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DomaiNesia Review

DomaiNesia Review : Previously in this blog, I have mentioned how important it is to choose a perfect web hosting partner and thus not to regret later.

Since a website is now a primary concern that displays your online presence; It is essential to choose a perfect host to enjoy seamless services throughout your online journey.

I have covered numerous web hosting company reviews in the blog. There is no doubt that every web hosting company is different from each other in terms of features and packages.

While most of the hosting companies have some common features, they still vary in other parameters. So, it is necessary to understand your exact needs before opting for any web hosting services. 

Do you want cheap web hosting plans?

Then you must know this: Indonesian web hosting companies offer very good web hostings in pocket-friendly budgets.

They not only offer the cheapest plans but also have decent features any website may need. I have covered multiple Indonesian web hosting company features and prices in this blog.

In this article, I will let you know about one more player in the Indonesian hosting industry. This amazing player offers web hosting packages at affordable prices. 

So, stay tuned to know more about DomaiNesia Review so that you can choose the appropriate plan for your needs.

About the Company

DomaiNesia has made registering domain and hostings easier for everyone since 2009. Established as a small startup company, now DomaiNesia has grown up as a big player in the Indonesian hosting industry.

The company provides reliable, scalable and secure web hosting plans at affordable prices.

About the Company

As an IT company based in Yogyakarta, DomaiNesia offers a wide range of hosting plans. These plans are given with lightning-fast SSD, cloud and cloud services with guaranteed uptime.

DomaiNesia has server locations in Jakarta, Tokyo, Singapore, London and Dallas. As a leading web hosting company, DomaiNesia has offered its services to more than 50,000 users worldwide.

As the cheapest and best Indonesian Cloud Web Hosting in the market, does DomaiNesia have everything in its bucket for you?

After knowing DomaiNesia, several doubts may be rising in your mind.

Don’t WORRY at all!

In this article, I will cover everything that you should know before buying their service.

So let’s start diving into the DomaiNesia Review.

Test and Analysis 

It is now time to test out the services of this platform in this DomaiNesia Review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

cPanel, a user-friendly and intuitive control panel, is provided by Domainesia. It also comes with an auto-installer that works with a variety of tools, including WordPress and Joomla.

Developers will appreciate DomaiNesia. It supports Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, and more. It has a guide and proper support that’ll not let you wander or get confused. It has an easy interface for you to continue with their services without much help because it’s self-explanatory. 

DomaiNesia Support

You can get in touch with the support team via live chat, email, phone number. Their support team responds to each message in a stipulated time period. 

I personally tried their live chat support system, and the team responded to me in a few minutes. The interaction was smooth, and they resolved my queries with depth explanation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is customer-support.png

One thing I noticed is that for every query they prefer to share their documentation and guide link which is not all about serving the customer in the proper way. Apart from this everything was okay in the support system.

To reach out the team via phone, please connect on 0274-545653 from Monday to Saturday 00:00 to 24:00 WIB

Sunday: 08:00 to 24:00 WIB

You can also write an email to [email protected]

For sales related query [email protected]

There is also an option to reach them via SMS: 085727776660

Suggested Comparison: How good is support of IDWebHost against DomaiNesia?

Security Analysis  

Patchman Security, a defence system that eliminates malware and patches some security holes in websites, is available for security in Domainesia. 

MailChannels also has a spam filter that guarantees that only the relevant emails reach your inbox; spam can be overwhelming, and this software keeps it out.

Domainesia doesn’t compromise with security! The provider values your data and privacy. Hence, it tries its best to cover each security factor.

DomaiNesia Data Center Location

Domainesia has 5 Server Locations from which teh user can choose according to his palace. These are teh data center locations of Domainesia:

DomaiNesia Review
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta
  • London
  • Dallas
  • Tokyo

Let us now examine the Key Features of DomaiNesia in this DomaiNesia Review.

DomaiNesia Key Feature

DomaiNesia does not have that many eye-catching features. But the company has some unique features which are not available with other web hosting companies.

DomaiNesia Key Feature

Some of the unique and quality offerings from the company are listed below.

Multiple server location options

DomaiNesia has five different server locations across the globe – Singapore, Jakarta, London, Dallas and Tokyo. You can choose any of your required server locations to get maximum server speed. 

Daily backup to cloud

With DomaiNesia there is no fear of losing your valuable data as the company offers daily backup to the cloud.

Fairly good customer support

DomaiNesia has a fairly good customer support team who serves their customers with fast service. I have tried their live chat support and in my opinion it’s fair enough in terms of support.

But the service quality needs an improvement. After all, providing support is not about sharing the link to a guide video or document.  

Enterprise grade SSD

Enjoy superfast website performance with the enterprise-grade SSD with the hosting plans offered by DomaiNesia. 

Free hosting migration and free domain

Like other web hosting companies in Indonesia, DomaiNesia offers free hosting migration to its users.

You can migrate your web hosting from other service providers paying absolutely nothing. Additionally, you will also get a free domain if you pay for the Super Package Plan on a yearly subscription.

Every package offers the same performance and security

When most of the web hosting companies are offering free SSL and CDN in their high-end plans, DomaiNesia has a completely different structure.

Features like free SSL certificate and free CDN are offered even with the cheapest plans.

