What Is CMS? Why You Need Content Management System

A website in this decade is an important factor because the Google search engine is taking a simple query to an extensive result.

To keep up in the digital business, then you must have basic knowledge & skills to maintain a website.

An average person does not have interest & time to learn various coding languages, and that’s when the Content Management System comes handy.

What is CMS? The CMS stands for Content Management System, and millions of people around the world rely on it.

Content management solutions have become very crucial for millions of people because it enables them access website, manage, and organize it in a few clicks.

What is CMS & How Does It Work?

First, we are going to give a short explanation on the CMS; then we will list down the top content management systems.

We will include some of the content management system examples in the explanation.


The CMS also knew as a digital content management system because it allows a beginner to create, edit, manage and organize a website.

The primary purpose of the best content management system always been helping a beginner to manage a website without coding knowledge.

CMS Benefits:

  1. Basic knowledge is enough to start a website.
  2. Millions of free & paid ready themes for you to use them.
  3. Full-control over the website & design.
  4. Millions of plugins to help you to solve every complex issue.
  5. Millions of tutorials, answers to the issues, and videos available on Content Management Solutions.
  6. It’s free and always will be free.
  7. You can create a blog, eCommerce store, personal website, business site, selling page, lead generation, and more.

Overall, you will find thousands of solutions for it.

Why We Need Content Management System (CMS)?

What Is CMS

CMS has enabled people to start a business without the help of godfathers in the industry.

Anyone with minimum skills and passion for learning & implementing it can achieve success in this industry.

We are going to list a few reasons that have changed many lives including ours.

  1. You need one domain + cheap SSD hosting and theme to start a website.
  2. If you have a passion for the work, and the will to do it, then the possibilities increases.
  3. The best content management system eliminates the heavy cost of hiring a website designer. Read the instruction manual in the theme folder, and start building a website from scratch.
  4. A beginner does not have to learn the advanced coding language to use it. Spend one week playing around with the options & features; then you can manage CMS like a PRO.
  5. It cost less than $30 per year to start a website. It doesn’t matter if you want to build an e-commerce store, selling page, business website, lead generation, etc.
  6. The CMS developers release new updates every week or month. Security, reliability, stability, and performance is not an issue.
  7. Many best open source CMS enable new features and tweaks.

The list keeps goes on.

What Are Examples of Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System is a control panel to manage a website. We are going to show you a few examples of the control panel,

so you can understand what you have to deal every day.


In case, if you are wondering, where we should start, then we have started with Joomla.

Login Page: You are looking at the administrator login page. You have to enter the credentials created during the set-up.

Control Panel: The first impression might seem complex, but it isn’t complicated at all.

You have to spend a week playing around with the options and functions to understand the capabilities.

The Joomla developers have designed it for the beginners. The complexity of the content management system website converts into a playground after a while.

  1. At the top, you have settings related options like users, components, and more.
  2. At left sidebar, you have content related options like Create a post, page, add media, manage categories, menu, and more.
  3. At the bottom, you have view site, traffic stats, administrator settings, log out and messages.
  4. In the middle, its the core elements of the website like pages, post, menu, options, and more.


Allow us to give you another example so that you can understand the CMS a little better.

Login Page: You are looking at the website administrator login page. Again, enter the credentials you created during the setup.

Control Panel: At first, even we thought it was complex. However, the interface becomes extremely easy to understand and follow after a week. In the initial days, we considered it as a complex interface, but after spending a few days, we started to write about it. In short, anyone can master it within a few days.

  1. At the top, you have view site, new (create new post or page), and Howdy, admin (log out, edit profile, and view profile.)
  2. At the left sidebar, you have all the important Go through each of them and play around with it for a while. WordPress is a piece of cake to understand the options and functions.
  3. The middle portion is the view tab. In short, if you select “new page,” then all options related to it shows up in the middle part.

WordPress is the No.1 CMS in the world.

What Are The Best Content Management System (CMS)?

You might be wondering, which is the best content management system in the world.

We are going to list the popular content management system so that you can find the ideal solution.


Lets put it this way, WordPress is No.1 Content Manage System in the world.

Google search engine loves WordPress based websites, and you rank faster on the search engine.

WP is right for Blogs, personal website, a website aiming to rank on top, and newbies.

Download WordPress | Free


An open-source CMS that enables you to publish the content. It is a popular solution,

but it lands in the second position. However, no one would deny that Joomla is a good option.

Download Joomla | Free


Are you planning to create an eCommerce store? Magneto is an incredible option because of the platform designed for eCommerce stores.

It offers all important features that require to start an online store.

Download Magneto | Free

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Magneto
  4. Drupal
  5. Concrete5
  6. TYPO3
  7. PrestaShop
  8. MODX
  9. Kentico CMS
  10. SilverStripe
  11. SharePoint
  12. Contao
  13. DotNetNuke
  14. Mambo (software)
  15. Umbraco
  16. Textpattern
  17. DotCMS
  18. Telerik Sitefinity CMS
  19. Plone
  20. Liferay

The list keeps goes on.


In the digital world, a website is important for any business.

The content management system is an important skill that everyone should avoid paying for unnecessary services.

Let us know which CMS you have selected in the comment section below.

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