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4GoodHosting Review

In search of a Canadian Hosting service? Want a service with good customer service and an exemplary user interface? 

We might just have the web hosting provider for you. 4GoodHosting provides you with all that. They also have a lot of plans for you to choose from.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our review of 4GoodHosting. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing your hosting service.

About 4GoodHosting 

4GoodHosting is a Canadian Hosting provider that provides its users with various hosting services. From Windows Hosting to Linux VPS hosting, their list is quite extensive. 

4GoodHosting review

With their 30-day money-back guarantee, you can be confident in trying them out. 4GoodHosting has plans for Personal, Business, and Advanced usage.

Test and Analysis 

Here are the test and analysis results of some key components of 4GoodHosting.

User Interface & Ease of Use

User Interface is one of the most important things of any Web Hosting Service. A good User Interface makes it fast and efficient to execute any task.

Depending on your plan and configuration, you can access cPanel, Plesk, or a Web-based control panel. 4GoodHosting also comes with a Softaculous app installer which lets you install various apps like WordPress and Joomla.

4GoodHosting Customer Support 

Customer support is another aspect of a service that should not be avoided. Good customer service is always necessary as it saves you in times of need. So, if you value the uptime of your website, it is pretty important to opt for good customer service.

4GoodHosting Support

4GoodHosting offers its users Live Chat, email, and call support. So, when you need support, you can count on them and get on with your work quite quickly.

Security Analysis 

Finding a service with good security features is pretty important. Especially when there is customer data involved, it is a good idea to choose a service with security features.

4GoodHosting offers you the ability to back up your Data at an added cost. You also get full root access and even support for a virus scanner. For an added cost, you can also get VPN and Firewall support.

4GoodHosting Data Center

4GoodHosting has 4 data center locations. These are as follows-

4GoodHosting data center
  • Vancouver
  • British Columbia
  • Toronto
  • Ontario

Key Features of 4GoodHosting

This section deals with the additional qualities that the 4GoodHosting service provider has that make it a special web hosting service provider. The various highlights that make 4GoodHosting an ideal hosting service provider are discussed below in brief-

Amazing User Interface

4GoodHosting provides an amazing user-friendly interface for the smooth functioning of the website when the user works on it. It has all the features well organized on the website and this makes it really easy to use for the user.

Availability of additional services

4GoodHosting provides additional services to its users like cPanel and Plesk which makes their service more attractive for the user. It adds to the choice among users to work for this company.

Cheap prices of service packages

The website has all the services available for the users at cheap rates which makes it more favorable for its users.

What types of web hosting are offered by 4GoodHosting? 

4GoodHosting offers various types of Web hosting to its users. Their services are as follows-

4GoodHosting Domain

4GoodHosting domain

Domain Registration 

Along with Hosting Services, you can also get Domains from 4GoodHosting. They have various TLDs for you to choose from. They also provide .ca domains. So, if you are after that, they have got you.

Domain Transfer

If you are unhappy with your current domain provider, transferring your domain to 4GoodHosting is also an option.

4GoodHosting Pros & Cons 


  • Good user interface
  • A lot of services for you to choose from
  • Good refund policy


  • Data centers only in Canada

FAQs – 4GoodHosting Review

Is 4GoodHosting good?

4GoodHosting comes with a great user interface. They also offer various extra security features for you to buy. So, if you are after these features, 4GoodHosting might be a good option for you.

Does 4GoodHosting provide a logo design and website design service also?

Yes, along with hosting and domain services, 4GoodHosting offers features like Web Design and Logo Design.

What is the refund policy of 4GoodHosting?

4GoodHosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try out their service to see if you like it.

Which is 4GoodHosting’s best plan?

4GoodHosting has various kinds of plans suitable for people with different needs. Their Advanced Cloud plan is quite good and suitable for multiple plans. They also have VPS hosting, which might be good for more advanced users.

Is 4GoodHosting offer SEO Service?

4GoodHosting offers Awstats Web Stats. This helps you with tracking how your site is viewed.

Conclusion – 4GoodHosting Review

So, that was a detailed 4goodhosting review for you. In this review, we have tried to cover every parameter on which hosting should be judged. With a good user interface and some great hosting features, this hosting really comes as a reliable hosting solution and you can definitely give it a try.

Hopefully, this helped and you’ll find more ease in making your decision about the right hosting service provider

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