7 Web Hosting Mistakes Need to Avoid While Choosing Services

Web Hosting Mistakes
Expert Contributor Anuj Sharma

In this topic we’ll covered top 7 Web Hosting Mistakes, In case you’ve found out, you need a website and decided to choose a web hosting instead of free website builders you’ll definitely be bombarded by thousands of useful and useless advice from all over the internet. We’d like to simplify it for you.

Top 7 Web Hosting Mistakes

That’s why we’ve collected top 7 of the most common Web Hosting Mistakes among those, who are searching for a hosting service. Avoid making them – and you’ll succeed!

1: Choosing a wrong type of Web hosting package

The first comman web hosting mistake is choosing wrong type of web hosting package, There are two main package types: shared Web Hosting and private ones. To say short, in case your business site is not very big, you can share one item with somebody. But when it comes to a huge platform with constantly high traffic you should definitely Buy VPS – Virtual Private Server Web Hosting. You can always switch to a private package in case your popularity will rise.

2: Free Web Hosting platform as for your long term business

One more comman Web Hosting Mistakes You might view this option as a good one in case if you promote your blog or community as a hobby. As many free apps, this item will definitely have lots of ads and banners. which will distract your readers.

Free Web Hosting Services are hard to survive for a long-term because of many other reasons. For example, they don’t have any guarantees of not disappearing, having high speed, wide availability or registering your own domain name. The conclusion is: you don’t pay – you won’t get.

3: No refunding guarantees

Here’s the thing: as far as you’re not an expert yet, you can select the wrong item by mistake. The representatives of a good hosting company will always return your money back or, at least, provide you with another package, that suits your needs better. If you see this company acts not like that don’t let them get your money for nothing.

4: Making decisions based only on price

Here two main extremes exist: buying either the cheapest or the most expensive hostage by trying either to save more money for later or to receive the best solution possible. So what should you think about first? Remember: hostage market is extremely competitive. Consider your needs first and seek for the solution to satisfy them completely.

Note to yourself: the price you see first is a monthly paying, but furthermore, you’ll get a calculated price for 12 month’s services. this is the most comman Web Hosting Mistakes while a business owner choose their web hosting package.

5: Not being aware of limitations

You’re probably going to see offers with words “free” and “unlimited”. But practice shows that only cheese in a mousetrap that is really free. Any storage has limits. But you can do something to prevent unpleasant situations on your own. Ask your provider host for a full list of limitations of their service and whether you can do something to prevent mistakes happen.

6: Not checking host’s service quality

The best way is to check the quality beforehand. In case you have problems check whether the support works and how does it actually support you. Read the FAQ carefully and ask questions in case you have some that haven’t been answered yet.

7: Neglecting to save contacts

Time is literally money. In case you have an excellent support team, but face some sudden unwanted challenges, what can you do? Don’t try to manage to do anything by yourself! Just keep your support contacts near the computer so you can call or text them at the moment of emergency and continue to do your job as fast as possible.


I hope we’ll be covered top Web Hosting Mistakes in this article, Web Hosting service of a high quality is a very important thing to seek for. But no rush: you have to come up with your needs and then search for a good solution for it. Avoid these mistakes and may the speed of host be with you!

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