7 Best SCUM Server Hosting in (May,2024)✰ “SCUM Friendly Servers”

Craving to play SCUM but do not know how to meet the system requirements?

If so, then you are at the right place, as here, we’ll list down the Top 7 Best SCUM server Hosting service providers that offer servers stuffed with all that you need to play SCUM ensuing Zero lag and incredible Gameplay with your friends, from all across the globe.

For those having no idea about this game, SCUM is an Open Survival Game in which the character is dropped onto a remote island, where he needs to use the available resources and warfare tactics to survive enemies and harmful pathogens.

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    7 Best SCUM Server Hosting in ([current_date format='M,Y'])✰ "SCUM Friendly Servers"


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Now, let’s read the post, to know the Best SCUM servers out there that can make your gaming experience enormously fantastic 👍

What are SCUM Server Hosting?

In very simple terms, SCUM Server Hosting refers to the Hosting of Data servers that offer all the gaming web resources for SCUM, like RAM/ CPU Processor/ Cloud Storage/ Network/ Mods and more, to ensure your gameplay remains consistent and without lag 24/7. 

Now, as we all know, a game with incredibly advanced graphics would display an issue if you try running the SCUM game on your normal laptop.

To this comes the SCUM server that comprises all the gaming resources that you need to run SCUM without lagging and smoothly over the internet.

What is Scum Server Hosting

7 Best SCUM Server Hosting

Had I been a die heart SCUM gamer like you are, I would have rented an entire game server to enjoy the best gameplay opportunity. So, below, we have listed the Top 7 Best SCUM Server Hosting 2024 that offers all the system requirements one needs to launch SCUM on a home PC and even covers Game servers from all across the globe.

1. ScalaCube

Scalacube, one of the best Game server hosting service providers, offers Top dedicated gaming servers stuffed with web resources like the latest SSD NVMe storage,

RAM, high network connectivity and incredible NVIDIA GeForce mechanism for smoother gameplay experience and 24/7 availability.

ScalaCube even ensures the security of the game data by offering Free DDoS protection, ensuring a private encrypted connection between you and other players. 

scalacube about


ScalaCube offers the best Overall performance of the SCUM server:

🔶 Get a secure connection with a multi-layered DDoS protection application saving the gaming data from online hackers.

🔶Experience a faster game-loading experience with the latest SSD NVMe Storage technology and incredible RAM as well.

🔶 ScalaCube’s servers are backed by NVIDIA-GeForce graphic card ensuring HQ visual gamer experience even with faster frames per second as well.

🔶 Gamers can easily save the game data with SCUM Cloud servers, letting the players start the gameplay from where they’ve paused. 

Customization Options

  • ScalaCube offers full mod support with one-click installation to let normal gamers redefine their gaming experience and share their gameplay with the public. 
  • Players can even customize the map, choose the desired centre point and change the size of the map as per the requirement.

Price & Value 

  • For only 150 slots, you need to pay only $19 per month (Multiple Data servers across the globe) 
  • Visit the official Site of ScalaCube to get the most recent updates on Pricing Schemes.

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Customer Support

  • At times of issue when configuring SCUM servers, gamers can contact the support team of ScalaCube via LiveChat, Discord and Ticket generation.

2. G-Portal

G-Portal game servers, stuffed with SCUM slots 1-100 (Players who can join) One-click mod-packs, allowing gamers to change the version of the SCUM game,

Advanced DDoS protection to secure the gaming connection between the gamer and other players and many more features is one of the best performing SCUM server hosting service providers.

G-Portal even helps you manage the game servers to help you save time and even deploy the SCUM servers instantly to help you seamlessly enjoy the gaming experience.

GPortal about


The incredible performance of the SCUM Gaming hardware of G-Portal is mentioned as under:

🔶 Multiple game servers all across the globe ensure the quickest accessibility and ultra-low latency to let gamers enjoy the best gaming experience.

🔶SCUM server hosting of G-Portal offers multi-layered security to save gaming data from large DDoS attacks and other cyber-hacks as well.

🔶 G-Portal offers Game Cloud, letting the players create a backup of the game’s progress and allowing the gamers to start the game from where they left off.

🔶 The latest NVMe SSD Storage ensures quick gameplay loading speed and the lowest Lagging experience.

Customization Options

  • Gamers can adjust the server settings to change the map size, add or remove, villages, animals and players as well.
  • Players can even switch mod packs to make a few modifications in the game thereby enhancing the gaming experience.

