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Upgrade to HTTPS with SSL certificates or Loss Traffic Up to 70%

Google sets HTTPS deadline for converting your website With SSL Certificates from HTTP to HTTPS,

and it will become a major factor in rankings because Google aim is to provide secure and accurate results.

Currently, Google holds the browser usage majority of 50%, which is key of analytics reports they receive on a regular basis.

Those sites running HTTPS connection will find difficulty in rankings because Google will discourage them.

Many experts in the industry are suggesting that it will impact the user’s trust when Chrome leaves a sign “Unsecure connection”

on your website that can impact sales, advertisement clicks, and more.

How do users understand HTTPS or insecure connection concept?

Majority of the users are common people with no technical or programming knowledge, and the theory misunderstood widely.

However, they have the impression that the site cannot be trusted if it’s not secured.

The SSL certificates are what makes a site convert from HTTP to HTTPS, which is the truth.

So, many users consider Cheap SSL certificates requires some identification that enables the website to get registered.

Which creates a secure connection, this thinking widely seen by many experts.

Who gets affected if not upgraded?

There is no specific person or website is targeted, every niche and concept is under the rule.

The conversion of HTTP insecure connection to HTTPS secure connection rule applies to every single website that is out there.

The who idea of Google sets HTTPS deadline also applies to its smartphone version as well.

The major hit will be in rankings – Google will discourage the website to rank on the first page because it is a ranking factor now.

It will be effective as Google sets HTTPS deadline for it.

If you are running an eCommerce store, then you are doomed, because you will see serious drops in sales.

Sites that do not have a secure connection are not eligible to sell because it can compromise the buyer’s information.

Web publishers will also face various troubles in ranking their content on Google search engine.

Even Chrome browser has improved the visibility of “Not secure” by changing the fonts and making it look more appealing.

Anyone can notice it, and it can affect your website health.

As Chrome is the currently the leading browser in the world, then every website or blog will be affected by it.

Chrome usage & Chrome HTTPS Security Warning

Chrome majority of users come from South America, followed by Mexico,

and it will be mandatory for the web publishers to secure their connection if the traffic is coming from SA and Mexico.

If you look at the chart, it says that majority of the users are using Smartphone version than the desktop version.

It also makes it clear that users are upgrading their browser on a monthly basis.

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Should you upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS?

We are aware of the fact that Chrome is the leading browser today and Google has full control over it and their user base.

Google sets HTTPS deadline, which indicates that they are serious about it.

What do you need to know about HTTPS?

You have to acquire an SSL certificate that will create a secure connection and convert HTTP to HTTPS.

It does come at a high price, but what not many people know that many hosting companies provide free SSL certificate that can help you big time.

To name a few NameCheap, Youstable, DreamHost, SiteGround (Not free, but discounts on SSL certificates.)

Buy cheap SSL certificates from YouStable

Step 1. Visit YouStable SSL Certificate Plans or Click Order Now Button.

Step 2. Choose your Favourite plan and then click Continue Button.

Step 3. Log in With your Id or Sign Up For new User then select Payment mode or Click Complete Order.

Step 4. Fill up your payment details then click Continue.


When is the last month to upgrade – July 2018.

If not upgraded, what’s next – You will see drops in rankings, sales will decline, and confusion will occur.

An SSL certificate can cost you dearly, but your business and online presence are much more important.

A web publisher should consider the upgrade, while for sites like eCommerce or sites with sales pages do not have any choice.

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