Methods to Secure Your Data in Online Cloud Backup Services

The number of cloud users in the world is growing. Indeed, people are excited by the fact that they do not have to be worried about the volume of data to store in a given time.

Cloud storage now provides a convenient and practical way forward.

Nonetheless, the question of the safety of data continues to raise fears and anxiety amongst the cloud users.

It ushers in a need to find the ideal methods to secure data in online cloud backup services. This article gets into these details.

What Is Cloud Backup Services?

Cloud backup services refer to the idea of backing up information to a cloud server.

The data stored is accessible from various connected resources. It is different from the traditional option where data was stored on a physical disk.

It comes with the following benefits:


With this storage option, small companies do not need to be worried about setting up a big budget for data storage.

Cloud backup services providers only charge a small fee regardless of the size of data.

Ease of Access

Cloud storage allows companies to access data at any place and time.

Accordingly, critical transactions or tasks can be done without necessarily visiting an office.


Data is always safe even after disasters such as fire or even theft and even you can stay anonymous having private proxies


It does not take time and effort to store data on the cloud. In fact, most of the processes are automated.

The figure below offers an explanation of how cloud backup works:

Online Cloud Backup Services
Online Cloud Backup Services

Given the many benefits of cloud storage, it is needful to be aware of the methods to use in the process. They are:

1. Creating Strong Passwords

Your account will be accessed easily by third parties when a password is easy to guess and remember.

Accordingly, you will secure your cloud data by creating a strong password. The following tips are useful:

  • Always avoid using information that is useful to you. It is inclusive of the names of your pet, children, parents, school, and location among other things. Further, avoid easy-to-remember keyboard paths.
  • Come up with long passwords. Hackers are likely to have a difficult time guessing a password if it is lengthy. It must have at least eight or ten characters. One of the ways of achieving this is to come up with a complex sentence and break it down into a password.
  • Utilize capital letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols. Combining such elements makes it difficult to predict a password.
  • Do not share your password. Your friends, family, and colleagues should not be aware of your password unless it is extremely important.
  • Test passwords. Find online software and determine the strength of your password before using it in your account.

2. Encryption

This is one of the best ways of protecting data on the cloud. It works by coming up with software to create a password for files.

The file is hence moved to the cloud, making it daunting for third parties from viewing the content.

There are two types of data encryption to consider namely:

  • Server-side encryption. This takes place before data is written to a disk. Customer-supplied encryption keys can be created to offer an additional layer to the typical cloud storage encryption. Still, you can manage encryption keys utilizing cloud key management service
  • Client-side encryption. This takes place before the information is sent to the cloud. It is also known as zero-knowledge encryption. You must have the capacity to develop the encryption keys. Otherwise, you should trust the service providers to deliver safe and secure encryption services.
  • One of the benefits of going for a cloud backup service provider is that your data is encrypted on your computer while being stored on the cloud. This means that no one has permission to access data.
  • You must consider various aspects when seeking for the encryption services. First, it is vital to define the value of the information and communicate with the service providers. They will find a suitable level of protection for you.
  • Second, it is needful to take into account the amount of money that you are willing to spend in the process. You are offered different packages depending on your budget.

3. Go Through the User Agreement

It is critical to understand how your cloud storage works so that you can take the necessary safety and security measures.

This should be done before signing the user agreement.

Whereas the information is likely to be voluminous, it contains useful information for all clients.

4. Try Before Paying For Cloud Storage Service

Trying a service in advance helps you to identify whether all your requirements have been met.

You also have a chance to seek for assistance in using the system, so that you can access data at any time and place.

This eliminates the need to hire a worker to help you with such tasks, which leaves your system vulnerable.

5. Act Promptly

The cloud backup service providers will always give you notices when your system is compromised.

While you may have other tasks to handle, it is always important to prioritize such messages.

You will solve the issue before the hackers cause significant damages.

6. Consider the Aspect of Role-Based Access

Cloud backup should be designed in such a way that access is based on the duties played by a team.

Specifically, workers should only access data when they need to perform particular tasks. It works perfectly when duties are segregated.

7. Embrace Delayed Delete

The backups must be retained for a period even when deletion comes from an authentic source.

This way, mistakes in deleting information are unlikely to result in loss of data.

8. Go For Multi-Factor Authentication

Critical operations should always have more than one-factor authentication before being honored.

Some of the operations include deletion of backups and changing of passphrases.

Certainly, there are many methods of securing your data in online cloud backups. You must choose the method that works for your company.

Experts in the area will not only help to make such choices, but they will also provide affordable and reliable cloud backup services.

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