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HostingB2B Review

Have you been looking for a hosting service provider that offers numerous hosting plans with servers across the globe? Do you want a hosting that is simple yet is filled with features? 

Is your budget small? Ouch, that hurt. But it will not anymore. How? Because you’ve got HostingB2B.

This hosting platform offers you multiple hosting options that you can choose as per your server location requirements. The plans offered by this hosting platform are simple yet equipped with the perfect services.

Let us explore this platform more through this HostingB2B review. 

Overview of HostingB2B

Founded in 2005, HostingB2B was started in Cyprus and now has grown throughout the globe to become a leader in ICT Solutions and Web Hosting. This hosting platform has five global data centers with the best customer support.

HostingB2B Review

HostingB2B offers numerous hosting services such as web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, colocation hosting, email hosting, etc. You get many benefits, such as site builder and SSL certificates and these hostings. 

HostingB2B Data Center Location

The five data centers of HostingB2B are located in:

  • Cyprus
  • Dubai
  • Malta
  • Amsterdam
  • UK

Security Analysis 

With HostingB2B, you can sit back and relax to enjoy a night of sleep without nightmares of your data getting damaged. How? 

This hosting platform offers a bulletproof security system. It provides you SSL certificates, regular monitoring, and more so that your data always remains secure. 

Customer Support Analysis

HostingB2B is a pretty simple and easy-to-understand hosting platform. However, it is customary that you develop some queries or issues with your hostings, or you might not understand a particular thing. In such situations, without wasting a minute or stressing over it, you can contact the customer support team of HostingB2B, which works 24/7 to provide you with the best technical support. 

HostingB2B Key Features

What are the features of this hosting platform? Let us check it out in this HostingB2B review. 

Free SSL Certificates

If you want to keep your data safe in the long run and keep other browsers informed that you have a safe website to make connections with, you must buy SSL certificates.

How much does it cost? With HostingB2B? It costs zero. Yes, this hosting platform offers you free SSL certificates with its plans.

Website Builder

If you like to do your work by yourself, you want things the way you want, or if your budget is a little small to hire a professional to build your websites, now you can rely on HostingB2B as this hosting platform helps you build a website on your own without any coding required. 

One-Click Installation

You do not like to do a lot of work for a simple feature to function? No problem, you do not have to do it anymore. How? 

This hosting platform helps you install numerous applications on your hosting with a single click.  

Types of Hosting Plans Does HostingB2B Offer 

The hostings offered by HostingB2B are:

On HostingB2B, you can select a hosting from the location you want, and the prices will differ accordingly. 

HostingB2B Pros & Cons 

Let us now take a look at the pros and cons of HostingB2B. 


  • Colocation
  • Provides Free SSL Certificates
  • Website Builder


  • The costs differ as per the location you choose for the same plan. 

Do we recommend HostingB2B for your website?

Yes, we recommend HostingB2B for your websites. This hosting platform offers about five hosting plans operated through four data centers worldwide. You can choose any of their server locations you want as per your needs, and all plans come with facilities such as website builder, SSL, etc. 

FAQs: HostingB2B Review

What type of hosting is offered by HostingB2B?

This hosting platform offers web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, colocation hosting, email hosting, etc. These plans can be bought with the facility to choose a particular server location you want. 

Does HostingB2B provide trustworthy hosting?

Yes, this hosting platform has been around in the hosting industry for a long time and has used its time to build efficient plans, services, servers, and most importantly, trust. HostingB2B does not hide anything from its users. 

Does HostingB2B offer VPS hosting?

Yes, HostingB2B offers VPS Hosting through five of its server locations. You can choose any of the plans from five locations, and the prices start from about $12 a month. You get numerous features with the VPS hosting plan as well. 

Conclusion – HostingB2B Review

Let us now conclude this HostingB2B review as we have taken all of its features into consideration. The facility to choose the location from where your hosting will be operated is what impressed us. 

This hosting platform offers numerous free services such as website builder, SSL, one-click install, etc., which could greatly help the hosting experience. However, it would help to make the prices of the plans a little more uniform, which will make it reach the heights of success and perfection. 

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