Price & Value 

  • $13.55 per month for 10 Slots (Multiple locations of SCUM servers)
  • $19.90 per month for 20 Slots
  • $43.22 per month for 64 Slots
  • Gamers can even create their Game server as per the demand.
  • Visit the Official website of G-Portal to get the newest information on the pricing schemes.

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Customer Support

  • The ticketing system and Knowledge base are the only two means of getting Customer support at times of SCUM server-related issues.

3. Nitrado

Nitrado, one of the best SCUM server hosting providers, offers 3 days to 90 days Subscription plan, especially for those who want to rent SCUM servers for a flexible period.

With 8 minimum slots, Nitrado offers easy game server management options, One-click installed ModPacks and Plugins, the Shortest internet routes ensuring the lowest internet ping time and an incredible feature of sharing access to the server as well.

Along with the Advanced DDoS protection, Nitrado even offers Cloud Backup plans to let the user save the game data. Users can even scale up or down the features of servers whenever required.

Nitrado about


Amazing Overall Performance and high-Security standards, are listed as under:

🔶 Share access to the SCUM servers with the other players and even get complete server management support from the support team of Nitrado.

🔶Advanced DDoS protocols, server scanning and other security measures offered by the SCUM server hosting providers secure the game data of the players.

🔶 Multiple game servers spread all across the world let gamers access the game smoothly without any technical glitches.

🔶 SCUM server backups ensure quick data protection of the game servers, letting the gamers start from where they stopped.

Customization Options

  • Scale up or down the gaming resources of SCUM servers as per the requirement and matching the gameplay experience.
  • SUM servers from Nitrado offer only 8 slots per game. However, users can contact the sales to customize the game servers and increase the slot number from 8 to 200 as required.

Price & Value 

  • $3.29 for 3 days SCUM server subscription (8 Slots, PC optimized and with only 3 days run time.)
  • $12.99 per month for 30 days SCUM server subscription (8 Slots, PC optimized and with only 3 days run time)
  • $35.49 for 90 days SCUM server subscription (90 Days RunTime with 100% Server Uptime guaranteed)
  • For more information on Nitrado’s pricing scheme, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the sales team.

🔔 Nitrado Offer (May, 2024): Enjoy up to 20% off on Scum server hosting fees with Nitrado’s exclusive discount offers. Start your gaming adventure with savings today!

Customer Support

  • How do I contact Nitrado’s sales team? It is via Discord Support, LiveChat and Ticket system. 

4. Hosthavoc

HostHavoc, famous for Full server access allowing gamers to customize the servers as per their needs, is one of the most reliable SCUM server hosting providers. It offers an incredible gaming AMD Ryzen gaming processor boosting the gameplay experience among gamers.

In addition, HostHavoc offers multiple game server locations spread evenly across the globe, ensuring the game’s availability online 24/7.

HostHavoc’s advanced DDoS Protection application saves game servers from more than 50+ types of attacks and even offers industry-leading hardware to ensure a highly secure gaming network.

hosthavoc about


Amazingly performing SCUM servers of HostHavoc offer the following functionalities:

🔶 Full-root gaming access ensures that players can configure the settings of the SCUM servers as per the requirement of the gameplay.

🔶 To ensure user-friendly server management, HostHavoc offers an incredible Redefined Control Panel game panel, which ensures a smoother gaming experience.

🔶 The latest AMD Ryzen Processor, Xeon Intel CPU, DDR4 RAM and many other gaming hardware options give gamers unbeatable game server performance.

🔶 When facing difficulties while configuring the game servers or adjusting the game setting, Gamers can contact the 24/7 Support team.

Customization Options

  • Users can configure the Game servers to adjust the mapping features, edit a character, or add/ delete players from the game. 
  • One-click installations of ModPack allow users to modify the gameplay settings and upgrade the Slot numbers as needed.

Price & Value 

  • $2.50 per slot ($10 per month) with 10 slots and Unlimited Storage plus Anti-DDoS as well.
  • $40 per month with 16 Slots for each game plus Unlimited Storage.
  • Visit the official website of HostHavoc to learn the newest SCUM server Pricing Scheme.

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Customer Support

  • HostHavoc lets the gamer contact the support team via Discord support, a Ticket generation option, and a Knowledge base when users have issues with the game servers.

