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MikroVPS Review

Multiple high or medium-scale businesses need high computing power or remote computing solutions these days. 

This is where VPS providers step in to fulfil this need. A VPS server allows you to get virtualized dedicated hardware without the cost of dedicated hosting.

MikroVPS is a service that can provide you with VPS Services at a reasonable price. We have discussed various aspects of their services throughout this MikroVPS Review.

Let’s get started with our review and discuss various aspects of their Services in detail.

About MikroVPS

MikroVPS is one of those platforms which provides you VPS services as per your needs. They are based in Hungary and provide LXC Servers, Shared Hosting, SSD Servers, NVMe Servers, and many more.

About MikroVPS

Join us as we explore the ups and downs of MikroVPS Servers and their services. So, you can find out if it is worth using.

Test And Analyze

We may now test the hosting platform’s services in this MikroVPS review. 

User Interface and Ease of Use

Professionals mostly use VPS services, so User Interface should not be an issue for users, but MikroVPS mentions a client area from where you can configure your services. So, no personal interventions are required to make a change as it takes time and is inefficient.

Their eligible services include cPanel, so the User Interface is pretty decent and intuitive.

MikroVPS Customer Support 

MicroVPS does not mention any Call support number on their Website. But you can issue tickets on their Websites if you face an issue. 

MikroVPS Customer Support 

The Ticket page is intuitive; you can even include pictures or documents about your issues.

They also have a Knowledge Base for commonly encountered problems which you can check out.

Security Analysis 

MikroVPS offers daily backups on their websites for many of their services. They also offer SSL Services. Their SLA (Service Level Agreement0 ranges from 99%-99.9%. 

Furthermore, you will get SSH access, PHP 5.2 Support, MySQL 5 support, and many more such features.

This hosting service provider, Windows Option, seems to run Windows Server 2008. Furthermore, MikroVPS have other wide variety of options such as Linux, Solaris, BSD, AROS Research, Haiku, ReactOS, etc. They claim to use R1Soft Server Backup Manager and claim it backs up data quite frequently.

Key Features Of MikroVPS Hosting

MikroVPS provides services suited to your specific needs. So, you can pick and choose what fits your website’s needs. 

Key Features Of MikroVPS Hosting

They have SSDs and also HDDs as their Storage. They operate from Hungary, and their servers are located there. 

They provide Shared Hosting, LXC Hosting, KVM Hosting, and much more. They also provide Domain Registration Services.

MikroVPS Refund Policy  

Unfortunately, MikroVPS doesn’t mention any Refund Policy. So, you are unlikely to get a refund if you cancel your Subscription.

But you can withdraw your data after cancellation.

MikroVPS Pros & Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons of MikroVPS:


  • Lot of options to choose from
  • Good Technology at the core
  • Offers multiple services


  • Does not offer a live chat option
  • No refund policy specified

Frequently Asked Questions – MikroVPS Review

What types of web hosting are offered by MikroVPS?

MikroVPS offers a lot of Web Hosting Services. They include:

How to Transfer the Domain?

You can transfer domains using MikroVPS using the Control Panel. First, you need to unlock your domain. Next, an authorization code will be sent to the transfer domain. Then, open an account with MikroVPS and enter the code to transfer your domain.

How many Servers are there?

They offer a wide range of servers. You can choose what suits your needs. But all of their servers are currently located in Hungary.

Is MikroVPS Hosting good for beginners?

If you need a VPS service or WebHosting Service, MikroVPS provides that. MikroVPS provides you with cPanel. So, it is quite intuitive and useful to beginners.

Why Choose MikroVPS Hosting?

We have explained various aspects in MikroVPS Review, they have various kinds of Hosting, and their core tech is quite good. Along with these, they also have an intuitive control panel.

Conclusion – MikroVPS Review

We thoroughly reviewed various aspects of MikroVPS. We got to know about which services they offer, and we also talked about their user interface. 

MikroVPS offers great features like free domain transfer, cPanel, free data backup and much more at an affordable price. MikroVPS also offers SSD storage for faster load times.

MikroVPS offers a variety of hosting plans which are capable of handling different kinds of websites and workloads. Its excellent customer support and informational blog will be attractive for many businesses wanting to host their website.

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MikroVPS Review

  1. Worst hosting in Hungary

    My sites and the whole company emailing is broken since 2 days because this company has server problems. When I open my SEO company website it redirects to another customer’s website!!!! The support is not avaialble, they do not answer the submitted tickets. There is no phone number available for this company. Avoid this company for all cost. Choose any bigger Hungarian competitor like Rackhost or EZIT.


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MikroVPS Review

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