiveness in performance.

So let’s further discuss how effective and how extensive the customer service offered by WP Engine is.

What Support Channels Does WP Engine Offer?

As discussed earlier, WP Engine provides an easy interface for the newbies to access customer care service on occasion of issues. Here are the various support channels that WP Engine offers to its clients:

Live chat(talk to a bot) option

If you are new to WP Engine and try accessing the live chat option, the responses in live chat are made by a robot instead of any member of the support team.

The opportunity to speak to a live chat agent that is available 24/7, is given only to active users who buy services from WP Engine.

Nevertheless, in order to approach the live chat option, 

  • Go to WP Engine HomePage, and click to Contact Us, provided at the top right-hand corner of the menu.
  • As soon as you click contact us, press the chat with us option provided below the Live chat option.
  • On clicking the Chat with Us option, a chat box appears. Further, click on send us a Message to initiate the chatting process.
WP Engine Support
  • The message starts by asking about the issues being faced. It normally provides 3 options (plan and pricing, migration, and customer support) within which the choice has to be made.
  • On choosing the appropriate option (let’s just say plans & Pricing), you’ll be asked about your details (name, email id, dial number, and company name) filling which you will be reached soon by one of their tech support executives via email.
wp engine live chat
  • Operating a live chat option can also be done via contacting the chatbot by clicking the message box provided at the bottom of the homePage of WP Engine.

Live chat enables you to resolve minor issues propping up while walking through the services and their prices. But if you require technical support at your stake, then it is highly recommendable to access the ticket system.

Support ticket(Request) option

The ticket support system is extremely useful to get the issues requiring expertise, resolve. Accessing the ticket system in WP Engine is very simple. The ticket form is detailed and enables us to cover all the dimensions of the issue.

Wp engine ticket

The ticket system enables the client to get their technical issues resolved. 

WP Engine also has an email option allowing new users to access the WP Engine support team.

Email option

WP Engine also provides assistance via mailing to new users to settle issues regarding plans, pricing, features and more. Therefore in order to reach out WP Engine customer care support team via email, mail them @

Voice call

To acquire verbal assistance from the support staff, you can easily approach them by dial number: +1-512-273-3906 

How to Create a WP Engine Support Ticket?

Creating a WP Engine support ticket is trouble-free and user-friendly too. As a new user, you need to follow the instructions in order to avail the ticket option:

  • Go to WP Engine Zendesk and sign up to create an account. After clicking New to WP Engine Support? Sign Up, fill in the details, and press the Sign-Up option.
wp engine sign up
  • As you click the signup option, a link is sent to your registered mail to set a new password for your WP Engine Support account.
  • On receiving the email, click the URL and set a new password to initiate the ticket process.
wp engine support sign up
  • Then with the login id and new password, sign into your support account.
  • After logging into your account, go to submit a request option, and choose the type of support you need to begin with the process.
  • Type the issue you need to address in detail and in order to make your issue look genuine provide a screenshot as an attachment. Finally, click the submit option to register your issue with the support team.
wp engine ticket support

Adopting these steps will easily enable a new user to use the ticket support system to approach the support team. What if you need to check the status of the ticket that you submitted previously? Keep on reading further to find the steps to do so.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

In order to check the support ticket history, the following is the method to easily track the status of the support ticket submitted.

how to check my wp engine ticket 
  • You can easily see the status of all the tickets.
support feedback

Other WP Engine Customer Feedback

Amazing customer support services offered by WP Engine attracted a lot of positive feedback from its potential customers. Some recent feedback given by their clients can prove very useful to new users.

  • Stellar Support Team
support feedback
  • Excellent tech support for newbies
customer support feedback 1
  • Outstanding customer support
customer support feedback 2
  • The support staff is amazing
customer support feedback 3

After going through third-party feedback, we decided to run some tests ourselves to find out how genuine the comments were, to provide a true picture to our readers.

Our Experience with the WP Engine  Support 

To acknowledge the efficiency of all the support channels provided by WP Engine, we tried establishing a connection with the support team via live chat agent, ticket system, email, and voice call. 

And the experience that we gathered after initiating contact with the support channels is useful for the new user who is wishing to know about the genuine customer care service offered by WP Engine. The outcomes are as under:

  • Live Chat 
  • For new users, this option is less useful as the chat box is operated by a bot that asks about issues and gives replies that are pre-determined.
  • Though the support team reaches you via email once you enter the details asked by the bot in the chat box.
  • The reply received was satisfactory.
  • Took 30 seconds to get back to us.
  • Support ticket
  • The ticket submitted was opened and replied to within 5 minutes.
  • The issue was resolved finally with expert guidance.
  • The reply was helpful with an appealing answer.
  • Email 
  • The email was more efficient than any other support channel so far. 
  • Very helpful for new users having no experience in asking about issues.
  • Mails were responsive and friendly as well. We received a reply within an hour which is outstanding.
  • Voice call
  • The voice call option was unreachable. It may be due to connectivity glitches. 
  • The dial number is not toll-free.
  • Maybe in days to come, they provide a toll-free number to the new users who approach buying the services from WP Engine.

All tests were run successfully and enabled the new users to get an idea about the customer support services offered by WP Engine.

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This article not only provides comprehensive details about the support services offered by WP Engine but also helps you understand its work as well. The experience gathered by running tests even gave you a true picture of the quality service provided by the support team.

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