Inmotion Nameservers

InMotion is a company that is famous for web hosting and offer 24/365 customer support to guide their clients to easily use the services and products.

This is a perfect web hosting and inmotion nameservers solution for people looking forward to bringing their business online through secure web hosting. You can find more details below.

What are Nameservers?

It is the nameserver that directs traffic on the internet by connecting your domain name with the IP address. The nameservers are created after registering a domain with the InMotion hosting company.

How to Change Your Nameservers?

For InMotion hosting change nameserver, you must log in to your host’s account and go to the Domains page. Then you must choose the domain name and click on a nameserver. You will see a page with the nameserver where you can easily change the nameservers.

How Do I Add DNS Records?

It is possible to add InMotion hosting DNS records through cPanel. Follow the steps included here.

  • Log in to your account of InMotion and under your name you can see the cPanel option. Click on it.
inmotion nameservers
  • Now find the Domain section and click on the Zone Editor option
  • You can view the domain names now. Click on  the domain  to add the DNS records
inmotion nameservers
  • Click on Manage
inmotion nameservers
  • Then click on a record type such as A, CNAME, and MX records
  • Click on +Add Record
inmotion nameservers
  • Enter the records to the field provided
  • Click on Add Record button

What is the Inmotion Nameserver?

When a client of InMotion registers a domain, by default the nameservers will be created by the registrar. These nameservers are known as InMotion Nameservers.

How to Check InMotion DNS Records?

To view the InMotion DNS records, you must access your cPanel account which you can do so by logging into your account of InMotion. Under your name, you can see the cPanel heading.

Press that and find the domains tab. Click on that and go to Zone Editor where you can find the domains and domain records.

How to Change Domain Nameservers in Inmotion?

You can change the nameservers by accessing your account of InMotion. Check out the steps below.

image 122
  • After you log in to your account, click on Domains, and from the drop-down menu click on Manage Domains
image 123
  • Now you can see the domain names you have created. Select the domain name to change the nameservers
  • Then click on the link which says Point your Domain
image 124
  • Now you can change the nameservers by replacing it with the new one
  • Click on the Submit button for the nameserver changes to complete.

If DNS changes are not reflecting, please wait for 24 to 48 hours as it will take some time for propagating.

image 125

How to Manage Your Domains DNS With InMotion Hosting?

Inmotion DNS configuration can be done through AMP. If you have registered your domain with inmotion nameservers, then your domain will be pointed to the Nameserver unless you have changed.

  • The initial step is to log in to your Account Management Panel
  • Then click on the Domain Management option
image 126
  • You can now see Add Domain and Manage Domain buttons on the screen
image 127
  • If you want to add a domain. Click on Add Domain button
  • Then enter the domain name you require and click on Add
image 128
  • Now using the Zone Editor option you can edit your DNS
  • Find the Domain Management option and choose that
  • Then click on the Edit button which can be seen next to the domain name
  • You can manage your SOA record, Zone file records, Reset Zone file ad you can add a record here
image 129
  • Choose what you want to manage and point your domain correctly to the IP address



After reading this guide on InMotion nameservers, you might have surely understood how to do some basic things that you need to create a domain, DNS, etc.

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