Blog >> Reviews >> Review 2021 | Is it a Professional Website Builder for Business? Review 2021 | Is it a Professional Website Builder for Business? Review 2021: Nowadays a professional website can be built with ease and it does not require a lot of time, money, or effort.

The website builder industry has grown a lot since the past 10 years and is one of the best website builder software as it is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Now you can present your services or business professionally online, without knowing HTML, coding skills, or without being a web developer. is a professional website builder that helps you create a tasteful and professional website with a few clicks.

If you are a business owner and you need a website then a website builder software can help you design a customized website as per your requirement as it is the cheapest website builder. stands out from other website builders as it offers an intuitive website builder with a free demo and is one of the best free website builders for small businesses.

You can choose from 160 templates and can start editing, adding images, adding text, buttons, and widgets with the best professional web design software.

It helps you add SEO metadata with the use of their SEO form and your site can be easily found on search engines as social media widgets are included in them. Review 2021

A professional responsive site is a basic requirement whether you create sites for your customers or allow them to create content themselves. Review 2020 is a website builder tool that is straightforward and user-friendly and you will not require any coding skills to operate it and it is the best website builder for artists.

With, even novice users can create and deploy a website with great ease. builder is fun, interactive, and fast and there is no need for any coding or designing skills.

If you are looking forward to investing in the best website builder for small business and one of your options is then here is our detailed review that can help you decide whether this site builder fulfils your requirements or not.

Why choose a website builder tool?

Building a website is not a very tough task with a free website builder and domain. Using a professional website builder, your website will be up and running within a matter of hours.

Why choose a website builder tool?

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using a professional website builder Site.Pro and the features it has as compared to Wordpress website builder.

Website builders enable an average person to build a website without having HTML knowledge.

It is a drag and drop website builder open source with handy website tools that allow even a layman to type in text or upload pictures to make a website without the use of codes or HTML.

You get the power to create a website for free‎ and choose your website design by using a website template.

These amazing designs have been created by professional web designers and are made available for the people using website builders.

Users get the liberty to pick your own color scheme, upload and incorporate an image or change the navigational features.

It helps you customize the site design ranging from limiting to endless. With the use of, you can maintain your own website, and uploading a new page or an image is simple and fast so you can learn how to create a good website?

All you have to do is enter the content in the area like other text editors and use website builder templates.

Website editors are a great choice for people with little technical knowledge who are willing to develop their own site without any professional help.

Core Features of

Features of

#1 E-commerce focus

In our Review, is designed for an E-commerce website and offers a wide range of plug-ins and helps you take advantage of online trading, SEO strategies, lead generation, and online shopping.

You can integrate your CRM and your marketing tools to use the complete power of your website without the requirement of obtrusive software and complex coding.

#2 Wide range of templates offers an extensive range of templates from which you can choose according to your needs.

There is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that can help you modify the website with ease, as per your brand identity, and demographic.

You can compile the templates and design your website, which does not need to be done from scratch and it saves a lot of time too.

#3 Easily import your website

If you have an already designed website and want to update it according to modern standards then provides easy import of your website.

No other website builder tools of this type offer this feature and for a long time, it was considered impossible to do so.

#4 Helps build a multilingual website

With you get support for a multilingual website that allows you to choose according to various languages. A code will be incorporated in the design that determines the viewer’s region and displays appropriate language.

There are widgets that allow the users to select their language seamlessly so you do not need to limit yourself in the global market due to language barriers.

#5 Wide range of editing options

Site.Pro allows you to edit text, add photos, banners, social media buttons, payment tabs, calendars, maps, or online chat to your website.

The website builder also gives you the liberty to fabricate a trading platform with a shopping cart, live chat, analytics and a catalogue.

#6 Artificial intelligence

Site.Pro uses artificial intelligence so when you make a design, the artificial intelligence makes it fully responsive and saves you a lot of time. Pricing

Site.Pro offers a wide list of prices and plans as compared to other website builders and editors in the market. There are three plans: Starter, Business, and Design Studio. Pricing

You can play monthly where only limitations are fewer widgets in the design panel. However, the prices are quite reasonable when you bundle up web hosting and domain parking.

Site.Pro saves you money when you adopt this latest time-saving technology. These reasonable plans make them suitable for businesses of all sizes, startups, large corporations, and SMBs.

