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High CPU Usage – Reduce Your Web Hosting Bandwidth Usage

A high CPU usage results in a computer performing slow. The CPU usage is at 100% in Windows Task Manager and programs become a burden to open.

Here are some methods to fix the problem for your CPU usage and hosting account:

High CPU Usage

CPU time – or processing time – is the amount of time where the central processing unit (CPU) is used for processing instructions of a program.

This is in contrast to the system waiting for output or input operations.

Your web pages are provided by the web server’s CPU – regardless of your pages being dynamic or static.

More CPU resources are used when your web pages are served dynamically from a script or database.

This is because the database has to process accordingly to obtain and serve the pages to the visitors.

It loads the web template, gets the data from that specific page from the database, performs any modules or plugins you have installed,

and lastly set the page to serve your visitors.

Slow Issues

CPU time’s resource is finite, and it is shared by all websites that a web server hosts. If one site makes use of the CPU excessively,

it deprives other sites on that same server. Their pages don’t get served in a timely manner and will appear inactive. In worst cases,

the pages become unresponsive and cause your PC to crash.

As a result, web hosts monitor the CPU usage of your site with shared web hosting plans.

This prevents problems when one website uses CPU time excessively and the adverse effects it has on other websites.

Every hosting account comes with a limit for CPU time.

When you reach the limit, usually your web host may offer you to upgrade your plan.

You may also get a dedicated server so that your website doesn’t have to compete with other sites on the same server.

Reduce high CPU Usage

High CPU Usage

There are a few rules that you should follow to reduce your account’s CPU usage:

  • Make sure your third-party web applications are upgraded to their most recent stable release – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other management system, scripts on your account
  • The same goes for your plugins and add-ons – make sure they are the latest versions
  • Keep your website clean – remove any obsolete or unused applications, add-ons, or plugins
  • If you developed your own scripts, try lessening the number of PostgreSQL/MSSQL/MySQL queries and adjust them to use reduced processing time

Dealing with a high CPU usage and reducing it on your hosting account means you should first identify the causes. It may be challenging,

primarily if you use third-party web applications. These include blog or content management systems, or forums you have not developed yourself.

However, there are a few things that will help your start and eventually become methods to fix the problem:

  • Identify the website that is the most probable cause for high CPU usage

If you are hosting more than one site in your account, troubleshoot which one is the most visited and which drives in the most traffic.

This is one of the reasons why CPU usage is over the charts. Simultaneous hits to any of your websites can affect your CPU.

Go to Live Stats > Bandwidth Stats section and identify which websites – domains or subdomains – are generating the most traffic for this day and for the present month.

  • Dig deeper and identify the possible file

When you have discovered which website is generating the most traffic through the Bandwidth Stats, go to the Live Stats Traffic Section.

You can view the current period’s traffic stats for the domain or subdomain.

Look for the file or files that drove the most traffic. You can find this by looking at the Total URLs by Kbytes table or Top 10 apps.

Try to find any PHP/CGI script file. If it generated high amounts of traffic, it might be the reason for the high CPU usage. Consider optimizing it.

  • Identify the host/visitor

Take a look at the monthly stats of your domain or subdomain. Find the visitor/host that generated high traffic.

You can find the list through Top 10 of XX Total Sites by Kbytes. The result will either be a hostname or an IP address or a domain.

When you have identified it, consider blocking access for this host.

  • Use WMI Provider Host

It doesn’t use a tremendous amount of CPU processing to obtain information for a particular software. Not only does it help manage the scripts,

but you can also use WMI to find various useful information which you can’t usually see in your Windows interface

To conclude, if you are still unable to reduce the CPU time of your account after considering the methods to fix the problem,

consider looking for the help of a professional developer. You can also look into having a dedicated server.

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