5 Best PBN Hosting Providers in 2024 (Top Ranked)

Do you want anyone to trace you from your blogging or any other kind of website? Or particularly not able to trace through the various websites that you own. 

If you are looking for something like that, we found out about such a service that is available in the market and came up with this article to give you an in-depth description about that hosting. 

Yes, we are talking about PBN Hosting. The most trusted anonymous and SEO-safe hosting, where you are hidden from the web and the users but can operate your websites as freely as everyone else does. 

So, are you ready to explore the tried and tested 6 best PBN Hosting providers in 2024 with us?

What is PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting ensures that Google or another search engine doesn’t have a record of a Private Blog Network that you may be using. 

Hosting should be cautious of hiding the Footprint and display each account that you have (that may be various) as a separate website or profile, not indicating or traceable that it belongs to a single person.

What is PBN Hosting?

Short on Time? Here Are the Best PBNHosting Provider in 2024

WPX Hosting : They say, “Fast websites make more money”. WPX provides spectacular speed, many free features, and a 30-second average support response claim aiming at profits and successful businesses. 

Kinsta : Tailor-made hostings powered by Google Cloud Platform are the services that Kinsta provides. Kinsta’s premium managed services offer the best performance and expert customer support.

LaunchCDN : Focusing on providing world-class PBN Hosting services, LaunchCDN offers customer demand packages and services that they would prefer!

The 5 Best PBN Hosting Providers in June, 2024

We came across various hosting providers on the internet giving the best PBN Hosting, but what made us choose only 5 out of the lot? 

After our analysis and tests that we performed on these companies, we came out with the ones that showed the best results. And we couldn’t wait for more to introduce them to you. 

Hence, here are the top most PBN Hosting providers that you were maybe looking for!

1. WPX Hosting – Fastest PBN Hosting Provider

Established in 2013, WPX has been focusing on WordPress Hosting (with hidden PBN features) and customers. 

They value customer experience. Hence, it provides the best of services with a 30-second average support response.

They offer soo much for free with their hostings, like free site optimisation, free malware detection and removal and much more. 

wpx Hosting About

You can find hundreds of verified and real customer reviews on WPX on the trusted customer review portals, which made us more sure about them getting on this list! 

WPX Hosting Key Features

Let’s look into the features of WordPress PBN Hosting offered by WPX :

🔶 1-Click WordPress Installs
🔶 High-Speed Custom CDN
🔶 Superfast SSD Storage
🔶 Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX
🔶 Unlimited SSL Certificates
🔶 DDoS Protection
🔶 28 Days Automatic Backups
🔶 Unlimited Email Boxes
🔶 Unlimited FTP Users and File Manager
🔶 Two-Factor Authentication, Multi-User Access

WPX Hosting Plans 

We have attached a screenshot of the web hosting plans offered by PBN Hosting along with the features they are providing with them :

WPX hosting plans and price

Pro and Cons

Time to discuss WPX Hosting’s pros and cons :


  • Many free features 
  • 30-second average support 
  • Supports emails 
  • 1-click away installations; easy to use 


  • No call support is available 
  • Only provides WordPress Hosting 

2. Kinsta – Overall Best PBN Hosting Provider

Kinsta offers PBN Hosting at no additional costs. They deliver faster pages to all users, with 24/7 support by a team of experts. 

With unlimited free basic migrations, Kinsta has been obsessed with performance since 2013 and has diverse, local and independent services!

kinsta About

Kinsta Key Features

We know and believe that they have these features :

🔶 High-performance unlimited CDN
🔶 Simplified website caching
🔶 State-of-the-art technology
🔶 Weekly automatic database optimization
🔶 99.9% uptime guarantee Automatic backups
🔶 Cloudflare DDoS protection and free SSL
🔶 Two-factor authentication
🔶 24/7/365 real-human chat is 30 seconds away

Kinsta Plans 

Kinsta has a curated plan according to the customer demands. You can choose any of the plans as per your needs and budget. 

You have a lot of options to choose from, and not only that, but if you want a more upgraded plan, you also have an option to scale your plan and get it created by Kinsta’s customer support

For now, let’s look into the plans and prices offered by them for their WordPress PBN Hosting:

Kinsta Pricing and Plans

Pro and Cons

Let’s check out the pros and cons of Kinsta’s PBN Hosting :


  • Multilingual support in 5 languages 
  • Frequent status checks
  • Hack free guarantee
  • Great customer technical support
  • Optimsed for e-commerce 


  • 30-day money-back guarantee not applicable to all plans
  • No call support

3. LaunchCDN – Most Recommended PBN Hosting Provider

If you’re looking for a PBN Hosting that is safe and footprint-free, then LaunchCDN, an establishment in 2014, can be your ideal option. 

It’s an all-in-one PBN Hosting, where you get hassle-free services. It’s a preferred option for many SEOs because of its large amount of infrastructure, working behind the scenes to get your websites uniquely presented before the web. 

