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IntechDC Review

Finding a hosting service provider that offers just what you can be frustrating. You will have to go through plenty of hosting platforms and then reach a decision after settling for not entirely what you want. But we could suggest one of the bests for you. 

IntechDC is a hosting services provider that understands your needs and works as per its customer’s requirements. With its global data centers, you can expect good speed and security. 

Let us now end the wait and get into this IntechDC review. 

Overview of IntechDC

IntechDC is an India-based hosting service provider with its primary goal of offering services that the customers want. And work accordingly. This hosting platform has data centers in the Netherlands and three of them in its home country India. 

IntechDC Review

This hosting platform offers a wide array of hosting services, including web hosting, managed web hosting, and three varieties of VPS hostings. Let us know more about this platform as we walk through this IntechDC review. 

Test and Analysis 

Let us now check out the services offered by IntechDC and how good they are. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

Let’s put it this way after all the experience we had with IntechDC. IntechDC has an easy-to-understand user interface, making your hosting tasks accessible. This hosting platform keeps in mind users’ needs with a lot of hosting experience and users who are just starting. 

IntechDC Customer Support 

Customer support teams are real friends in need. With IntechDC, you get this facility 24/7 through live chat, emails, and phone calls. While buying a hosting plan, you must carefully look into some of the services it provides, such as the quality of customer support. 

Security Analysis  

Why do you keep your jewelry safe? Because it’s worth a lot and valuable to you. The same applies to your data. You must always take care of your data, which can be done in various ways. With IntechDC, you get the security of automatic backups, SSL certificates, and more. 

IntechDC Data Center Location

The data centers of IntechDC are located in:

IntechDC Data Center Location
  • India
  • Netherlands

Core Features of IntechDC 

Let us now look at the core features of this hosting platform in this IntechDC review. 

Automatic Backups

Suppose you provide the best security for your data. But somehow, your data comes in contact with a malicious file and starts acting weird as it has now come under an attack of a virus, and you lose all of your data.

You do not have the time, money, or patience to build everything from scratch. One thing you could do with IntechDC is to recover your data from the automatic backups it offers and develop your business further. 

SSL Certificates

Now imagine the earlier scenario again, your website comes in contact with a corrupt webpage, and your website gets damaged. What do you do? Why not avoid this situation? How? 

With IntechDC, you could avoid it as this hosting platform offers auto SSL installs that keep your website’s connections encrypted

1-Click Install

Have you been looking for ways to make your hosting experience easier? Well, here’s one thing you could do; install applications. How? 

With IntechDC, you can install multiple applications with just a single click. 

Types of Web Hosting IntechDC offers  

IntechDC offers the following hosting services:

IntechDC Hosting Pros & Cons 

Let us now list the pros and cons of buying an IntechDC hosting plan. 


  • SSD storage
  • cPanel
  • Instant setup


  • Refund policy not applicable on all plans 

FAQs- IntechDC Review

How many websites can I host with a Cloud Hosting package?

With IntechDC, you get the benefit of scalability. This means you can build your plans and ask for the number of websites you want to host on your server

How many IP addresses will be allotted with VPS plans?

With the VPS plans offered by IntechDC, you get the facility of 1 dedicated IP solely yours, and no one else has the same IP address. 

What if I need additional memory?

If you want additional memory on your current plan, you can ask the customer support team to add extra storage, and you will be charged accordingly. 


Let us now take a brief look back at the impressive and not-so-great features this hosting platform offers as we have reached the end of this IntechDC review. This hosting platform provides features such as instant setup, cPanel, and SSD storage, which impress us. 

However, the availability of only two data center locations bothered us about this hosting platform. But then, if you are living in those countries and are around those data centers, it will serve you well and give you the best speed.

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