7 Best VPS Hosting Switzerland Jul, 2024🇨🇭 (Top Picked)

Every other person has “Visit Switzerland ” written on the top of their wishlist, but is reaching a Swiss audience for your website written on yours? 

Do you wish to make your website available in Switzerland but can’t choose the perfect web host provider? 

If your answer is yes, then this article is just the right place for you! We have listed below not one or two but seven Best VPS Hosting Switzerland in 2024 that offer top-notch security, reliability, cheap plans and great website performance that undoubtedly make them the Best VPS Hosting in Switzerland. 

In this article we have also stated the key features that a company has to offer– from reliability to cost-efficiency to innovative features– we’ve got it all covered just for you! So let us move forward and learn which web hosting provider will be the perfect match for your server.

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7 Best VPS Hosting Providers in Switzerland 2024

Why is VPS Hosting the perfect hosting service for your blogging or ecommerce website? A VPS host provider offers you resources like CPU/RAM/Storage etc for your website. Before picking any VPS web host provider, we have to make sure we pick one that has its data center near or in Switzerland itself so it can garner you high speed performance, cheap VPS plan and good user experience. 

Now let us move forward to the providers of your desired Best VPS Hosting in Switzerland.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Kamatera Overall Best VPS Hosting in Switzerland
2. UltaHost Best Managed VPS Hosting in Switzerland
3. Swissmade Best Switzerland VPS Servers
4. Xelon Fast and Secure VPS Hosting Switzerland
5. AlpHosting Best Price Performance VPS Hosting Switzerland
6. InterServer Best High-Speed VPS Hosting in Switzerland
7. ExoScale Affordable Cloud VPS Hosting in Switzerland

1. Kamatera – Overall Best VPS Hosting in Switzerland

Would you believe it if I said there exists a hosting provider with high-performance SSD servers, round-the-clock customer support, offers a cheap plan cloud solution with also a 30-day free trial? Sounds like a jackpot right? 

With strong NVMe SSD storage, it gives your websites the dedicated resources to hugely perform better! Moreover, you will only be asked to pay for the services you need! 

Kamatera About

Key Features:

🔶 Reliability: With 18 data centers worldwide and many in European countries that are close to Switzerland it guarantees a 99.95% up-time. 

🔶 30 Day Free Trial: Kamatera offers a free 30 day trial worth up to $100. You can then select a data center, an OS, CPU, RAM, storage and other system services after signing up.

🔶 Cloud VPS Hosting: Do you desire greater scalability and higher performance? Kamatera has even got that covered by offering you Cloud VPS Hosting

🔶 Multiple OS: Kamatera also offers you to choose between a plethora of OS options to pick from: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Debian, FreeBSD, CentOS, FreeNAS and RockyLinux.

Plans and Pricing:

1vCPU+1024 MB RAM+20 GB SSD1vCPU+2048 MB RAM+20 GB SSD2vCPU+2048 MB RAM+30 GB SSD

2. UltaHost – Best Managed VPS Hosting in Switzerland

Is indestructible security along with unlimited bandwidth your top priority? Then you should continue reading further. UltaHost is very new to the web hosting market but it made its reputation into a leading web hosting company uncommonly fast. 

By offering services like IP Whitelisting, BitNinja Security, firewalls and SSL Certificates, you are promised first-class security!

ultahost ABout

Key Features:

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth: Ultahost does not place any limits on your website’s bandwidth rates which ensures smooth accessibility of your website, even when there is extreme traffic present.

🔶 Free Migration: Worried about shifting an already registered website to another platform? Ultahost ensures a hassle-free and completely free relocation of your website. 

🔶 Extra Security: SSL certificates, firewalls to save your website from malicious activities. It also protects your website by an extra security level as well by offering free DDoS protection and free BitNinja security.

🔶 Complete Management: Under UltaHost’s complete server management, you will see a sudden increase in your website traffic and sales!

Plans and Pricing:

1vCore CPU2vCore CPU3vCore CPU

3. SwissMade – Best Switzerland VPS Servers

The name of the provider speaks for itself. SwissMade was developed by the Swiss themselves. SwissMade Host’s VPS server offers a VMWare based, an all-flash SSD storage that promises to provide users experience similar to that of a dedicated server.

