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Nexcess is a leading service provider for web hosting and other related services and products. If you are looking for fully managed word press hosting, or fully managed-to-woo commerce hosting, then Nexcess Nameservers could be the perfect choice for you.

You can easily create content and an e-commerce platform for your business with Necxess which is considered a liquid web brand. Read the following details to have an idea about various terms and uses of certain things in web hosting.

How Do I Change Nameservers?

In case you want to change the nameservers for your registered domain, you can use the guidelines given below to successfully change the nameservers without any confusion.

  • Visit this link to the OpenSRS control panel
Nexcess Nameservers
  • Then enter the Domain Name
  • Next, add the Username.
  • Type the password in the given space and click on Manage Domain
  • You must scroll down to see the option Domain Locking. When found click on that option
  • In case the domain is set to Disable you must go to Step C. If the domain is set to Enable then click Disable
  • Click on the Submit button
  • On the new page, you can see the Nameservers Tab, click on it
  • Then click Manage Nameservers
  • Now you can see all the nameservers. Make changes to it as required
  • Click on Save Configuration.

How to Verify DNS Propagation?

Changes to the domain’s DNS information can be made at any time. But the propagation will take about 12 to 48 hours. In very rare cases it might take up to 72 hours. With the help of Nexcess’s Global DNS Checker, you can quickly check the status of your DNS propagation.

In case a majority of the servers work with the specified result, then the changes made to your Nexcess DNS have been completed. This is the best DNS checker.

How to Configure DNS Records in SiteWorx?

The clients of Nexcess can only configure DNS records in SiteWorx on non-cloud servers. Follow the steps given here to configure DNS.

  • Log in to your SiteWorx account
  • Now from the main menu, select Hosting Features
  • Then click on Domains and select DNS Records from the submenu
Nexcess Nameservers
  • Click on View Records for the domain you want to manage the DNS records for
  • You can see Add a new option, click on the drop-down arrow and select CNAME
  • Click on the Go button
Nexcess Nameservers
  • You must enter the required details in the Add DNS CNAME Record panel
  • Click on the Save button
Nexcess Nameservers

How to Configure Custom Nameservers?

To configure a custom nameserver with Nexcess, you must have a dedicated VPS or Reseller account with Nexcess Nameservers.

  • Use the Nexcess Login page to access your account
  • Type your Domain Name, Username, and Password in the space provided
  • Click on the Manage Domain button
Nexcess Nameservers
  • You must scroll down to see the option Domain Locking. When found click on that option
  • In case the domain is set to Disable you must go to Step C. If the domain is set to Enable then click Disable.
domain is set to Disable
  • Click on the Submit button
  • On the new page, you can see the Nameservers Tab, click on it
  • Then click Set Custom nameservers on your domain if you want to set a custom nameserver.
Nexcess Nameservers
  • If you have already created a custom nameserver then click on Manage Nameservers
Nexcess Nameservers
  • To modify or create a nameserver click on the link given on the page which says – click here
Nexcess Nameservers
  • Next, configure nameservers in NodeWorx by logging in to your account of NodeWorx
  • Type the primary, secondary, and tertiary nameservers
  • Click on System Services.
  • Select DNS Server and click on Overview
  • Click on the Update button
  • Now to set A  records, go to System Services > DNS Server > Zones
  • Click on Records and from the Add, a new drop-down option select A and click on Go
  • Type the name of the primary nameserver in the Host field
  • Leave the TTL field as 43200(default)
  • Enter the IP address in the field given
  • Click on the Save button
  • Do you want more information about How To Access And Nexcess Login into the Client Area

How to Configure DNS Records in the Client Portal?

To configure DNS records you must first log in to your Client Portal.

  • Once you have accessed your account in Nexcess, click on DNS
  • Current DNS zones can be seen here
  • Click on the domain you want and click on View
  • Select the desired type from the DNS record list and click on Add button
  • If your domain is not present under A, then change it to A by clicking Add A
  • If you are using CNAME, set it accordingly
  • Configure Nexcess MX records if you want to use webmail. You can also configure Nexcess SPF.

How To Transfer Domains?

If you are a client of Nexcess Nameservers, and if you want to transfer your domain to another host, then you shall contact the sales team of Nexcess. The team is available from 9 am to 5 pm (ET) on weekdays.

How to Create And Edit DNS Zones in The Client Portal?

The guidelines you can follow to create and edit DNS Zones in the Client Portal are given below.

  • First, log in to your account
  • Click on the DNS tab from the dashboard
  • Click on Add Zone to create a DNS record
  • Enter the domain name.  Click on Add
  • It might take a minimum of 48 hrs for the propagation to complete

FAQs: Nexcess Nameservers

How Do I Change Nameservers in cPanel?

Visit CPanel and access your account. Click on the Zone Editor. Find the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers. Click on the edit/manage button and change the Nexcess Nameservers as per your requirement. Click on Save Changes.

Does Changing Nameservers Affect Websites?

When the nameservers are changed, only the hosting server is changed. The internet will look for the new Nexcess Nameservers to provide the details related to your domain if you search online.

Where Do I Find Nameservers in cPanel?

In the cPanel, you can find the nameservers under primary and secondary nameservers. You can find this in the General Information section on the homepage.

Conclusion: Nexcess Nameservers

Look for all the features of Nexcess Nameservers on their website and get other details regarding the hosting plan. The nexcess support team can guide you with your further queries quickly.

You can also choose between Nexcess Magento, WordPress, and many more to host your site.

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