9 Best Customer Success Software for Your Business 2024

Desire to give your customers the best customer experience and run a successful business? Eager to know how to earn more profit and hit long-term goals? Looking for software that can provide your customers with an overall personalized customer experience? 

If yes, then you have just landed on the right page as we’ll be discussing the customer success software, the best customer success software for businesses and the key factors to keep in mind when choosing one for your business.

SoftwareFree TrialEase of UseCustomer SupportPrice
SalesforceYesModerate24/7 Support, Live Chat, EmailContact sales team
CatalystYesHighEmail, Phone SupportContact for pricing
ZohoYesEasy24/7 Support, Live ChatStarts at $15 / agent / month
ZendeskYesEasy24/7 Support, Live ChatStarts at $55 / agent / month
IntercomYesEasy24/7 Support, EmailStarts at $39 / user / month
MedalliaYesModerate24/7 Support, Phone SupportContact for pricing
FreshworksYesEasy24/7 Support, Live ChatStarts at $79 / user/month
GainsightYesModerateEmail, Phone SupportContact for pricing
ChurnZeroYesHighEmail, Phone SupportContact for pricing
Customer Success Software

What is Customer Success Software?

Customer success software is the software or tool that is used by businesses to give their customers faster, more effective and personalized customer support that even helps in improving the overall profit of the businesses. 

With various features like custom dashboards, workflow automation or self-service options, customer success software helps businesses to eliminate the complexities and give them the best customer experience.

What is Customer Success Software?


9 Best Customer Success Software

Now that we already know what exactly customer success software is, let’s quickly understand the best customer success software, their important features, plans and pricing: 


  1. Salesforce – The Customer Company
  2. Catalyst – Most Intuitive Customer Support
  3. Zoho – Cloud Software Suit For Business
  4. Zendesk – award-winning customer service
  5. Intercom –  AI-First Customer Service Solution
  6. Medallia – Market Leader in Customer Support
  7. Freshworks – Boost Efficiency and Engagement 
  8. Gainsight – Easy To Use Software
  9. ChurnZero – Digital first Customer Success Software

1. Salesforce – The Customer Company

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Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce helps your businesses with 20 hours saved each week, 29% more sales productivity, 27% less support costs, and 27% less customer acquisition costs. Whether it’s your IT, data, marketing or commerce teams, Salesforce works smarter with trusted AI, connected data, the #1 AI CRM and overall Customer 360 feature. 


  • The right product for all purposes – With Salesforce CRM, you can easily unite all your teams around your customers with the right products or apps for marketing, sales, commerce, data cloud, small businesses and more.
  • Salesforce Artificial Intelligence – This lets you create assistive AI experiences to solve customer issues in a faster and smarter way and helps empower agents, sellers, marketers and more with powerful AI tools. 
  • Data Cloud – Data Cloud helps to connect and collect data from any system for the customer view by using tools like out-of-the-box connectors (for secure data integrations) or data spaces (to organize and protect data) 

Plans and Price 

Salesforce allows you to start a free trial by simply filling in the details. 

Salesforce Free Trial

2. Catalyst – Most Intuitive Customer Support


With multiple products like custom dashboards, email, customer activity tracking, workflow productivity and more, Catalyst allows you to optimize your sales workflows and maximize the business profit and growth while increasing visibility and collaboration within an organization and for the customers at the same time. 


  • Improved visibility for customers – Can easily fill the gap between your seller team and your customers with the help of better customer visibility about every action and improvement. 
  • Centralized customer data – Catalyst combines both qualitative and quantitative customer data in one place in order to understand your customers’ requirements or issues. 
  • Feature request tracking – Enables the managers to easily track the customers’ feedback and feature requests in order to understand what exactly a customer needs and the reason behind it. 

Plans and Price 

Fill-in the required details here to know the pricing details of Catalyst customer success services. 

catalyst pricing
Catalyst pricing

3. Zoho – Cloud Software Suit For Business


Zoho is the customer success software that helps in addressing customer service challenges in various industries and works with different sizes and types of businesses from small to enterprises with specifications like omnichannel features, improved productivity rates and flexible collaboration. 