They offer 11 VPS Hosting Services with 5 of them being operated by Linux and the remaining 5 operated by Windows. 


Key Features:

🔶 Wide Range of Payment Methods: SwissMade supports over 100 payment methods, like debit and credit cards, PayPal, Perfect Money, QIWI, WebMoney, and Bank Wire transfers. It also supports cryptocurrencies.

🔶 VMware Powered: VMware is a virtualization software that gives you an experience similar to a dedicated server!

🔶 Multiple VPS Hosting: SwissMade offers an array of VPS Hosting services to pic from!

🔶All Flash SSD Storage: Experience higher speed and portability through SwissMade’s All Flash SSD storage!

Plans and Pricing:

Listed below are only three of eleven plans that are offered by SwissMade.

VPS-V2 ($13.44/m)VPS-V3($19.05/m)VPS-V4($39.21/m)
2vCore CPU2vCore CPU4vCore CPU
2048 MB RAM+40 GB all flash SSD4096 MB RAM+60 GB all flash SSD8192 MB RAM+80 GB all flash SSD

4. Xelon – Fast and Secure VPS Hosting Switzerland

Are you an IT Service provider looking for a hosting company that provides unlimited room for expansion, is heavily time saving and never wants to fear your server ever going down?

Who wouldn’t want that? Xelon’s cloud hosting services offer you all of it and is especially popular among IT companies.

With their IaaS platform, unparalleled scalability and wider reach and an undisturbed server, Xelon makes the experience much more robust, efficient and reliable.


Key Features:

🔶 Maximum Control: Xelon ensures you are the owner of the product and offers complete control over your entire IT Structure and even your data! Also get direct access to your orchestration platform.

🔶 Private Cloud: You will have the access to customize your private cloud according to your needs and your user’s demands with private cloud.

🔶 ISO Certified: You will never have to worry about losing your data to malicious viruses and rest assured for maximum security over your data.

🔶 IaaS: Xelon offers an Infrastructure as a service platform to the IT Companies to host their client’s websites, data and applications easily!

Plans and Pricing:

Transparent Pricing and Pay-per-use: Pay per use and transparent pricing with the Cloud orchestration platform Xelon HQ, you pay only for the resources you actually use.

5. AlpHosting – Best Price Performance VPS Hosting Switzerland

Another web host provider based in Switzerland which will be the perfect choice for your VPS Hosting targeted in Switzerland because it delivers PaaS functionality, operating on  a Tier-4 data center, a managed VPS hosting service.

AlpHosting adheres to Switzerland’s data privacy laws so you will never have to sweat over your data’s privacy and many features like MySQL and more are also available.


Key Features:

🔶 Tier 4 Data Center: By operating in a Tier 4 Data Center AlpHosting guarantees a 99.995% uptime.

🔶 PaaS(Platform-as-a-service): By offering a PaaS platform which allows the clients to run, build, test and update applications more quickly and cost-efficiently!

🔶 Indestructible Security: Switzerland is known not only for its mountains but also for its strict laws and by adhering to them, AlpHosting guarantees 100% data encryption.

🔶 Root Access: Enjoy full control over your website and run it like you are the server and make changes according to the website’s needs.

Plans and Pricing:

The prices fluctuate depending on the size and number of  CPU, RAM, etc.

20.80/m (EUR)31.20/m (EUR)34.30/m (EUR)
1vCore CPU +1 GB RAM2vCore CPU +1 GB RAM2vCore CPU +2 GB RAM

6. Interserver – Best High-Speed VPS Hosting in Switzerland

Are you a developer looking for the ideal web hosting provider that offers an array of powerful tools? Integrated with a free Webuzo control panel in their cheap VPS service, you can install more than 300 applications on your domains. 

A wide range of VPS hosting is offered by the company like Debian VPS, cPanel VPS, WordPress VPS and much more! 

Interserver About

Key Features:

🔶 Low Renewal Rates: Want to commit to a web host provider but scared of high renewal rates? Interserver saves you from the trouble by offering low renewal rates.

🔶 Webuzo VPS: With Webuzo VPS Service, you get to create unlimited websites, applications, emails and more at just $6/m!

