Top 5 Web Development Technologies 2021 if not WordPress

Over time, as the World Wide Web growing old, the ability to adopt more functionality of online space is increasing rapidly,

the typical way of fabricating applications are also getting more complicated. It is a universal fact today, satisfying customers with the least functionality and online presence isn’t easy anymore.

People now are more aware of Technologies, competitions, and possibilities.

Thus, it has to be up to date and enhanced with the latest technologies when it comes to Web development.

Top 5 Web Development Technologies available on Php and Js
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Good thing is, we are now reaching and unlocking more possibilities as the latest frameworks for web developments comes pretty handy, cheesy.

Eventually, if you are a web developer and stick to the best web development technologies, a large portion of the burden is reduced.

There are quite plenty of options we have in terms of web development frameworks today.

As long as to consider the trending and potential web development technology to be invested in, it can be quite an intimidating task to pick right one among many.

In this blog, we have demonstrated the best 2 web development technologies ensuring you can keep stress-out extra tasks aside.

Top 5 Web Development Technologies

1: WordPress

No kidding, WordPress today is one of the best frameworks for web development.

Of course, we have known the fact that WordPress is absolutely focused on enhancing blogging experience.

However, as we get into WP environment deeper, we are able to witness that WP has it’s another wing waving with web development feathers on it.

WordPress Web Development

Now, some of you may disagree with me if already got your hands dirty in web development projects and blogging network.

Let me point out a few factors to support my statement in this context.

Some of the most vital features a web development technology should come with areas such Security, URL mapping, Database access, Template systems, Caching, Web services,

AJAX, Automatic configuration, sort of things. Now, let’s have a look at the WP framework; we are getting Database access and mapping,

Security, URL mapping, Web services, Automatic configurations, AJAX, Caching, Web template system, etc. from WordPress.

And, no questions to be asked about WP functionality, accessibility, and compatibility. Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the most reliable web development technologies today.

2: Angular JS

Angular Js Web Development

A Google product, Angular JS is a well-known name for the developers who are up to date with the latest technologies.

This JavaScript-based open-source web development framework has come up with the latest version that is Angular 4.

Angular, however, was coded for single-page website development with the help of MVC architecture.

The version is then enhanced with even better features and come up as Angular 2. Skipping the 3,

we have Angular 4 today and is widely considered as one of the best web development frameworks to exist.

3: Laravel 5.3

Laravel Web Development

As long as the furthest end of the web development technology is considered, Laravel stand in front.

Since its foundation back in 2011, the frameworks have been enlightened to many possibilities in the web development field.

This is a PHP based open-source framework works on MVC architecture pattern.

The latest version of the very technology to date is Laravel 5.3 which comes with rich features like app development and maintaining utilities, relational database accessibilities,

staunch dominion manager combining with the modular packaging system, and more.

4: React.js

React Js Web Development

If you are looking for something cheesy and handy, React.js comes to the top. The JavaScript-based open source platform is maintained by a huge community of developers as well as by Facebook.

This is basically a library that can be converted to a reliable web developing framework for good.

It is extensively used in the development of user interfaces of web-based applications.

Flexibility and versatility are two main aspects of this framework as it tends to be used in designing web applications whose data and UI should be changed over time.

5: Node.js

NodeJs Web Development

Node.js is more than just a web development framework; it is a well established outright environment used for filling a specific requirement in web development.

The source has been favorite for most developers for quite a long time now and continuing holding its place.

As the framework as capabilities of maintaining a huge number of synchronic connections keeping an impressive performance,

it is used for creating fast and measurable network programs. This is an ideal platform for people who are looking for a complete JavaScript-based technology with all the required tools.

Whatever your next web development project focused one, regardless of the skills you or your developer bears, these top 5 latest web development technologies will surely fulfill the needs.

We are surely having enlisted the recommendations to cover most of the requirements.

So, hopefully, you might have found the right framework for yourself. Do share your view in this context.

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1 year ago

Really this is a very nice article, thanks for sharing with us.

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Mobile App Development
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This blog is very nice thanks for sharing with us.

Ashwini Boss
Ashwini Boss
2 years ago

very useful information for freshers..thanks a ton!!

Ashwini Boss
Ashwini Boss
2 years ago

very useful information for freshers..thanks a tonn!!

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Ashwini Boss
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Truely good web designs blogs… keep up your works
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