  • Omnichannel platforms – Live chat, email, messaging, web forms, telephony, remote assistance and other tools don’t allow you to stick with one mode of communication and reach your customers conveniently.
  • Self-service and AI – By giving your customers a chatbox, a complete FAQ page and a knowledge base, you can easily host and manage customers’ issues
  • Analytics – With the help of dashboards and reports and powerful mobile apps, you can easily keep a record of the performance or productivity rates and customer satisfaction. 

Plans and Price 

Zoho offers 3 plans and starts at Rs 800/user/month. The other plans include Professional and Enterprise for larger collaboration. 


4. Zendesk – Award-Winning Customer Service


Zendesk is a powerful, flexible platform which can be simply modified according to your requirements with multiple support features to make your customers comfortable. Zendesk works in a way to improve time to value, reduce efforts per customer ticket and always keep your costs low. 


  • Ticketing system – This enables you to easily track your priorities and solve your customers’ queries conveniently as it becomes the central place for all concerns and requests. 
  • Messaging and live chat – Messaging and live chat make it possible for you to customers round-the-clock personalized interactions with the help of AI and automation. 
  • Voice solutions – This enables you to provide instant customer support with the help of voice messages and phone calls by giving a call button to your customers on mobile apps or browsers. 

Plans and Price 

The 4 plans offered by Zendesk include Suite Team at $55, Suite Growth at $115 and Suit Enterprise (Talk to Sales). 

Zendesk Plans

5. Intercom –  AI-First Customer Service Solution


Intercom gives you a complete AI solution including a helpdesk, an AI chatbot that solves 50% of issues immediately and instant support with low costs and satisfied customers. With product tours, outbound messages and targeted message sequences or series, you can easily give your customers proactive support. 


  • AI-enhanced workflows – Lets you have the AI-enhanced shared inbox for better speed and efficiency, helping customers by finding the most accurate answers and solving complex issues through team collaboration. 
  • Proactive support – Allows you to have product tours for keeping new users in your products and series for creating targeted message sequences. 
  • Customizable messenger – With the help of multiple design options, you can easily customize your messenger according to your brand and help your customers by delivering real-time support. 

Plans and Price  

Intercom offers 3 plans including Essential at $39/seat/month, Advanced at $99/seat/month and Expert at $139/seat/month. Besides, they also gives a 14-day free trial. 

Intercom Plans

6. Medallia – Market Leader in Customer Support


With Medallia, people see a 93% increase in case efficiency and profit in businesses. Get the 360 degree view of your customer’s requirements and issues with speech analytics, social media, transcripts, ticketing systems and more. Medallia also allows you to share your data to different platforms with powerful integrations. 


  • Medallia’s Athena AI – Athena, the native AI of Medallia, lets you discover new trends, increase efficiency, enhance workflows, track anything and save time. 
  • Powerful integrations – Enables you to collaborate and share data with different systems like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow and many more for improving real-time customer experience.
  • Ask Now – The Ask Now feature helps you in answering the questions immediately asked directly by your customers which may even help you with better decisions later. 

Plans and Price 

Medallia plans

Contact the Sales Team of Medallia to know about the plans and pricing. 

7.  Freshworks – Boost Efficiency and Engagement 


Freshsuccess by Freshworks is one of the best customer success software that helps you in increasing up-sells and expansions, reducing churns, proactively monitoring customer health and discovering all the possible and actionable customer trends to improve customer satisfaction. 


  • Proactive alerts – This enables you to prevent possible customer churns by observing the decrease in product usage and getting alerts regarding increased product usage to grow more. 
  • Reporting and Analysis – With custom dashboards and charts, get clear visibility of customer engagement and process. It even allows you to analyze among AI customers, individual users or customer segments.
  • Goal management – With services and products, help your customers achieve their goals by defining about the importance of their success, executing without losing track of actions and measuring customer success. 

