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Reality of free hosting no ads sites

There are hundreds of free hosting sites on the internet claiming that 100% no ads but the fact is no one going to serve you anything free or going to pay huge hosting server cost for you don’t you think?

If any free hosting free no ads claiming that they are paying your server cost without any profit then its not true at all. We all have to recover server cost at least to run our free hosting service without any issue but yes I have noticed that even ads revenue is not enough to make you thousand dollars per month.

At GoogieHost we clearly mentioned that “100% no ads on your website” which means we do not place adverts on client’s website but our main website has ads to recover our server cost. Many free hosting no adverts provider has different ways to recover server cost for example limit free accounts with very low hosting resources and forced you to upgrade your package.

Worst thing is that there are few hosting sites says no ads on your website but they place backlinks to their official website in footer of your website. Its also considered as advertisement but they play with your mind and if you build your website with them they will ask you to upgrade your package and remove footer link. Many popular website building and web hosting following this strategy such as Weebly, hpages, upages etc.

Why Choose GoogieHost?

Here we explain you everything because we love transparency with our customer this is the only reason you helped us and as result we are the leading free hosting and website builder tool providers on the internet.

We do not place ads or back links on your website at all, its 100% yours and you are free to place adverts on your website or blog and generate revenue. We hosted many popular blogs and website with good numbers of traffic and these websites making good income.

Now its your turn to create free website for your business, friends etc and also invite your friends to try GoogieHost today.

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Rajesh Chauhan

GoogieHost is one of the leading free web hosting provider on the internet over 300000 satisfied clients across the globe. We also offer Affordable SEO Web Hosting and Digital Marketing service to give give wings to your online business. Unlimited FREE HOSTING.

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