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This is a cloud service company that delivers customized private cloud and public cloud solutions. Skysilk Nameservers provides different kinds of VPS plans for people who want to choose a suitable plan to host websites in VPS for business purposes. By using SkySilk, you can easily explore Linus Apps, OS Distros, and Tools.

Following are more details that you should know if registering a domain and using the domain for creating and hosting your website online.

What is DNS and How Does it Work?

The Domain Name System offers the name to any computer or device that is connected to the network. By using DNS, people can view the website on the internet directly by typing the web address in the web browser.

With the help of DNS, the browser and the OS check their local cache. If found it will send a positive revert.

What Are My Nameservers?

If you want to know what your nameservers are, you must check in the client zone by logging into your account. When a domain is registered, the nameservers will be created by default and you also have the option to create and use custom or private nameservers to personalize your domain.

Examples of nameservers are,, etc. If you are using the default nameservers, then your domain name will not be mentioned in the nameservers, but the registrar’s name will be mentioned.

How to Change Skysilk Nameservers?

To change the nameservers of your domain being SkySilk clients, you must access your client area by visiting the website of the registrar. Under the domains section, you can select your domain to change the nameservers.

Then select the nameservers tab which can be usually found in the manage or edit section. You can change the Skysilk Nameservers in the fields provided.

How to Use Records to Point to Your Domain?

To edit or manage the DNS of your domain, you can use various records like the A record, CNAME, TXT record, etc. Here you can see the steps to use the A records to point your domain.

  • Log in to your SkySilk client area
  • Select the Domains tab
  • Click on DNS settings
  • In the record section, click on A records
  • Add details in fields of Host, IP address, TTL, etc
  • Click on the Save button

How to Point a Domain Name to a Linux VPS with Skysilk?

To point your domain name to a Linux VPS with SkySilk, you must first find your IP address. Anybody who uses SkySilk can get these details from the client area. Access the VPS dashboard on SkySilk and you must select the record you want to point your domain to.

Skysilk Nameservers

Under the name of the VPS, you can see the IP address. Now copy the IP address. Then you must go to the domain settings sections where you can easily edit the DNS settings. In the record section, you can choose the record you want and add the details like Host, and IP address.

Once you have completed entering the details save them. It might take a few minutes to see the changes you have made. When the effect takes place, you can navigate your domain in a web browser and can see the content of your VPS.

How to Update Nameservers in Skysilk?

Updating the Skysilk Nameservers is not a difficult task. Visit the SkySilk Login and access Clients Area and select the domain section to choose the domain name for which you want to update the nameservers.

Skysilk Nameservers

Then you must select the nameservers tab and make any updating as required.

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How to Edit and Configure a DNS Zone File in SkySilk?

You can edit and configure the DNS Zone using cPanel/WHM. The steps are given here.

First, we will look at the steps for editing the DNS through WHM

  • After you set up a custom nameserver and completed installing cPanel you must create an account.
  • Login to WHM
  • Click on DNS Functions
  • Select the Edit DNS Zone
  • Now select the Domain you want to edit and configure
  • Select the Edit button to change or update the records
  • Make sure that the Domain field has a Domain name followed by a trailing period.
  • Note that if you are using FQDN then use the sub-domain in the domain field which does not need the trailing period
  • Set the TTL column as IN
  • Then select the Record Type 
  • You can add or modify your existing record here.

👉 Steps to Edit DNS Zone File through cPanel

  • Log in to your cPanel account
  • Select the Zone Editor

👉 Now choose an option between adding an A, CNAME, etc

  • Add the name and other details asked on the new box
  • Click on Add button, which is shown in blue color



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