They have a 24*7 email and ticket, which responds within 15-30 minutes.


It also had done-for-you PBN packages curated for customers’ ease and as per their demands. 

LaunchCDN Key Features

Let’s look into the worthy features of LaunchCDN’s PBN Hosting :

🔶 Your Choice of CDNs
🔶 No Server Footprints
🔶 WordPress or Static HTML
🔶 Email Forwarding
🔶 Free SSL Certificates
🔶 24×7 Tech Support

LaunchCDN Plans 

When you go to the plans section of LaunchCDN, you’ll see that they provide PBN Hosting starting at $10/month for the first month so that the users can experience their services at a lower cost and continue only if they like them. 

Then the prices rise to $29/month, with nothing more or less that you will have to pay. So, you need not worry about inflations. 

The process to go with while getting their PBN Hosting looks something like this:

LaunchCDN Plans 

Pro and Cons

We are going to talk about LaunchCDN’s pros and cons now :


  • 1-click install for WordPress plugins 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Free SSL Certificates 
  • No server footprints 


  • Unstable with heavy plugins 
  • 15-30 minute response time; not instant 

4. BulkBuyHosting – Affordable PBN Hosting Soluction

BulkBuyHosting offers PBN that is safe, easy and affordable. Working towards a better outlook, they offer managed PBN Hosting and knows the importance of individual IDs.

You will get full panel access and premium hosting with them. They have their data centers in the US, and a small number are in the UK/EU. 

When we come to their features and prices, there’s a surprise that’s waiting for you. 


BulkBuyHosting Key Features

Features offered by BulkBuyHosting for their PBN Hosting :

🔶 One Point of Contact and One Monthly Bill
🔶 Central, Custom Built Dashboard
🔶 Owns up to 450 Hosting Accounts
🔶 Offers enough Disk and Bandwidth
🔶 Full cPanel Access
🔶 Safeguards to Protect Your PBN
🔶 Has Premium Hosting Providers and Popular Name Servers 
🔶 Limit on Domains Per Serverte 
🔶 IP Ownership and Range Diversity
🔶 Different Data Centers

BulkBuyHosting Plans

The prices change after the first month and increases as per the number of the domain you want. Here’s what the price list of BulkBuyHosting’s PBN Hosting looks like :

BulkBuyHosting Plans

Pro and Cons

We’ll discuss its pros and cons now :


  • Highly Scalable 
  • Works with famous and premium hosting providers and name servers 
  • Knows the importance of privacy 


  • You need to pay $10 for a trail too
  • Only ticket support option 

5. Easy Blog Networks – Relaible and Affordable PBN Hosting

The easiest, 100% autopilot solution for building, managing, and hosting private blog networks with Easy Blog Networks. Have a natural hosting profile with time-tested safety and low deindexation. 

They have an experience of 15 years in this business and are spread across 4 countries. 

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks Key Features

Look into the features offered by Easy Blog Networks :

🔶 1-click HTTPS setup
🔶A simple mailbox for each blog 
🔶1-click install 
🔶 Autopilot maintenance 
🔶Automatic updates logo Automatic updates
🔶Auto Updates
🔶Daily backups
🔶Automatic DNS
🔶Free site migrations 
🔶SEO metrics and indexation status

Easy Blog Networks Plans 

They offer a 7-day trial as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Can someone be more confident about their services? We guess not. On tops, customizable plans! 

Pay only for the things that you use!

Here are the plans offered by Easy Blog Networks with the features they are offering along the PBN Hosting:

Easy Blog Networks Plans 

Pro and Cons

We have listed the pros and cons of this hosting provider :


  • 30-day money-back guarantee; no questions asked 
  • 7-day free trial 
  • 100% free site migrations 
  • 1-click blog installs 
  • Set-up within minutes 


  • Slow customer support

FAQs – Best PBN Hosting Providers

Is PBN safe?

Yes, PBN is surely safe to use, and you can be confident about your anonymity with them. But one thing you need to remember is that- choose a trusted, reliable and legit PBN Hosting provider in 2024 to get proper and safe services. 

Do PBNs still work?

Yes, PBNs do work. Hence, the hosting providers we mentioned offer these services and have an established business of it!

Why PBN Hosting? 

As per the frequently asked question by the users, now, the question arises why PBN Hosting is? 

PBN Hosting is web running specifically made to assist SEOs in safely and secretly hosting a private blog network safely and secretly. 

You can also link to your money site safely and take advantage of improved Google results by making sure the sites in your link network cannot be connected.

Final Words – Best PBN Hosting Providers

After the analysis of the PBN Hosting, how it works and the hosting providers that offer this service, we can say that this hosting is exceptionally great for people wanting anonymity and hosting various sites but do not want anyone to trace them through any of those sites. 

Hence, we took our time to test the companies and came up with this lot to get our readers honest and truthful reviews on the best of the PBN Hosting providers in 2024. 

Make an informed choice by clearing out your requirements and budget!


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