Alternatives of website builder

#1 GoogieHost: Free website builder

GoogieHost is a leading web hosting and cPanel provider in India offering Best Free Website Builder Software. It helps the small and medium scale enterprises own their website and design it as per their requirement using the free website builder.

GoogieHost: Free website builder

It comes with several amazing features that allow you to design a professional website you can say in Review GoogieHost is best alternatives of the

With this website hosting and builder, even beginners and students can have their personal or business websites at reasonable prices. With Googiehost hosting, you will get a free website builder with free Cpanel hosting so that you can install your own app for a small business website.

#2 Weebly

Weebly is an accessible website builder that helps you create an amazing website without the need for writing codes. There is a drag-and-drop editing tool that helps to create a website easy, even for beginners. This tool is user-friendly and intuitive and is quite powerful to help you build a great website.


Weebly website builder has a built-in code editor that can help you customize your website more extensively. Weebly is uncluttered, simplistic, and easy to navigate website builder. It offers you the option to fine-tune your website using HTML and CSS, so Weebly is not only for beginners. There are several subscription levels including eCommerce plans.

#3 Wix website builder

Wix website builder is affordable and easy to use a builder that helps you create your own website within a few minutes.

It is used by 100 million people through 190 countries.

Using Wix, you can create your own website even if you are a beginner as it offers a powerful template editor that provides enhanced creative control without the use of coding.

Wix website builder

Wix provides a wide range of templates, tools, and apps for small businesses, cafes, restaurants, hotels, photographers, musicians and graphic designers.

Wix has a classic template website builder infused with an AI platform that helps you design a customized website as per your requirement.

#4 Squarespace website builder

Squarespace has been designed to help creative people design their own websites without the use of coding language.

All you need is a few hours to put together an amazing and professional looking website.

This website builder is great for artists, photographers, and designers who are creative and want their website to stand out while they showcase their designs online.

Squarespace website builder

Squarespace best website builder has templates that showcase the products, images, and ideas in an innovative and sophisticated manner.

If you work in a creative field and need a website that showcases your creativity in a better manner then this website builder is perfect for you.

#5 Sitebuilder

SiteBuilder offers a drag-and-drop editor that helps you design a simple and basic website with great ease. SiteBuilder is easy to use and is a great value for money, but it is not as powerful as its competitors.

Although the customer support is great and the site builder is reasonable, there is a lack of high-quality features and design customization.


However, this website builder is great for beginners who want a basic and simple website.

SiteBuilder offers pre-filled templates that you can edit and guides you while designing so that your website turns out amazing.

You will get a straight forward editor that does not require coding language just like Godaddy website builder.

Website builder FAQs

🎯 What are the main features of Site.Pro?

Here are the main features of Site.Pro:
● 200+ templates
● Paypal and many more payment gateways available
● Unlimited storage
● Park/purchase your domain
● Social Media Optimization
● Flash Compatibility
● Royalty-free images available
● Drag and drop editor
● You can attach an email address
● Data backup

💰 How much does Site.Pro cost?

Site.Pro offers three plans: Starter, Business, and Design Studio. You can opt for monthly, yearly, or a two years package.

All of these plans offer great features and they are available at reasonable prices when bundled up with web hosting. These plans are available at 50% off if you invest in a long term plan.

💳 What payment method does Site.Pro support?

Site.Pro uses payment methods namely PayPal, Paysera, and Paymentwall to collect payments and you can also pay through valid credit or debit cards.

📱 Is Site.Pro mobile friendly?

Site.Pro is mobile friendly and can be used on any type of device type. You can use the preview feature to check how your website looks on the mobile.

💯 Which website creator site offers completely free of cost service?

Googiehost, Site.Pro, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy, and WordPress website builder offer completely free of cost website building services.


As per our Site.Pro review after testing, Site. Pro is a great tool for beginners who want to create a simple and easy website.

You will get a drag and drop interface that is intuitive and easy to use and you can place elements like text, widgets, pictures, and buttons on the website.

The site provides you with all the necessary features that are required to create a basic website.

Using a paid subscription, you will get access to about 200 templates and basic e-commerce tools. Site. Pro provides you with an SEO form for all the pages of your website which makes it easier to find your page online.

It is an affordable drag and drops website builder open source, that provides a large selection of plugins and templates and is very easy to use.

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