Where to Register edu.in, .ac.in, .res.in and other extensions

Domain Names are the first thing we purchase when we start building a website which is available to register with many companies in India, few big giants are GoDaddy, BigRock, YouStable and many other but unfortunately none of them provide registration for Domain extensions like .edu.in, .ac.in or .res.in as these are available with some selected registrars which are somehow connected with the Indian government.

Just like EV SSL (Extended Validation) requires lots of documentations and it takes usually 15 working days in order to start working properly on your website, also sometimes you need to modify your website design as well do avoid EV ssl errors. Same goes with these domain extensions, if you are willing to register any of these three Domain Names for your organisation then this article is just for people like you…..

EV SSL Certificate

Why these domains not available with normal registrars?

Well we do not have exact idea why these domain names are not available some popular registrars like GoDaddy, BigRock etc but yeah as far I know, if they want to offer registration for such extensions to the end users then they have to get approval from NIC (National Informatics Centre) and as it takes lots of time in registration comes without any DNS management with very less margin, that is why most of Domain registration companies in India are not interested to sell.

Who can Register ?

  • .ac.in and edu.in : These extensions used by the educational institutions such as School, Colleges, Institutes etc.
  • .gov.in : This Domain can be register for government organisations only
  • .res.in : Indian Research Institutes


We have register many .ac.in Domain names for our customers and usually it cost you approx Rs1500 to Rs2000 per year but as have noticed that you can not register it for more than 2 years at the same time.

Documents Required:

Documents for the .ac.in and .gov.in Registration

Where to Register?

For me HostIndia.net is one of the best option in terms of activation time and pricing but yeah after sales support is not that good at all. You may consider these companies too…

  • webservices.nic.in
  • registry.ernet.in
  • registry.ernet.in

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