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The Reality of Free Hosting no Ads Websites

There are hundreds of free hosting no ads sites on the internet claiming that 100% no ads but the fact is no one going to serve you anything free or going to pay huge hosting server cost for you. Don’t you think?

If any free hosting no ads are claiming that they are paying your server cost without any profit, then it’s not true at all.

We all have to recover server cost at least to run our free hosting service without any issue, but yes I have noticed that even ads revenue is not enough to make you thousand dollars per month.

The reality of Free Hosting no Ads Sites

The worst thing is that there are few hosting sites says free hosting no ads on your website, but they place backlinks to their official website in the footer of your website.

Its also considered an Ads but they play with your mind, and if you build your website with them they will ask you to upgrade your package and remove footer link.

Such practices are happening on a regular basis, but there have been many developments in the area, but many users are not aware of it.

You should learn about the new tactics the free hosting companies are using, which can lead to a problem for you in the future.

Information Selling

It may not come as a surprise that many companies are paying people who can provide them legit information about users.

They will use it as leads to generate sales. Be careful, who knows your free provider is selling your information.


Check out 00WebHost forums, you will find many threads where people are complaining about their accounts closing down without their consent.

The 00WebHost team never reverts, which is a nightmare for the person, who lost all of his data.


Unfortunately, almost every site is getting hacked nowadays, why? It usually happens because of the plugin, template, or your hosting server.

Free account servers are not properly configured and secured because it cost them double.

Limited Tools

If you are a newbie, then you will never notice, but if you are a semi-developer,

then you will find very fewer tools, to begin with, and CMS is also missing in many free hosting sites because it cost them few dollars to enable it.

Backlink Farm

If you are into SEO, then you don’t need an explanation. But, for those who have no earthling idea about Backlink Farm will be confused.

It is a process where free hosting no ads sites use your site to build backlinks for Spammers, Scams, Online drug traders, and other illegal works.

Your website links will help them rank faster on Google.

Customer Support

How many of you think who will help you when you need the help?

Let me tell you one thing, do not expect a helping hand from the free hosting provider because they can’t afford it. You are on your own.


You will lose money for sure because free hosting sites do not let you run Ads, which is the primary source of income, right?

However, not every company does that, but few companies discourage users from going for display Ads.

No Statistics

If you think you are accurate about your site traffic, then think twice because you will probably be getting fake traffic.

It is common that your site traffic and analytics will be messed up. Do Understand the Digital Marketing Trends which help you gaining real traffic.

Email Offers

Did you know that currently there are many people who receive targeted emails from various sources? Why and how do they know your requirement exactly?

These free hosting companies sell your information, which allows the buyers to create a targeted email offers that convince you to buy their products.

Some of them are good; the majority of it is money killing offers.


You can try GoogieHost, which is a free hosting with far lesser risk when compared to others.

There are too many things to worry about when you use a free hosting account, we prefer you to invest few dollars into the premium version.

Let, us know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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