🔶 Ultra-fast Speed: No one likes to wait and your users should never have to wait. Making sure that never happens, Interserver lets you have a light speed website with 30GB SSD Storage!

🔶24/7 Support: Got a query? Reach out to their around the clock customer support through live chat, ticket support or even phone!

Plans and Pricing:

1vCore CPU+2GB Memory + 30GB SSD Storage 2vCore CPU+4GB Memory + 60GB SSD Storage3vCore CPU+6GB Memory + 90GB SSD Storage

7. ExoScale – Affordable Cloud VPS Hosting in Switzerland

Exoscale is a leading Swiss cloud service provider. It offers innovative tools like virtual servers, managed kubernetes, managed databases, object storage, block storage and much more to help you garner higher scalability and faster performance. 

What stands out about Exoscale is its sustainability; the company is in the process of implementing ISO 50001 Energy Management System.


Key Features:

🔶 Multi Cloud Management: To ensure hassle free and efficient progress of your websites and applications, ExoScale comes with Multi Cloud Management tool.

🔶 Low latency for higher workloads: Backed by NVMe SSDs, you get to experience higher performance for your websites even when the workload is higher.

🔶 Sustainability: By prioritizing energy-efficient data centers and reducing their carbon footprints, ExoScale is quite impressively committed to sustainable web hosting.

🔶 Virtual Private Cloud: Get enhanced security, scalability and cost-efficiency by Exoscale’s isolated networking VPC.

Plans and Pricing: 

0.23333000/hour (EUR)0.46666000/hour (EUR)0.93333000/hour (EUR)
8vCore CPU+16 GB RAM +10 GB Storage16vCore CPU+32 GB RAM +10 GB Storage32vCore CPU+64 GB RAM +10 GB Storage

What Factors Need to Consider While Using Switzerland VPS Hosting

Let us explore some key factors that you need to consider while choosing a Switzerland VPS Hosting:

  • Performance: Ensure the VPS you pick meets your speed and reliability needs so your users can have a good experience.
  • Scalability: Ability to easily upgrade resources as your website grows and the usage increases. 
  • Support: 24/7 customer service for any technical issues.
  • Security: Make sure the VPS provider is taking strong measures to protect your data and server.
  • Location: Consider where the data center is and pick one closest to or in Switzerland for latency and higher performance of your website. 
  • Cost: Compare pricing plans for value and affordability to get your hands on the best cheap VPS hosting provider. 

Why Should We Choose Switzerland VPS Hosting?

Switzerland’s strict privacy law is a great motivation to invest in Switzerland VPS Hosting, Also reaching an European audience guarantees to generate maximum profit, and many more advantages!

  • Choosing to host your website in Switzerland can affect your online presence greatly and will help your website to be more noticeable on search results.
  • European web hosting providers guarantee high speed for your websites, which will increase user experience and boost your growth.
  • Moreover, Switzerland’s strict data privacy laws will always have you feeling secure.


Who is providing the best VPS in Switzerland?

Kamatera and UltaHost are great and reliable options as far as speed, privacy and cost is concerned.

Is there technical support for the Switzerland VPS server?

Aren’t you familiar with the technical world? Don’t fret—24/7 customer support is available on all Switzerland-based VPS providers. You can reach out to them through live chat and ticket support.

Can I upgrade my VPS hosting in Switzerland?

Yes, most Switzerland-based VPSs provide scalability. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your VPS Hosting as your usage increases or decreases.

Is there free VPS hosting in Switzerland?

Of course! Kamatera offers a free 30-day trial for you!

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting Switzerland

To conclude, we have listed the top cheap and 7 Best VPS Hosting in Switzerland as of 2024 and now it is up to you to pick one that aligns with all your needs and demands. Each company has to offer a wide range of services that are unique to themselves. 

For example, Kamatera offers a 30-day trial, while UltaHost focuses on indestructible security. 

Swissmade ensures high-speed performance with its VMware-powered VPS Hosting, while Xelon offers maximum control through its private cloud service. 

AlpHosting operates in a 4-tier data centre, ensuring 99.995% uptime, while Interserver features low renewal rates and Exoscale offers sustainable multi-cloud management.

So, which of the mentioned VPS Hosting providers did you find most suitable for you?


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