Therefore, there is no doubt about the website performance and security when you host with DomaiNesia.

Access to complete guideline and documentation

One of the best things about DomaiNesia is it has a lot of tutorials and guidelines for its new users.

You can access their tutorials and can learn about DomaiNesia hosting and domains through user guides.

DomaiNesia Plans and Pricing 

Let us now examine the best hosting plans of DomaiNesia in this DomaiNesia Review.

DomaiNesia Review

DomaiNesia Domain

Domainesia offers its clients almost every type of extension. All they need to do is search for their unique domain name, check its availability, and if it’s available, the user can opt for it to create a digital presence! 

DomaiNesia Review

Domain Register

Register your domain with Domainesia. They will help you find the most suitable domain name according to your choice. They also offer a year’s free extension service. Buy your domain name at affordable prices ranging from $ 0.82 to $7.87/year. 

Important Note: Domain name prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Domain Transfer

Any domain that is also available at DomaiNesia can be transferred to DomaiNesia. Don’t worry. DomaiNesia has a lot of popular and popular domains. 

Simply input the domain name you want to migrate into the domain name field on the Transfer Domains page to discover whether you may move your service to DomaiNesia. After the domain name check is completed, the terms and conditions for relocating the service will show.

When studying a review, it is also important to Weigh Pros and Cons on a scale. Thus, I am recommending you to read below content before subscribing or not subscribing to DomaiNesia based on this DomaiNesia Review.

DomaiNesia Pros and Cons

Let us list out the pros and cons of this hosting platform in this DomaiNesia Review.


  • Superfast web server with SSD
  • Developer friendly tools
  • Enjoy daily backups on cloud
  • Good support service
  • Complete guidance and documentation available 
  • Migrate your hosting absolutely free


  • Comparatively poor uptime
  • Average page load time
  • Limited 10 days refund policy

Choose DomaiNesia vs NiagaHoster?

DomaiNesia web hosting company is not the only available hosting company in Indonesia. There are several other hosts available in the country who give tough competition to DomaiNesia.

Among them, NiagaHoster is such a company who has way more features and plans available compared to DomaiNesia company. 

While comparing Niagahoster with Domainesia, I found that Niagahoster has more features compared to DomaiNesia

User-friendly dashboard, amazing uptime, flexible hosting plans, 30 days money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support are some of the best points about Niagahoster.

Niagahoster also has a variety of hosting plans like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, and cloud hosting options, whereas DomaiNesia has only shared and VPS hosting plans. 

In terms of performance and uptime Niagahoster is way more performed hosting and DomaiNesia lacks somehow.

One noticeable thing about DomaiNesia is that it offers five different server locations, whereas Niagahoster has limited server location to Jakarta. 

But to be honest, I found Niagahoster more beneficial than DomaiNesia. If you are looking to get something extra while spending a decent amount on hosting plans, then you should go for Niagahoster. 

Do you want to know more details about Niagahoster?

Then CLICK HERE to read Niagahoster’s review.

Having good support is much important, like features. So, without further delay, let us review SUPPORT in this DomaiNesia Review.

FAQ – DomaiNesia Review

What web hosting package should I buy?

There are 7 hosting packages Domainesia offers. They provide the best cheap hosting with feature-filled plans. The plans start from $0.95 to $3.83/month.

They also offer business hosting plans for experts with a highly established business website that receives a lot of traffic. These plans range from $4.31 to $33.53/month.

What control panel does DomaiNesia provide cheap hosting services?

DomaiNesia employs the cPanel control panel for all of its low-cost hosting. This cPanel control panel is not only simple to use, but it also comes at no additional cost. There is also a cPanel demo page, where you can learn how to operate it without facing interruptions.

Can I transfer another provider's service to DomaiNesia?

If you already have hosting and wish to switch to DomaiNesia’s hosting services. You can contact the DomaiNesia Support Team for assistance; they will be pleased to assist you. 

The DomaiNesia Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The process is quick, and they will move your old service to DomaiNesia as soon as possible.

Should I use cheap DomaiNesia email hosting?

Cheap Email hosting is email hosting that is ready to use without the need for the previous hosting. The cheap email hosting characteristics provided by DomaiNesia can only be used for email.

As a result, email performance will not be an issue, unlike another email hosting that saves email coupled with web hosting.

Wrapping Up – DomaiNesia Review

This is what I have all about DomaiNesia Review or say what you should know about DomaiNesia to make a responsible decision.

In my personal opinion, I won’t recommend the company to host your website as there are not many plus points about the hosting.

It has only shared hosting and VPS hosting plans for its customers while other companies offer a wide range of plans. The uptime is also not up to the mark, and there is no proven data about the guarantee claimed. 

Although the prices are not that high, the money-back guarantee period is limited to 10 days after which you can’t ask for a refund.

If you have an adjustable budget for web hosting, then you can go for Niagahoster, IDWebHost or any other Indonesian web hosting services.

Are you someone who has already used DomaiNesia? Kindly comment in the comment box and let us know your valuable thoughts and queries (if any). Our team will be more than happy to help you.

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With her blog posts, Mamta aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and inspire more women to pursue careers in web hosting. Through her relatable and informative content, she simplifies complex concepts, making web hosting accessible to everyone. Let’s connect with Mamta on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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