VPS Server uptime monitoring tool

As we web hosting provider we have to start monitoring our servers uptime and other details to provide better experience to our clients. We use various third party services to monitor and maintain our servers and make them healthy to run smoothly.

But that doesn’t means only web hosting companies required these tools to monitor their server, If you have a website with good numbers of traffic and you hosted that website even on a virtual private server  then I highly recommend you to start monitoring your VPS to improve security and features.

How to monitor Shared Hosting sites?

If you are shared hosting user you do not have permission on root access, however you can monitor your uptime of your website with Pingdom which allows you to get notified via e-mail and sms when your website goes offline or online.

How to Monitor VPS Uptime and Activities?

Nodequery is my faveriout tool to monitor our servers on going process and keep them calm and stable, even you are running single website on VPS you must integrate your server with nodequery.

Step 1: Create a free account at Nodequery.com

Step 2: Add your server details on your account, you need to put your VPS IP

Step 3: You will get a command which need to be executed on your server,

wget -N --no-check-certificate https://raw.github.com/nodequery/nq-agent/master/nq-install.sh && bash nq-install.sh e6pCYVlUZtZT4cPdTg0A1vFwt0Fg3OnB

Step 4: Login to your VPS server as a root user and run this command

Step 5: Now login to your Nodequery account and see if your server is showing ACTIVE which means you have done everything correctly and you can see the status of your server and on going processes on your VPS.


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