Plans and Price 

Freshworks offers you 2 major plans including Estate at $79 (for success teams) and Forest at $129 (for enterprise). Besides, they also allow you to try a free demo. 

Freshworks Plans

8. Gainsight – Easy To Use Software


Gainsight helps you grow your business with customer success and has multiple features that allow you to measure everything and combine the human and digital touch, turning customers into profit machines, focussing on your priorities with customer feedback and many more. 


  • Revenue optimization – Can easily display revenue or profit growth with customer success leads and predict renewals with the help of AI-generated reports.
  • Success planning and AI playbooks – Create action plans then track, capture activity and share progress on your customers’ key goals. Observe the best actions with AI-powered playbooks. 
  • Customer feedback – Can easily understand and measure your customers’ feedback with the help of a multi-dimensional feedback loop tracking sentiment, NPS, engagement, feature usage or risk signals.

Plans and Price 

The 3 plans offered by Gainsight are CS Essentials, CS Essentials Plus and Enterprise and to know the pricing, request the Sales team. 

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9. ChurnZero – Digital first Customer Success Software


ChurnZero helps you save your time and focus on the things that matter to your business with multiple features such as centralized customer data, automated workflows and engagement, simple collaboration with customers, various integrations, custom surveys and many more.  


  • Centralized customer data – Give your team complete access to your customer data with tools like a command centre, customer profiles, reports, dashboards, collaboration chatbots, alerts and more. 
  • Analyze customer data – Can easily share possible insights with customers and team and increase your efficiency with tools like reports, dashboards, Rest API live exports, health score and more. 
  • Collaboration with customers – Can easily create long-term relationships with your customers with the help of customer journeys, in-app communications, success centers, surveys or account insights. 

Plans and Price 

Schedule a 30 min demo and explore the various features and products offered by ChurnZero. 

How to Choose the Right Customer Success Software?

Now that we know the best customer success software with their features and plans, let’s quickly move further and understand the key factors that have to be kept in mind before choosing a customer success software for us: 

1. Analyze the features

Thoroughly analyze the features offered by your customer success software depending on your business needs like collaboration, reporting or feedback tools for better customer visibility. 

2. User-friendly interface

Choose a customer success software for you that has a simple and user-friendly interface so that your customers and team members can easily understand and use the platform. 

3. Budget-friendly

Select a customer success software for you which is budget-friendly but includes all the advanced features whether you have a small business or enterprise-level business. 

4. Demo availability

Choose a customer success software for your business that offers a free trial or a demo so that you can explore everything about the platform all by yourself with zero payment. 

5. Reviews and recommendations: 

Choose a customer success software for you that has multiple positive expert reviews and recommendations which may help you in building trust. 


What are CSM tools?

The CSM (Customer service management) tools are the tools that help in organizing interaction with customers and automating workflows for increased efficiency. 

What programs do customer success managers use?

There are various customer success software like Zendesk, Zoho, Intercom and more used by customer success managers in order to resolve customer issues and gain profit. 

What is the difference between CRM and CSM software?

CRM manages and analyzes customer data, interactions and customer satisfaction whereas CSM ensures that customers achieve desired outcomes and business growth. 

Is Salesforce a customer success tool?

Yes, Salesforce is a customer success tool as it has all the Customer 360 features to have a clear customer visibility. 

Why do you need Customer Success Software?

You need customer success software to make sure you give your customers what they need by tracking their issues, and questions, automating tasks with customized tools and increasing profit. 


We now know that various customer success software like Zendesk, Zoho, Incom, Churnzero and more help in customer satisfaction, easy collaboration, resolved customer issues and better business profit. 

We also understand the basic factors that have to be kept in mind before choosing customer success software for your business such as good reviews and recommendations, high-quality features, free trial or demo availability and user-friendly interface. 

You can also share this article with your friends and family in order to help them choose the best customer success software for their business. 


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