5. Pingperfect

Amidst Instant Game server setup, Fastest & Reliable Hardware, Excellent GameSwitching mod packs, easy-to-use GamePanel, and Free Game server Trials, PingPerfect offers one of the best Free SCUM server hosting providers.

From taking control of your servers to mod packs and letting you switch the game versions, PingPerfect offers all that SCUM players need to enjoy extremely amazing gameplay.

PingPerfect is even known for its incredible Advanced DDoS Protection Protocols, extensive backup system and 24/7 support services for gamers having server-related issues.

pingperfect about


Pingperfect’s SCUM server performance is Overall amazing due to the followings:

🔶 PingPerfect offers instant deployment of the SCUM servers to ensure that the gamer can focus on the game and enjoy the amazing SCUM gaming experience.

🔶 Game offsite Backup ensures that the users can easily save the game data and let the players surf the game from where they paused it.

🔶 For easy game server configurations, PingPerfect offers the best user-friendly and intuitive GamePanel, letting the user focus on the gameplay.

🔶 An easy-to-use configuration editor packed with all the options that help gamers customize the server according to their requirements.

Customization Options

  • Install mod packs with just one click to adjust the server setting and make other game changes, such as increasing or decreasing map size or editing characters.
  • With a single click, you can Restore the Game Backup data, saving the gaming content from malicious online threats and cyber-attacks.

Price & Value 

  • Free SCUM server 48 hours Trials with Game Panel demo is one of the best Free SCUM servers for newbie gamers.
  • $13.97 per month for 10 Slots (5X faster NVMe storage is available for $2.43)
  • Visit the official website to check the latest pricing scheme of SCUM slots.

🔔Ping Perfect Offer (May, 2024): Get an Additional 15% OFF your Scum Server Hosting Annual Plans or any game hosting!

Customer Support

  • Users having server-related configuration issues can contact the PingPerfect support team via LiveChat, Ticket Support, and Discord support services.

6. Survivalservers

SurvivalServers, one of the best SCUM server hosting providers, offers Server Passlocking, DDoS Protection, Custom in-house control panel and a lot more Server related features to ensure secure Gaming data and smoother gaming experience. 

SCUM servers stuffed with Reliable hardware like Single Thread BenchMark Intel/ AMD Ryzen CPU and incredible RAM ensure quick accessibility,

and the latest SSD NVMe storage offers blazing game-loading speed.

Survival Servers about


As far as Security of the gaming data is concerned, SurvivalServers offers an Overall Best Performance:

🔶 Server pass locking and Advanced DDoS protection secure the Gaming content in your servers from cyber-attacks and protect players’ personal information as well.

🔶 Modify server settings, customize the server and Install mods and various plugins with User-friendly and intuitive GamePanel offered by SurvivalServers.

🔶 The excellent Server Status option helps gamers track Server performance and detect and fix any issues arising to maintain smooth gameplay.

🔶 Reliable Gaming hardware and Plugins help gamers enjoy the amazing graphical effects of SCUM in real-time without any lagging experience.

Customization Options

  • Map Changing, Access to third-party tools, and customised launch parameters are a few of the basic customization options that SurvivalServers offers gamers.
  • Modify server settings with a Control Panel that allows the user to easily manage the game server and add or subtract the resources as per the requirement.

Price & Value 

  • 10Slots for $11 per month (Game Server management panel for absolutely Zero Cost)
  • 100Slots for $48 per month
  • Even get a chance to customize your own game server (Contact the Sales team)

🔔 SurvivalServers Offer (May, 2024): Grab an Additional 20% OFF your SCUM Server Hosting Plans or any game hosting! and Get an Additional 35% OFF on your SCUM Server Annual Plans to get this discount!

Customer Support

  • Get maximum support services via LiveChat, Ticket Generation, Knowledgebase, and Tutorials when running a server issue.

7. GTX Gaming

With an Easy configuration editor, an Offsite backup system and a mod pack to switch the game version, GTX Gaming is one of the best SCUM server hosting service providers.

With Reliable hardware and the Best-in-class gaming technology like AMD Ryzen Processor, Intel CPU, RAM and the latest SSD NVMe, GTX Gaming offers the smoothest SCUM gameplay to the players.

Along with amazing Server performance, GTX Gaming offers multiple game server locations, letting the user choose the one closest to the target players.

GTXGaming about


The Performance of GTX Gaming offers Overall the Best functionalities to the players:

🔶 Allows Full Root Access to the game servers, letting the players configure the SCUM servers as per the requirement of the gameplay.

