Sulekha Business Review | Earned 10 Lakh in a Year

This is my personal experience with these companies and is not sure everyone else will have the same experience with Sulekha as your lead generation machine with a small investment. 

Well, my journey starts in 2017 because I have been using JustDial for approximately 3 years but due to some

issues decided to shut down their services and invest that money in different platform and there is no other better alternative as Sulekha Business.

In June 2017, I called up Sulekha sales team for a premium subscription for my business,

Mr Sahu visited my office and recommended me a fixed position for better leads and unshared customer details on a priority basis.

But as I had a bad experience with JustDial I decided to go with their smallest package for approximately

Rs10,000 (approx $150) and my listing was live with suggested keywords for my city within 24 hours after making the payment.

When Sulekha sales executives visit my office luring them to put advertisements on Sulekha classifieds and they shared all information,

features and policy details very clear but in Justdial they might not tell you this information or they might not know this information.

Every time they confirm all the details with their manager or senior person via call.

During recent days you know that visitors to Sulekha classifieds are high as compared to Justdial, you can be well informed in making an appropriate decision.

website design company in lucknow

Initially, it was hard to follow up the customers and get them converted or even ask for an appointment,

2 months passed there was no conversion at all on 18 leads in 60 days for Website Design, SEO and Web Hosting.

Then I decided to hire a salesperson to call and do proper follow up for all leads and this was the game changer with those leads received from Sulekha Paid Business Listing service.

The hired guy was damn responsive and good at sales pitch He converted 3 customers from those 18 old leads with

the business amount of Rs 80,000 INR in just the first month.

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Now we have taken their higher package (Undisclosed) converting 30% leads with huge business margin only with this

business listing however I do have some other marketing strategies as well which I will be discussing in the next posts for local businesses.

Sulekha Vs JustDial

Here are some points which I have noticed that make Sulekha better than JustDial Listings.

Sulekha is India’s leading digital platform for local services that connects users with local businesses.

‘Whatever you’re local requirement start here, get it done’. This is the mantra of Sulekha, a lead generation website functions on.

Sulekha follows resolve prospective customers’ inquiries in a second by incorporating various mechanisms like listings, classifieds, deals, e-commerce and reviews/ratings across numerous domains.

In Sulekha, You can make your profile by finalizing signup regulations that require your Mail ID/Phone Number, Name and location else you can also log in through Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.

While selecting between Justdial and Sulekha you must ensure that your targeted viewers use mobile or desktop and in case it is mobile then you should go with

Sulekha which has a much-improved presence in telephone classified market compare to Justdial.

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Sulekha is more general in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata so wherever people use Sulekha more than Justdial, go for Sulekha otherwise vice-versa.

Advantages of marketing through Classified Websites like Sulekha

  • Sulekha is the reasonable and easiest classifieds you can start and discontinue according to your budget and needs compare to Justdial. Any new businessperson cannot go to Television or radio ads at the beginning which is a very costly and more complex platform.
  • In Sulekha, you can choose your selected cities and field of expertise based on various groups and can reach people who are more likely to buy goods or services from you.
  • Though Radio and television are a probable source of marketing quiet these are not in front of prospective customers all the time. However potential customers can easily find you on the internet and mobile app classifieds like Sulekha, which is the more conspicuous way nowadays.
  • In Sulekha, it allows clients to contact advertisers directly and can promptly send Emails, Messages, Whatsapp to you and based on your response time you can easily appear inquiry into a booking.
  • In Sulekha, You can get Real-time notices which upturn the prospect of maturing your deal.

Sulekha is Best because

I already told you that I have used JustDial paid to list for approx. 2 years with almost 0 ROI out of their leads on basic listing …

Here are some points which I have noticed that makes Sulekha better than JustDial Listings-
[table id=14 /]

Justdial is losing trustworthiness gradually and not developing technically. Sulekha is higher but the lead conversion ratio is higher than Justdial. Sulekha is ensuing technically and overall feedback is better.

For example, Sulekha is providing API only if the business payment is of high value.

How Sulekha Business works better that Justdial?

how sulekha work

Get Customer details

Once Sulekha Business, receive a customer's contact details and requirement/need summary.

Quickly call customer's

Customers incline to be lively for a few hours after they post a need. Call customers quickly, follow up through chats, get your job done earlier.

Enrich your profile with customer reviews and portfolio

Customers were involved with businesses that have a rich profile page. Add business information, contact details, reviews, videos, work photos and bolster your profile page.

Continue expanding your business on Sulekha

Join the 3 million+ network, reach out to more customers and grow your business.

Are there any real success stories of the Justdial website? When I googled the internet,

I could not locate a single link boasting of success stories on Justdial business to the business website only.

What might be the reason that there are no success stories published on the internet about Justdial success stories,

yellow pages, and business to the business portal or any other Justdial’s service to the business community?

However if you Google for Justdial complaints you will find tons of stories written by business people complaining about improper business methods employed by Justdial staff. 

Imagine why there are no success stories about Justdial business services on the internet whereas there are lots of complaints?

