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LucusHost Review

Looking for a simple and affordable hosting platform that fits all your requirements? 

Don’t worry. LucusHost has got you covered. It furnishes you with the safest and most secure web hosting ad VPS hosting services that are highly affordable and reliable. 

LucusHost has made its place as one of the most trustworthy alternatives in this competitive market. We have an in-depth review of the plans and features that LucusHost furnishes you with all the aspects a beginner must consider before investing in a platform. 

Overview of LucusHost

LucusHost is a Spanish hosting provider with its headquarters in Lugo, Spain, and its efficient data center in France. It furnishes you with multiple web hosting and cloud hosting facilities, VPS servers, SSL certificates, website migration, and more at the lowest and most affordable prices.

LucusHost Review

It takes complete care of its customers and comes with a 15-day free trial period for you to get comfortable with its services before investing in its plans

Test and Analysis

User Interface & Ease of Use

A hosting provider needs to furnish its customers with a straightforward platform and interface to make your work easier and more precise. It offers a cPanel control panel that helps you work efficiently without complications and enhance your performance and website management. 

It comes with a 1-click installer that allows you to install applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, and popular CMS. It is ideal for e-commerce websites and provides you with a facility to choose between SAS and SSD storage facilities alongside a RAID 10 disk to increase speed and resilience, making the user interface extremely easy to handle. 

LucusHost Customer Support 

LucusHost believes in keeping its customers happy and provides them with the required assistance 24/7. Thanks to its highly skilled and knowledgeable technical team, it comes with a live chat option on its official website, where you get answers to all your queries within seconds. 

You can also connect to their tech base via telephone, email, or typing your question in the customer area. They provide you with precise and proper answers to solve all your doubts in minutes. 

Security Analysis 

LucusHost comes with multiple safety facilities, including a free SSL certificate with all its plans and a firewall to safeguard your data and website. The security and privacy of the user and the data are building blocks of digital working. Thus, LucusHost provides the best and most secure services to its customers. 

It protects your website from malware and hacking since it comes with a certain antivirus and antispam facility. LucusHost has got you covered thanks to its automatic daily backup facility if your website crashes and loses your data. 

LucusHost Data Center Location

LucusHost is a Spanish company with its headquarters in Lugo, Spain, and provides you with outstanding facilities and server management with its data center.

It takes complete care of the customers’ security and privacy, providing robust and dedicated network facilities. LucusHost has one data center in France that contains all of its servers and functions effortlessly to furnish users with the best and most secure services globally. 

Key Features of LucusHost

Let us now list out the key features of this platform and go ahead with this LucusHost review. 

Trial and Money Back Guarantee

LucusHost is one of the platforms that makes it easier for you to work and enhance your online performance. It offers you an option to test its services with a thousand words free of cost for 15 days on a trial period before proceeding with payment.

If you are not satisfied with the services, LucusHost provides, they furnish you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You need to apply for a refund by contacting their team simply. 

Outstanding Security and Privacy

Security of data and user privacy is essential for hosting, and thus LucusHost furnishes you with a free SSL certificate with all its plans. It also comes with a firewall to protect your data and antivirus and antispam facilities to safeguard your website. It also allows a daily automatic backup facility for your ease. 

Excellent Customer Support and a Wide Variety of Options

They keep their customers happy, and you can easily connect to their skillful technical team via telephone, email, or the FAQ column any time during the whole day for easy doubt-solving. It furnishes you with a wide variety of options that suit your requirements and budget. It offers multiple hosting services, including web and cloud hosting, VPS servers, SSL certificates, website migration, and more. 

Types of Web Hosting LucusHost offers 

With specialized WordPress support, anti-hacking security, automatic daily backups, one free domain, no traffic limit, no domain limit, unlimited email accounts, complimentary staging, cPanel, a free SSL certificate, and more at the most affordable prices with additional benefits. LucusHost offers you four different types of hosting plans as follows:

  • WPJunior: This hosting plan is ideal if you are a beginner at WordPress and starts at $6.91 per month. It offers you up to two domain names, a 15 GB of NVMe SSD space, and 1536 MB of RAM. 
  • WPSenior: This hosting plan costs around $10.13 per month with additional benefits. It offers 20GB of NVMe SSD space and 2048 MB of RAM. 
  • WPMaster: Ideal for growing websites, this plan costs around $17.63 per month. This plan offers you 30 GB of NVMe SSD space and 2560 GB of RAM.
  • WP-Pro: This is the most expensive plan LucusHost offers and costs around $26.21 per month. This plan offers you 50 GB of NVMe SSD space, 3072 MB of RAM, and more. 

LucusHost Domain

LucusHost offers a wide variety of domain names to choose from at the lowest prices whether you register or transfer a domain name. 

LucusHost Domain

Register a New Domain

You can easily register the most popular domain names at the lowest prices from various domain names. It offers .com at $10.59, .net at $13.06, .org at %$14.06, .tech at $8.71, .info at $12.94, and more. 

Transfer a Domain

With LucusHost transferring a domain name is as easy and affordable as registering one and can easily transfer the most popular domain names at the lowest prices from a wide range of domain names. It offers .com at $10.61, .net at $13.06, .org at $14.06, .tech at $8.71, .info at $12.94, and more. 

LucusHost Hosting


  • It offers you 24/7 service and customer support, assisting you every day. 
  • It offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services. 
  • It allows you a 15-day test period with a thousand words for all plans before proceeding with payment. 
  • It comes backed with free SSL certification, firewall, antivirus, and antispam facilities to help keep your data and privacy safe. 
  • It furnishes you with a 1-click app installer and daily backup facilities. 


  • LucusHost accepts only one currency – The Euro, and the website shows prices in the same currency itself. 

FAQ: LucusHost Review

Is LucusHost Reliable Hosting Provider?

Yes, LucusHost is a highly reliable and trusted hosting provider. It comes with numerous security and safety options to safeguard your data and maintain privacy

What kind of Plans does LucusHost offer??

LucusHost offers you numerous plans and packages for your convenience with affordable rates at added benefits. It offers four different plans for web hosting Junior, Senior, Master, and Pro hosting plans, all within a range of $6.91 and $26.21.

These plans offer massive storage and RAM, free SSL certificates, domain names, etc. 

Does LucusHost offer Free Domain?

Yes, LucusHost offers you the facility of free domains. It comes with a free domain facility with all of its hosting plans for your convenience. These plans are highly affordable with added benefits and features. 

Conclusion: LucusHost Review

This is an in-depth analysis of the features and plans that LucusHost offers at the most affordable prices with added features and benefits. This review plays an essential role in choosing and analyzing the best hosting provider that perfectly fits your needs and budget. 

Overall, we can say that LucusHost has both good and bad aspects when it comes to providing hosting services. With an excellent refund policy, you can try out all the services they have to offer. Similarly, the bad part here is that they only accept currency in Euro which can be difficult for other countries to access the services.

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