GoDaddy Nameservers

GoDaddy is a web hosting service provider which is being used by a large group of people. This world’s largest service provider offers all the help and tools for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow online.

With GoDaddy Nameservers, you can create a great website, increase traffic and manage work. The services offered contain domains, WordPress and website creation, web hosting, web security, online marketing, email, and many more.

Where do I Find my GoDaddy Nameservers?

To find the nameservers you have created with GoDaddy you need to follow the steps given below:

Godaddy nameservers
  • After logging in to your account, select your Domain
  • Now access the DNS Management page
  • Click on NS records for the domain
  • You can find your nameservers there.

If your website is hosted with GoDaddy and your domain is registered with another host, then you can find your nameservers by logging in to our account with that particular registrar.

How to Change Nameservers for My Domains in GoDaddy?

To change the nameservers for your domain registered with GoDaddy you can follow the steps stated below:

  • Log in to GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
godaddy nameservers
  • Pick your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Select Manage DNS under Additional Settings and select Change (Nameservers section).
  • Now select one option from the choices given. You can choose between connecting your domain to a website you have created, using default nameservers or You can even entering your nameservers.
  • Change the nameservers.
  • Tick the box next to the consent message.
  • Select Save or Connect.

How to Register and Set Custom DNS Nameservers for Your GoDaddy Domains?

To register and set a custom DNS GoDaddy nameservers for your GoDaddy domain, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to GoDaddy Domain Control Center
image 10
  • Pick your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Select Manage DNS under Additional Settings and select Change (Nameservers section)
  • The next step is to choose one option from the choices given. You can choose from options like using default nameservers, linking your domain to a website you have generated, or adding your nameservers.
  • In this scenario, you have to pick custom nameservers. Then enter the nameservers you want in the space provided
  • Tick the box next to the consent message.
  • Select Save or Connect.

What is the GoDaddy Nameservers?

While you have registered a domain with GoDaddy, you have to create nameservers for the domain. At this stage, you can choose between three options which include, creating a custom nameserver or choosing a default nameserver.

In a custom nameserver, you can enter the nameserver you want. But if you choose the default nameserver, the nameserver will be already given there automatically. Nameservers created by GoDaddy are known as the GoDaddy Nameservers.

How to Register and Order a Domain From GoDaddy?

To register and buy a domain from GoDaddy, first, you need to visit the website of GoDaddy. Then click on Domains. Now you will see a page where you can search for domain options.

  • Click on this link
  • Now you can search for domain names and options available. If you have a name in mind you can just enter that in the search area and see if it is available
godaddy nameservers
  • You can even transfer domains to GoDaddy if you have registered one with another host
  • Once you have selected the domain name choose the extension. For example; .com, .in,, etc
  • You will be able to see the extensive options available along with the price against each
godaddy nameservers
  • Scroll down to see more options for the extensions.
godaddy nameservers
  • Choose the one you like. Then click Add to Cart.
  • Then click on Continue Shopping.
godaddy nameservers
  • Add the Payment Details and other information asked.
  • Click on Checkout.
  • Once it is successfully completed, you will receive a mail with the details.

You will receive an email from GoDaddy if there is any update or information regarding your account. So, you will not forget to renew the domain when it expires as you will be notified.

If you need an email associated with the domain name, you can create it for your website. Creating a website is also easy with GoDaddy and you can do that after the domain registration.


GoDaddy has so numerous services to provide and you will not have to find different hosts or registrars to perform each activity. You will get everything under the roof if you choose GoDaddy.

If you would like to create a blog for your business, you can even create a blog with GoDaddy. Moreover, there will be promos and discounts they provide, which make it easier for the customer to choose a package or domain at a discounted price.

Moreover, GoDaddy has a great customer support team who are available 24*7 to clarify any doubts or queries. So, if you are looking forward to creating a domain for a website, choose GoDaddy.

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