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Skysilk Review

Skysilk Review : Cloud technology has been popular among businesses ever since its inception. Businesses look forward to taking up different cloud services due to the flexibility and ease of operating business functions on a cloud while also managing costs. One such service is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting allows websites to be hosted and deployed in a broader network using cloud resources rather than hosting them on a single server, as done in other types of hosting. 

Due to more availability of networks and everything remaining in an online environment, cloud hosting helps get more speed and accessibility for websites, and it’s for this reason that it is so popular.

Now, as the scope of cloud hosting is increasing, so is the competition. Multiple platforms are engaged in providing cloud hosting services, but not every platform is great. So, finding the right hosting service to meet your needs is quite a challenge.

However, one amazing platform that we can recommend is Skysilk. It is a professional cloud hosting platform that meets end-to-end hosting requirements. 

We have been using, testing, and analysing its services for months and think now will be a good time to compile a Skysilk Review to help you know if this is the cloud hosting service you need to meet your business requirements or not.

About Skysilk

Skysilk is a professional cloud hosting platform that offers bespoke private and public cloud hosting solutions. The platform is relatively new and has been in the industry for only five years. 

Skysilk Review

However, even in this short span of time, it has managed to create an established name for itself.

People had loved the hosting services and solutions offered by Skysilk ever since its beta stage, and even after the final launch, Skysilk continued to have customers. 

They aim to offer the most reliable, secure, and user-friendly cloud solutions and products that will help businesses scale their operations using the right tools and resources in an online cloud environment.

Speed Test and Analysis for Skysilk

The speed and performance of your website matter a lot to the quality of your hosting service. We ran several speed tests and analyses for Skysilk, and we were impressed with the results.

Here are the details about all the difficulties we performed-

Ease of Use 

Cloud technology is quite tricky to understand. However, it’s important to offer a simple and intuitive interface on cloud resources for good user experiences. Skysilk ensures the same and offers excellent ease of use in its hosting solutions.

It has a very easy-to-understand interface that the users can access quickly without any hassles.

Skysilk Speed Test

The website speed is of utmost importance for keeping the users hooked to it. People will not wait for your website to load. Skysilk holds up great when it comes to speed. 

It has high-speed servers and resources that keep the page loading time minimum.

We found excellent speed scores for our website when performing speed tests and are satisfied with the speed and load times that Skysilk offers.

Skysilk Uptime Test 

You never want to face downtime on your websites, and with Skysilk, you will not experience that either. Skysilk offers a 99.99% of uptime guarantee, and after our testing and analysis, we found that it holds up well for its guarantee.

Over months of testing, we have never experienced downtime on our website, and the uptime percentage has always been close to what the hosting guarantees.

Customer Support 

Skysilk values its customers and always remains available to help them with their queries and questions. 

It has incorporated a dedicated customer support system on its website where you can raise a ticket for any issues you’re facing with your website hosted on Skysilk. Their team is highly responsive to support tickets and solves your queries in no time at all.

Additionally, they have an exhaustive knowledge base with multiple tutorials, guides, and FAQs that you can explore to find answers to your questions and queries.

Skysilk Data Center Locations

Skysilk, a cloud solutions provider, has a wide network of cloud resources and servers. However, it manages all its operations and hosting through only two data centers in the USA at the following locations-

  • Los Angeles
  • New York

However, even though it has only two data centers, you never face network connectivity or server availability issues. 

Key Features Of Skysilk

Skysilk has established a known name for itself in a concise span of time, and its success can be accredited to its amazing features. Here’s a quick look at the key features of the Skysilk hosting solution-

NVMe and Triple Replicated SSD Storage

Skysilk offers excellent storage options for your website that keep your data safe while maintaining website speed and performance. The SSD storage helps maintain speed in resource deployment, and users can easily manage their data.

The NVMe storage offers a container-based cloud environment that makes up for a great infrastructure to manage the website hosting in a secure cloud resource setting.

DDoS Protection

The security of cloud resources is essential, especially when we’re talking about public cloud resources. Keeping that in mind, Skysilk offers DDoS protection with all its plans to keep your website safe from any attacks or security breaches.

Regular Backups

The data is your most important asset, and it’s important to keep it secure and protected. You cannot afford to suffer data loss, making it essential to back up your data at regular intervals. 

Skysilk does it all by itself. The automatic backup feature of Skysilk allows you to take weekly backups automatically, thereby ensuring that your data is never at risk of data loss.

Flexible Resource Availability and Pricing

Skysilk is a highly affordable solution that comes with multiple flexible plans to meet your resource allocation needs and budget. You can choose from different plans based on your specific hosting needs and requirements.

Skysilk Hosting Refund Policy  

Skysilk Hosting does not offer any refunds, and you cannot find any free trial options or money-back guarantees on their platform. Nonetheless, you can contact their support if you have some pressing concerns and find it fit to claim a refund. They may make an exception if the circumstances warrant it.

Skysilk Pros & Cons 

With every hosting, you need to look into its benefits and disadvantages. So, here is a quick look at the major pros and cons of Skysilk hosting-


  • Easy-to-use hosting solution
  • Excellent speed, performance, and uptime guarantee
  • Great customer support system with a relevant knowledge base
  • Flexible and affordable pricing with flexible resource allocation
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Reliable security features


  • No refund or money-back guarantee
  • No live chat option for customer support

Why Choose Skysilk for Web Hosting?

Skysilk is a relatively new hosting solution. However, even within a short time period, it has created its mark in the hosting industry. The company offers dedicated cloud hosting solutions for both private and public cloud resources and comes with excellent features to offer phenomenal website speed and performance.

With Skysilk, you can make your website reach the next level through efficient, secure, and reliable cloud hosting.

Do We Recommend Skysilk Hosting?

We have been using Skysilk hosting for months, and our experience has been great. It’s a secure, reliable, and affordable cloud web hosting solution that can meet end-to-end hosting needs and requirements. Given these factors, we highly recommend Skysilk hosting.

FAQ – Skysilk Review

Is Skysilk a Chinese company?

No, Skysilk is an American company with its headquarters in Los Angeles.

Is Skysilk public?

Yes, Skysilk is a publicly-traded company. It was made public in the year 2018.

Does Skysilk offer free trials?

No, Skysilk does not offer free trials.

How many IP addresses are available for a VPS?

Skysilk offers up to one IP address for the VPS.

How much does Skysilk cost per month?

The prices vary and depend on the plans that you choose. Skysilk comes with a flexible pricing model and has highly affordable solutions.

Conclusion – Skysilk Review

So, this was everything to explore about Skysilk. Even though a new platform, it has emerged to be amidst the leading cloud hosting companies in the industry. It has excellent features for all its hosting plans and can help take your website to a new level with its flexible resources and high-tech infrastructure.

We hope that this Skysilk review has answered all your queries regarding the hosting solution and you will now be closer to making a decision about whether you want to put your money into it or not.

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