Mobile-Friendly Website – Importance and benefits in 2021

In 2021, what’s the importance of the Mobile Friendly Website? 

According to the sources, the estimated number of the smartphone will increase up to 985% by 2021.

India is one of the biggest countries in the world and experts revealed that 651 million active smartphone users registered in India alone.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other giant sites have developed light weight applications for the masses.

The company indicated that smartphone users would increase rapidly.

Search engines consider mobile friendly as a ranking factor. Many sites have suffered from traffic drop due to the changes in the algorithm.

Mobile-Friendly Website – Importance and benefits in 2020
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Ten Steps to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Allow us to introduce ten steps to make your Mobile Friendly Website.

1. Make Your Website Responsive

Mobile friendly website

Newbies get confused when the term “responsive” due to lack of knowledge in the subject.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website = A site that automatically adjusts according to the readers or visitor display size.

If the visitor screen size is ten inches, then the website automatically adjusts according to the display size.

The similar theory applies to the smaller screens like 3’5 inches and 5’ inches displays. iPhone display has inspired manufacturers to launch 18:9 aspect ratio displays, and then the site should be responsive.

Solution: Apply or upload WordPress theme that comes with responsive design. Mobile friendly website template must include responsive design.

2. Make Information People Look for Easier to Find

Mobile friendly website

A Mobile Friendly Website offers better user experience, and the visitors leave the site happily.

Many sites do not havea proper interface for the readers tonavigate & explore the content on the platform.

Starting with the search button is an ideal beginning and improving the menu bar & footer is the next step.

In case, if the site has a mobile-friendly website template, then look for options to optimize the site further.

3. Don’t Use Flash

Mobile friendly website

Back in the days, flash sites were popular due to the visual presentation it can offer to the clients & customers.

Flash player content on the homepage or any other page on the site must & should be avoided.

Flash content invites slow performance of the portal, and it increases the stress on the older devices.

The flash consumes RAM & CPU, and it puts an excellent amount of pressure on the browser to use it.

4. Include The Viewport Meta Tag

Mobile friendly website

The viewport Meta tag meant for the developers. Theme designing companies & template coding designers must learn Viewport Meta Tag.

We implore you to confirm with the theme developer about the viewport Meta tag optimization & availability.

5. Turn Auto correct For Forms

Mobile friendly website

The “Predictive Text & Auto Correct” feature is available in the Android & iOS smartphones.

The idea to enable and disable the feature relies on your structure data and understanding the audience.

6. Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to Work on Mobile

Mobile friendly website

There are many cases when the visitors have issues with clicking the button in mobile devices.

Smaller screens have touch issues if the buttons are small or the display is not accurate.

Spend a few minutes with an entry-level Android phone and the flaw is visible while using it.

There are many mobile-friendly website examples that we can show you.

Make sure to optimize the buttons for smaller screens including the entry-level smartphones.

7. Use Large Font Sizes

Mobile friendly website

The portable devices meant to be small & easy to carry. However, the time has changed trend from small to larger screens.

The screen has increased from 3 inches to 8 inches smartphones in just five years of time.

Remember, the developers enabled the feature to increase& decrease the font size.

Many ways you can increase the font sizes, but we recommend you to test the font size from 3’5 inches screen and 8’inches screen.

Oversizing is an issue as well, so make sure to crosscheck the changes with the help of browser phone testing feature.

8. Compress Your Images and CSS

Mobile friendly website

A mobile-friendly website contains smaller file size of images and CSS stylesheet.

Fortunately, the PageSpeed Insights tool helps you to identify the large file size CSS stylesheet & Images in the site.

An average person may not know to minify the images and site core files.

We recommend you to contact the theme developer with the attachments like snapshots and tools results.

Let the developers know about the problems so that they can fix it in the next theme update.

Usually, theme developers do not know about it due to the lack of reports from the users. It might take a few weeks to months for the update, but its worth your time.

9. Allow an Easy Way to Switch to Desktop View

Mobile friendly website

Majority of the themes & site design based on the desktop view.

The responsive designs allow the theme or design to switch from desktop view to mobile view in an instant. However, the founders of the site have to take a forward step.

Add an easy to use “desktop view to mobile view” feature, so the visitors do not struggle, if the responsive design fails.

Sometimes the site servers cannot communicate with the browsers due to the nature of the browser.

There are many privacy browsers like Tor, Firefox Focus; does not let the site servers to understand the screen size.

A “desktop view to mobile view” feature comes into play at that period.

10. Regularly Perform Mobile Testing

Mobile friendly website
Mobile friendly website

Performing the mobile testing to keep up the health of the site is a good habit.

A blogger or a single person managing the site may not have enough time to conduct the tests.

Remember, the mobile website design health is an important factor, so perform the test once a week.

Search engine improving the bots every single day and the companies are pushing the updates without notice.

A regular check keeps your site health on top, and you can avoid rank drops.


The mobile friendly website is a ranking factor, and the non-friendly site can damage the rankings within no time.

Millions of sites have lost rankings in the last six months, and the founders can fix the problem by making simple changes.


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