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This is a guide to give you some details regarding the MochaHost Nameservers web hosting company. If you want to host your website online, then MochaHost is one of the best options that you can choose as they provide great offers and discounts to the clients.

Moreover, their services are of high standards and help bring your business forward by keeping the website live all the time.

What is MochaHost?

With 19 years of experience in web hosting, MochaHost is a company that offers lifetime discounts for its clients. A great technical MochaHost customer support is offered to the client, which is available 24*7. With MochaHost,

you can register a domain, and make use of the free website builder to create your website or you can also choose one from their custom design packages. More details regarding MochaHost Nameservers, domain, etc. are given below for you to get an idea.

How Do I Find Nameservers?

After you register your domain with MochaHost Nameservers can be set according to your choice. You will receive a mail from MochaHost upon the registration of your domain and the mail will include details related to the host and MochaHost nameservers.

You can also find your nameserver by logging in to your MochaHost Client Area. You must select the Domain tab and select the names of the domain to see the nameservers. Click on the manage button and under DNS management you can see the nameservers.

How To Change My DNS Servers?

If you have registered your domain with MochaHost Nameservers or have transferred your domain to MochaHost, then follow the guidelines given below to change your DNS servers.

  • Visit the website of MochaHost and click on Log In
  • Enter the necessary details and log in to your account
  • Click on the Domain tab which can be seen at the top of the menu bar.
  • Select the Domain name to change the DNS
How To Change My DNS Servers?
  • Click on the setting icon
  • Under the Manage section, find the DNS management option and click on it
  • You can type the nameservers you want in the field provided and click on save/update nameservers

How to Point to an Existing Domain Name?

In this section, you will find details regarding how you can point an existing domain to Mochahost and host your website through Mochahost.

  • Log in to your mail-id and check the welcome mail received from Mochahost
  • Find the two DNS servers from the mail
  • You can also access this information from your account
How to Point to an Existing Domain Name?
  • Now you must contact the domain registrar where you have registered your domain
  • You can either request for an update to the registrar, or you can log in to your account of that host registrar and make the changes by yourself
  • After you log in to the account, you must select the Domain tab and click on the manage or edit button after choosing the domain name
  • Under DNS management you can make necessary changes to the nameservers
  • Save the change made

How Do I Add a Domain To Mochahost?

In case your domain is registered with another host and you want to add that domain to Mochahost, then you should use the transfer option available. But you must check the requirements to transfer the domain to Mochahost Nameservers. Make sure that the domain name is at least 60 days old.

The domain must be active. Moreover EPP authorization keys will be needed to transfer the domain with extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .bz, .us,,,, .cn,,,,, .in,,,,,, and .jobs names.

Get the authorization key from your current registrar and when the transfer request is received by Mochahost, a verification email will be sent to the registrant and the admin. For more details, you can click on this link and learn more.

How To Check DNS Server And Mail Servers?

MochaHost provides a Mochahost webmail feature accessible from Linux shared plans and you can get the details at this link- or

For windows shared plans you can use the link – In order to check the DNS server, you can either check your welcome email that has details related to domain and nameserver or you can get the details from your control panel under the DNS management section.

How Do I Transfer My Site To MochaHost?

Mochahost offers Free Migration from any provider that uses cPanel. Follow the steps given here to transfer your site to Mochahost.

  • Visit the website of Mochahost and Sign Up
  • Click on I will update my nameservers manually when it is indicated
  • You will receive a welcome mail to your email id with your site access and other details that are required.
  • Using the given access details you can transfer your files from your computer to the server of Mochahost
  • You will be able to view your site and can make changes when uploading the files
  • Always set up your email accounts using the web control panel of Mochahost
  • When the site and email setup is ready, you must go log in to your account where you created your domain name and change the DNS servers with the new nameservers provided by Mochahost.

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Conclusion – MochaHost NameServers

By using MochaHost, you can use many services and products necessary to enhance traffic to your business website.

You can also find MochaHost video tutorials on their website to give you a clear understanding of various procedures. Learn more about MochaHost services by visiting the website.

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