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Hosting companies are available everywhere that provide various products and services to the customers. If a person decided to introduce his/her business online, then a good hosting company’s assistance is required.

Rumahweb Nameservers with the advancement of technology, we can do everything on the website of the hosting company starting from registering a domain to creating a website and hosting it.

Most of the necessary details will be mentioned on the website of Rumahweb. You can make the payment online for purchasing any product of Rumahweb and can get customer service to solve any queries related to web hosting.

What is a Nameserver?

Nameservers are created when a domain is registered. It is one of the major parts of DNS as it contains the domain and the IP address of a server.

Nameservers usually look like,, etc. The rumahweb domain will look like ns1.rumahweb .com.

image 64

How to Change Nameservers?

To change the nameservers, you have to first visit the website of the host, then follow the steps given here.

  • Login to the client zone Rumahweb. Click on Domain from the menu given
  • Select List My Domain from the drop-down menu
  • Now select the domain name to change the nameserver
  • Click on the edit button and choose Update Nameserver
  • Enter the nameserver you want in the fields provided 
  • Click on the Update Nameservers button in blue

How To Point a Domain To Rumahweb?

If your domain is registered with Rumahweb, then your nameservers will be automatically pointed to the Rumahweb nameservers. You can also create custom nameservers if you like rather than using the default nameservers.

If you want to point a domain registered with a different registrar to Rumahweb Nameservers, then you must log in to the client account of that host.

  • Then click on the Domains section
  • Choose the domain name to point it to Rumahweb
  • Click on the Edit/Manage button
  • You can see the Nameservers tab. Click on that
  • In the nameservers fields, enter the Rumahweb nameservers 
  • Click on Update Nameservers

How To Manage DNS Zone On Rumahweb?

To manage the DNS Zone in Rumahweb, you must visit the website of Rumahweb Nameservers first and then follow the guidelines given below.

  • Log in to the cPanel account
  • Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor
  • You can see three different DNS records – A record, CNAME, and TXT record
rumahweb Nameservers 1
  • Choose the one record you need
  • If you use Simple DNS Zone Editor, you will only have two options to choose
  • You can manage your DNS here.

How to Create a Private Nameserver?

  • Log in to the client area of Rumahweb
  • Click on the Domain tab from the menu on the screen
  • From the drop-down menu, choose My Domain List
  • Click on the Active button on the domain that will be created
  • Choose the Private Nameservers option which can be seen under the Overview
  • You can now add the nameservers you want to register
  • Set the IP address
  • Click on the Save Changes button seen on the bottom

How can I see a webpage without changing nameservers?

You can see the webpage without changing the DNS for a domain by editing the local host’s file. 

After doing this on your computer, the DNS lookup is not used. Instead, the computer will be allowed to see the site as it is on your new service. You do not have to make any changes to the site or the nameservers.



If you want to host your business website, Rumahweb should be taken into consideration as they have the best products and hosting plans suitable for your requirements. By hosting your website with Rumahweb Nameservers, you can be sure about seeing your website online all the time without any issues.

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