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What Are Pivps Nameservers?

The nameservers help in connecting your domain with the IP address. It is the nameservers that play a vital role in directing traffic on the internet.

To host a website through PiVPS Nameservers, you must have the nameservers for your domain. If Also you want to know about the Mochahost Nameservers & DNS management, Details

How Do I Add DNS Records?

To add the DNS records, you must log in to your client area and select the Domain tab under which you can select the domain name for which you want to add the DNS records for.

Then you must select the Manage button and select DNS. You will now see the nameservers and the DNS records field where you can add the DNS records as required.

Scroll down and select the record you want to add like A record, CNAME, MX record, TXT, etc. Click on Add button and enter the details in the field provided. Click on the Update DNS to save all the addition you have made.

How Can I Create My Own Server Name?

First, you must go to the site from you purchased the domain name and you must register a hostname for the domain name. Then assign an IP address to the hostname you have registered.

An example of a hostname is ns1 and you add this to your domain name by registering ns1.yoursite.com to the IP address of the server where the account is located.

After registering two custom/private nameservers, you must add the hostnames to the DNS zone file. Using the cPanel server or WHM, you can easily do this. These will be entered as A records into the DNS zone.

If you are only having one server, you need not worry, since you can use the same IP address for both private nameservers. After completing these steps, you will have to wait for a minimum of 24 hours for the changes to propagate.

How Do I Find My cPanel Nameserver?

To find your PiVPS Nameservers in cPanel, you can follow the steps given here.

  • You must log in to the cPanel first either through the client portal or by Visiting The cPanel Website
  • On the Homepage, you can find the option General Information on the right side, click on it
  • You can now see the Primary Nameserver and the Secondary Nameserver here with all other details like the current user, primary domain, shared IP address, etc. If Also you want to know about the Pivps Login To Our Client Area.

How to Update/Switch DNS of Windows Server OS?

To update or switch the DNS of Windows Server OS in PiVPS Nameservers, you must follow the steps stated below.

  • You must click on the Open Network and Sharing Center by right-clicking on the network icon or open through the control panel – network and internet
  • On the left pan, you can find the option Change Adapter Settings, click on that
  • Now select the network adapter for which you want to update the DNS and then right-click on it
  • From the drop-down selection, you must choose Properties
  • You can find a checkbox that shows Internet Protocol version 4(TCP.IPv4), tick that checkbox
  • Click on the properties option again
  • You can manually update the DNS server address here.

How To Change DNS Settings Using The Control Panel?

To change the DNS settings of your system using the control panel, you can follow the guidelines given here.

  • Open the Control Panel Section in your system
  • Click on the Network and Internet option
  • Then select Network and Sharing Center
  • On the left side, from several options given, you must clock on the option Change Adapter Settings
PiVPS Nameservers: DNS Settings
  • You must now right-click on the Network Interface that is connected to the internet
  • Click on the Properties option from the drop-down menu
PiVPS Nameservers:
  • Now tick the check box that says Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
PiVPS Nameservers
  • Then select the option Properties
  • Select Alternate Configuration and select the preferred DNS server and IP address
PiVPS Nameservers: DNS
  • Click on the OK button and close

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How To Configure Custom Nameservers?

  • Log into your WHM account and click on Basic WebHost Manager
  • Enter two domain names in the fields provided at the bottom of the page
PiVPS Nameservers:
  • Then click on the Configure Address Record button given next to each nameserver
  • Confirm that the IP address is the same as the cPanel server
PiVPS Nameservers: Configure Adress Records For NAmeserver

Then you must inform the registrar regarding the DNS server’s domain names.

How To Change Domain Nameservers in Pivps?

You can easily change the domain nameservers either through your client portal or through cPanel. You can see the domains section now, and under that, you must select the domain for which you want to change the nameservers for.

Then click on the edit or manage button and choose the Nameservers option. This will give you the current nameservers’ details. You can modify the nameservers and click on Update Nameservers.

Through cPanel you can change the nameserver by selecting the domain name and clicking on Modify Domain, Then you can click on Change Nameservers and modify the nameservers.


While hosting a website, you will have many queries that need to be solved quickly. The PiVPS Nameservers offer live customer support to all their clients by simply chatting with them in their integrated system.

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