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Streamline Servers Review

Generally, hosting service providers are focused on offering gaming servers or web hosting plans. Very few offer both, and fewer does both of them well. In this article, we could suggest one of the hosting platforms that could provide you with both hosting with reliable quality. 

Streamline Servers is a hosting service provider with an extensive network across the globe. It is not explicitly focused on one thing but offers several hosting-related services with reliability and affordability. 

Let us know more about this hosting platform in this Streamline Servers review. 

About Streamline Servers

Founded in 2007, Streamline Servers is a hosting service provider that can offer you reliable web hosting and gaming hosting at one stop. This hosting platform has several data centers across the globe to provide you with the best connectivity.

Streamline Servers

With connectivity, you get the speed you require with optimum security and customer support to help you out whenever you need it. We will learn about the other exciting features of this platform further in this Streamline-Servers review. 

Test and Analysis 

It is now time to test out the services of this platform in this Streamline Servers Review. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

You may or may not be a hosting or gaming servers expert. And do not always have to be or have the budget to hire a professional for your server. How? With Streamline-Servers, you get the facility of a user-friendly interface that makes your hosting tasks more accessible than ever.  

Streamline Servers Customer Support 

As we mentioned earlier, this hosting service provider is pretty reliable and adds in more to give you the best support through its 24/7 operations customer support team.

Whether you have a query in the morning or at night, you can reach out to them through live chat, tickets, or emails.

Security Analysis 

Servers are not something you can keep in a locker to keep your data safe. But it is the responsibility of the hosting service provider to keep it safe for you.

In the case of Streamline-Servers, this is done through several layers of protection such as SSL certificates and DDoS protection. 

Streamline Servers Data Centre Location

The data centers of Streamline Servers are located in:

Streamline Servers Data Centre Location
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Tokyo
  • The US, etc. 

Key Features Of Streamline Servers 

Let us now take a look at the key features of this web hosting platform in this Streamline Servers Review. 

Key Features Of Streamline Servers 

DDoS Protection

With Streamline Servers by your side, you can stay relaxed because your data is in the right hands, and it is safe. How? This hosting platform takes care of your data on the internet by offering you DDoS protection to secure your data from all sorts of DDoS attacks. 

Free SSL Certificates

You must know that a lousy influence ruins a person. When your websites make connections on the internet, they might get caught up in some troublesome sites and damage your data. Streamline Servers offers SSL certificates to ensure secure connections of your website on the internet. 

SSD Storage

Do you wish to have a breakneck speed on your website? All of us want the same, don’t we? This is because the better the rate, the better the search engine ranking. 

Streamline-Servers offers you SSD storage to keep your websites blazing fast apart from several server locations. 

What types of web hosting are offered by Streamline Servers? 

According to your requirements, it comes with VPS, Dedicated, and Voice Server.

What types of web hosting are offered by Streamline Servers? 

Streamline Servers Refund Policy  

With Streamline-Servers, you get the benefit of a 48-hour refund policy.

This means that you can use the services offered by this hosting platform for 48 hours, test it out and then if you do not like it, ask for a refund within 48 hours of purchase. However, T&C is applied. 

Streamline Servers Domain

Let us now look at the domain-related services offered by Streamline Servers Review. 

Streamline Servers Domain

Register a New Domain

With Streamline Servers, you get the facility to register a domain of your choice. Also, here you can check the availability of a particular domain name and pay for it according to the duration you want it. You also get a free domain with its hosting plans. 

Transfer a Domain

Also, along with registering your domain, you get the facility to get it transferred to Streamline Servers at affordable prices. 

Streamline Servers Pros & Cons 

Let us now list out the pros and cons of Streamline Servers Review.    


  • Multiple data centers
  • Free SSL
  • Provides Dedicated Gaming servers
  • Excellent Customer Support Team


  • Only a 48-hour refund policy

FAQs – Streamline Servers Review

How do I get a Streamline-Servers Affiliate?

If you want to work as an affiliate for Streamline Servers, you must clear specific criteria and then ask the customer support team to help you out through the process. 

Where is the Streamline-Servers web hosting located?

Streamline Servers has numerous server and data center locations across the globe, which is responsible for its blazing speed and connectivity. 

What is a voice server that Streamline Server provides?

Voice servers are used for hands-free communication with other players while playing an online game. Since Streamline-Servers offer gaming servers, they also offer voice servers. 

Does Streamline Server Provide Dedicated Server?

Yes, this hosting platform offers numerous dedicated servers. You can choose from the sacral locations that it offers you. 

Conclusion – Streamline Servers Review

So what are the attractive features and not so great features that we encountered while working on this Streamline Servers Review? The multiple data centers are the first point we would want to include under the good ones. 

Also, the security system and the customer support system are pretty reliable and fast. So these could be the plus points of this hosting platform. However, they only have a limited time period for a refund policy which might make things difficult for a few customers. But considering everything they have to offer, you will hardly feel the need to take any refund whatsoever.

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