🔶 Reliable Hardware like the latest SSD NVMe Storage technology and incredible RAM offers the quickest game-loading speed.

🔶 SCUM servers even provide Backup plans to let the players store the gameplay and allow them to start from where they’ve discontinued the game.

🔶 Advanced DDoS Protection, Server scanning and other related security technology offer secure data protection to the game content.

Customization Options

  • Adjust the SCUM servers’ gaming resources to match the desired level of play and requirement.
  • The ability to switch between mod packs allows players to alter the game and improve their overall gaming experience.

Price & Value 

  • Visit the official website to get to know the latest pricing scheme of the SCUM servers.

Customer Support

  • LiveChat, Discord Support and Ticket Support are a few of the basic customer support services that GTX Gaming offers to players who have difficulty handling issues.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing SCUM Server Hosting

As far as the above-mentioned Best SCUM server hosting services are concerned, all of them provide the top-in-class system requirement to run SCUM smoothly. However, when choosing the Right SCUM Server Hosting provider, consider the following points in mind: 

  • Choose the SCUM server hosting provider that offers all the system requirements like Intel Core i5/ minimum 15GB RAM & 70GB SSD Storage/ Windows10 OS/ NVIDIA GTX graphics and more that are necessary to run the SCUM game smoothly.
  • Go for the SCUM server hosting provider that offers multiple gaming data servers spread all across the globe, ensuring the quickest availability and Zero lagging experience when playing. 
  • Server Support via LiveChat & Ticketing system at times of technical issues is one of the most important factors that should be considered when choosing a SCUM server hosting service provider.
  • Try Selecting the SCUM server Provider that offers basic gaming Add-Ons like DDoS protection and additional Cloud storage for Zero cost and even a few discount offers if you are a newbie and have less funds.  

Keep in mind the above factors when selecting the right SCUM server provider to enjoy the best gameplay experience.

Why is choosing the right server hosting important for SCUM?

It is very well known that poor game servers create issues, and even consistent latency, plus the unavailability of the game online at times, can cause irritation in the Gamer’s mind. 

To enjoy the best gameplay experience, the game should offer Zero lagging, maximum redundancy, and the lowest latency, even when playing multiplayer sessions. 

All that is possible only when Gamers rent a game server that fulfils all the recommendable system requirements like in the case of SCUM game servers, a minimum of 16GB RAM/ 70GB SSD Storage/ 1Gbps/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX and many more.

With this, we see that renting a right SCUM server can land us with enormous benefits and incredible gameplay experience.

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How much does it cost to host a Scum Server?

Spend a minimum of $13 and get up to 10 slots for hosting a SCUM Server and even get Unlimited network, Storage and a User-Friendly GamePanel as well.

Is it free to host a Scum Server?

Absolutely Yes, PingPerfect offers the Free Best SCUM server hosting services for 48 hours with at least 10 Slots, Unlimited Storage, Advanced DDoS protection and 24/7 Support services via Discord.

Which is the best Scum server hosting?

ScalaCube, PingPerfect and G-Portal to name a few, are the best SCUM server hosting service provider that offers Reliable hardware like a Ryzen processor, Intel CPU, DDR4 RAM, Advanced DDoS Protection and a UserFriendly cPanel for easy game server management.

Where can I rent a SCUM server?

You can rent a SCUM server in any part of the world. ScalaCube, G-Portal and GTXGaming offer game servers in almost all tier 1 countries like (the US/ the UK/ Canada) giving the players the maximum gameplay experience.

How can I ensure good performance for my SCUM server?

Just make sure to choose SCUM server hosting provider that offers Reliable Gaming hardware, NVIDIA GeForce Graphic feature, Advanced DDoS Protection to secure the gaming data and personal information of the players and 24/7 support services via Discord.


Now that you are aware of the top Best 7 SCUM server hosting services, you can use them as a player to improve your overall gaming experience. A few factors to consider when selecting the best one for you are efficiency, security, and uptime. Additionally, take your budget into account before choosing a cheap SCUM server hosting provider.

Ultimately, you can choose the best SCUM server hosting company from the list above to host your server. After reviewing each SCUM server hosting company, it is clear that they all have User-friendly features that make it possible for even non-experts to manage the server configuration.

This article’s text and images are designed to familiarize you with the essential characteristics of the Top 7 Rust server hosting providers. Please feel free to leave insightful comments to support us if you think that the specifications of all the SCUM server hosting companies have been adequately addressed to you.


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