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LayerStack Review

Cloud hosting and Web hosting have become almost essential to businesses nowadays. Even some individuals need this to host their blogs and more. So it has become important to choose a good hosting platform in order to get that speed and stability when customers visit your site.

LayerStack is one such service provider that provides you with all sorts of Cloud Services. Today we would review their customer service, ease of use, and many more features and services.

Come with us as we explore LayerStack as your hosting provider.  So let’s start this LayerStack review without further ado so you can choose if this service is correct for you.

About LayerStack

Founded in 2017, LayerStack claims to provide 99.95% SLA (up-time) and Tier 3+ datacenters to its clients. 

This hosting service provider also offers a Modern Layout for management. They provide shared and dedicated cloud servers to their users.

About LayerStack

Currently, LayerStack has been recognized and awarded as the 2022 Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong by MediaZone Group. Multiple data center locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Los Angeles operate with LayerStack. 

Test And Analyze

Let us now test the services offered by this platform in this LayerStack Review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

A modern and intuitive UI is always appreciated with any service. LayerStack mentions using LayerPanel, which is modern looking, along with API and one-click deploy features. Their User Interface is also mobile-friendly to an extent.

In order to learn more about their UI, you can check out the learning section that has multiple contents, both in the form of blogs and videos, to help you further.

LayerStack Customer Support

Customer Support is a must-have when it comes to time-intensive applications. LayerStack has a chat box on their website. You can talk to humans on the other side, and as per our experience, it is quite fast. And it seems better than some other services as this has a Live Chat option

LayerStack Customer Support

They have tutorials available for minor issues and setup, and they also have some Video Tutorials. So, you might not need to use Customer Support in the first place.

Security Analysis

Security is a big deal in the server space. While LayerStack offers DDoS Protection at a nominal cost, they also provide FireWall protection for free. Furthermore, this hosting service provider also offers Backups at an added cost. 

Types of web hosting offered by LayerStack

Flexibility to choose the service you actually want is a big deal. LayerStack offers a lot of services. Although they are primarily a VPS Provider, you can choose add-ons and some networking services as well. The Services include:

  • Cloud Servers-General Purpose (Not-Dedicated/Shared)
  • Cloud Servers- Memory Optimized (With Dedicated CPU)
  • Cloud Servers- Compute Optimized (With Dedicated CPU)
  • Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • Global Private Networking
  • Dedicated GPU (Add-on)
  • Plesk Panel (Add-on)
  • cPanel (Add-on)
  • Acronis Offsite Backup (Add-on)

LayerStack Refund Policy  

A good refund policy is always appreciated in any Service. But unfortunately,  LayerStack does not provide any such refund policy for any service.

LayerStack Pros & Cons 

Here is a list of pros and cons to understand more about LayerStack.


  • Modern UI
  • Customer Support is well Responsive
  • Connection to China via Direct Route


  • No refund policy
  • Pricing Structure depends on location, so this can be a little overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions – LayerStack Review

Why Choose LayerStack?

LayerStack offers a variety of options and good customer support. They also have Servers in four countries. If these are the features you are after, you can choose LayerStack as your Service provider.

 Is LayerStack’s Customer Support good or bad?

LayerStack Customer Service was very responsive to our queries, and they offer Live Chats with a human. So, their Customer service is pretty great as per our experience.

Does LayerStack Offer Website Migration?

LayerStack is a VPS and Cloud service provider. So, they don’t provide Website Migration.

Conclusion – LayerStack Review

This was our review of LayerStack, where we discussed their Datacenters, commonly asked questions about them, and much more. The customer Service of LayerStack is pretty responsive. It also has a list of services depending on your need.

Indeed, you will find no refund policy on this platform, which might make things trickier. However, with their data centers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United States, you can choose LayerStack from a wide range of locations around the globe, making it viable to spend every penny on the services.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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