Yes, there can be many reasons.

Maybe people who get cheated by Justdial are the only people who are interested in raising their voice on the internet and people who got business from

Justdial advertising services are not interested in sharing their views and invite competition or there can be many other reasons.

However, lots of complaints against Justdial & no success stories on the internet do indicate that yes Justdial advertisements are doing something fishy and they want money only for themselves.

Sulekha Business vs Justdial -Which is better for paid listing?

Sulekha and Justdial both are very popular classifieds portal in India. Both portals share a big chunk of Indian online classifieds marketplace.

They are the top classifieds websites. I am researching the Top Indian classifieds market and though it's halfway, I will try to solve your problem based on my conclusions.

The first thing is your target audience use mobile phones, web or mobile app to search for the service providers,

Sulekha should be your obvious choice. Sulekha is not only present on the web but also a leader in telephone classifieds market.

They are number one and don’t have much competition to name. Sulekha is far ahead in telephone classifieds and if the majority of your audience use the phone to find service providers, it is suggested that you prefer Sulekha over Justdial.           

The next factor to consider is the popularity of classifieds in your city. If people use Sulekha more than Justdial, go for Sulekha otherwise vice versa.

However, it could be risky too, subsequently, most of the persons post their wants on many classifieds portals. Normally people scan a 4-5 classifieds portal before connecting with a service provider.

just dial

Check those who have previously availed this facility and analyses the outcomes. As per discussions I had Sulekha seem to be better than Justdial.

Sulekha sends you only confirmed customer details, though the number of leads verified to Justdial is less Sulekha wins in quality of leads.

Final Thoughts

Listing your business on local classifieds like Sulekha Business are great ways to ensure your business gets more clients and more business by seeming in front of them when they are searching for similar services or products you offer.

Where you would advertise your products or services, given a choice to select from Sulekha or Justdial?

Note that visitors to Sulekha come specifically to look for some business or services, whereas visitors to Justdial come to read about movie reviews, tickets selling, read the latest news, etc?

Well if I have to decide, yes, of course, I would opt to advertise on Sulekha Business and not on Justdial. What are your opinions? Are you going to advertise Sulekha or Justdial?

Please share your opinions in the comments.

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3 months ago
Your rating :

Compared to Just dial, no doubt Sulekha is Better but even they need to refine the quality of leads to gain the confidence of customers.

10 months ago

Sulekha is 200% fraud its the son of justdial. Never trust sulekha.
They are bastards.

1 year ago

Listing with sulekha was the biggest mistake that I had in my life. Nearly 99.99% leads given by sulekha are totally fake and further their policy is also unethical. Behaviour of sulekha employees is troubling because they want to collect money by any way may be cheating also but they will never let you know about terms and conditions fully. In short I should their behaviour change once you have paid money to them. Particularly their Ahmedabad Staff has cheated me I should say about it very clearly. Their only target is how to snatch money from pocket of customers and further if they call back for anything, terms and conditions will apply as they say… before taking money they will not say anything about their policy. Worst experience I had after dealing with sulekha Ahmedabad office and I believe that it’s done in support with their Chennai based office. Unethical things will surely make sulekha lose business very very Soon.

Parth Shah
Parth Shah
1 year ago

This seems a paid article sponsored by Sulekha. Sulekha is as bad as Just Dial.
I have invested few lakhs in Suelkha u det Chartered account Accountant.

The salesperson of Sulekha are cheaters. They will start pestering you once you buy a basic package.

And they shamelessly launch new schemes and ask the exisitng users who have taken top positioning as per old plans to pay extra money to switch to new plans as they fraudulently sell the position to other newer users under new plans eventhough they the existing user have already paid lakhs of rs for positioning package.

And most of the leads are fake leads.
Lead replacement policy is a crap and unrealistic. They hardly scrap the fake leads as their rules of scrapping are so unrealistic that leads won’t quanlify for scrapping.

I don’t know about other fields but for chartered Accountants category, it’s useless.

Rajesh Chauhan
Rajesh Chauhan
Reply to  Parth Shah
1 year ago

No, it is not we haven’t taken any money from Sulekha to write this article, information available in this article are 100% genuine and we also added some more cities to our Sulekha listing in 2020. If you have any problem with sulekha then you may directly reach them out, and Sulekha, JustDial, IndiaMart or any lead providers don’t intentionally provide a refund, if you ask for refund they will try to convince and promise you to provide you better business opportunities.

Isha Jagawat
Isha Jagawat
1 year ago

Before giving a statement one must have atleast test checked on the customer reviews. Sulekha is been the fraudest site with zero transparency. The words given are not the same as real. The insure 100% refund guarantee but when ones ask for it they show their different policies of which says, “sulekha is not liable for any refund”.

Rajesh Chauhan
Rajesh Chauhan
Reply to  Isha Jagawat
1 year ago

Sulekha or any lead selling company doesn’t provide any refund policy but as per my personal experience I pretty satisfied with the leads and conversions. As already stated it may vary Business to Business and Place to Place after you get the leads proper followup and funnel is required for better ROI.