Digital Ocean or OVH which is good for VPS and Dedicated

Digital Ocean is fastest growing cloud service provider on the internet, in 2015 they are 2nd largest cloud computing network. I have been using their droplets to send e-mails and newsletter however as already have dedicated server we didn’t hosted any website yet but am sure they seems very good to host your websites for better speed because there are various benefits you can read 3 reasons to switch Share to VPS Hosting $10 Free Credit.

After giving great competition to all cloud hosting provider OVH is now dropped third largest server provider which is a France based company, OVH basically deal with dedicated servers but in 2015 they have added Virtual Private Servers at really affordable price starting at $3.49/mo for 1GB RAM and 20GB SSD storage but sometimes they take couple of hours to setup your account.

Digital OceanOVH
KVM VirtualizationKVM Virtualization
SSD DrivesNVMe drives
Cloud InfrastructureCloud Infrastructure
1GBPS Uplink100MBPS Uplink
Instant SetupTakes Few hours
Simple Control/Billing PanelAdvance Panel
Starting at $5/mo (512MB)Starting at $8.99/mo (2GB)
IPv6 SupportIPv6 Support


Which one is better Digital Ocean or OVH?

As you can see in table both are totally different and good now its depend on your requirements, which kind of features and how much resources your online project going to use. If you are running a website or blog and even if you are an developer then I highly recommend Digital Ocean VPS hosting as they are pretty good in many things but still if you need huge resources at very reasonable cost then OVH stands on top.

Amazon Cloud services is still raking on top of largest cloud service provider almost twice of Digital Ocean customers but as they are going very fast and adding new features day by day am sure if everything goes correct they will beat Amazon as well.

Discount and Offers:

You hardly get any discount coupon or online deal for both provider as they already providing budget services, with Digital Ocean you can get $10 credit for free of cost as new user from THIS LINK..

You can use ten dollars credit to deploy any droplet but it requires to add billing information like Credit Card or PayPal account first, you will get charged $1 for pre authorization charges which are refundable within 24 working hours.

If you have deciuded to go with OVH servers then its pretty hard to found any working coupon on the internet, before making live this article I searched for any working deal but got nothing so you can directly contact them and ask them for same.

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