Hostwinds Nameservers

If you’re new to Hostwinds, you’ll be facing so many issues and errors while using nameservers. Setting up a nameserver and pointing that nameserver into Hostwinds nameservers can also be challenging. Because that process is a little bit confusable.

It’s alright! We’re with you. To make your journey of nameservers easy, read the article below and follow the steps mentioned. 

Let’s get started!

Hostwinds  NamerServer


How to find Hostwinds nameservers?

Come, we’ll assist you in finding the nameservers in Hostwinds; just follow the steps mentioned below for that;

Hostwinds Login
  • Navigate Domain> select Manage DNS
select Manage DNS
  • Click on that to see nameservers.
Click on that to see nameservers

How do I point to the Hostwinds name server in my domain?

If you are looking to point the Hostwinfd nameserver into your domain, check and follow the steps below:

  • Open the website> log in to your account from the client area> navigate to Domains> select Manage DNS.
Hostwinds name server in my domain
  • Click on that, it will open a new page there you can create your domain
open a new page there you can create your domain
  • Now, add your domain to the system> click My Domains.
click My Domains
  • Here, click the arrow on the right and select Manage Servers under your domain.
Here, click the arrow on the right and select Manage Servers under your domain.
  • Click Use default nameserver there > Now you can set your nameservers alternatively under the text Nameserver.
set your nameservers
  • After adding nameservers> click domain again> click manage DNS> navigate to the actions drop-down menu> Click check.
click manage DNS
  • You’ll get a message that checks DNS succeeded, and you can now easily add that to your DNS records.
add that to your DNS records

How do I check and verify my updated name servers?

According to the information from Hostwind support, you can check and verify your updated name servers through this website.

  • Just open the website https://www.whatsmydns. net/# 
  • Type your domain name to check and verify the updated nameserver.
Live Chat hostwinds

How to contact Hostwinds Support if my NameServers Are not working? 

In terms of support, Hostwinds provides a well-dedicated, excellent, responsive team; they help you with all queries and problems. Not only for nameservers, you can get support from them for any issues. Mainly, they have four types of channels;

  • Live chat: you can get instant replies from them
you'll see an interface like the picture below
  • Open a Ticket: we suggest you use this for technical issues like this.
Open a ticket
  •  Phone: connect them through a call for verbal assistance.

Landline number_ (888) 404-1279

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The information provided above has been genuinely tested by us. We hope this article helps you set up your nameserver. If you face technical errors or any other issues, don’t forget to take advantage of Hostwind Customer Support.

Thank You.