cPanel Alternative for CentOs, Debian and Fedora

We all love cPanel because it comes with almost all necessary features and addons that’s why it’s hard to find cPanel alternative,

especially for dedicated servers, unfortunately, most of us can not afford it as it cost $15-$20 per month.

I am not wrong with this price you can get a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD cloud server.

WordPress bloggers install WP directly on their VPS without any control panel however later it may create major security issues and even we face some issues

while managing and backing up our website directly from root servers instead of the control panel.

cPanel Alternative for CentOS?

Well if we compare about features and services provided by cPanel then you wouldn’t find any better alternative of it,

however, we have many options out there which can fulfil all your needs and with little tweaks, you could make them look like cPanel.

Control Panel for personal Website:

If you want to host your own websites on your server or VPS then we would like to recommend you to install Webuzo control panel,

its a free and paid server management control panel from softaculous.

I recently came to know that Softaculous owned by an Indian web development company based in Mumbai.

Webuzo has many features for database, php, Apache, NGinx, Java containers etc management, it comes with free softaculas integrated however in freeware you will get only selected scripts to install.

We all lil bit focused on securities so let me tell you that Softaculas has good security options to keep your website or blog safe from hackers.

How to install Webuzo on VPS

Control Panel with Reseller Option: Many of our buy server with high resources and hosted their friend’s website on the same server,

but due to some security reasons we can not take risk to share our server details with anyone.

But we would like to inform you that now you can issue unlimited separate control panel for your friends and define custom resources for them.

If you previously used WHM reseller option then you can easily understand the features of it.

zPanel is lightweight control panel which comes with Reseller option and has lots of many other features integrated.

I have seem there is a user designed a cpanel theme for it so if you would like to change your UI as cpanel then install theme and customize it according to your need.

Install zPanel on your server

These days we are not dependent on such panes because there are other free open sources available to manage your VPS or

Dedicated hosting without any control panel and they don’t require that much coding knowledge as well.

If you are using CMS like WordPress or even you are running PHP based websites then this process will help you a lot to save

money with better performance as you don’t have to worry about resources being used by panels for no reason.

You must have a look on recently launched solutions like WPEngine, ServerAvatar etc and you know what most of them are based in India itself.

Isn’t cool that we develop such tools and helping customers across the globe?

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