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Ikoula Review

Ikoula Review: IKOULA is a popular web hosting service provider in the market. It has got a clear motto of “Hosting with care.” This motto is considered the backbone of IKOULA; thus, it has the edge over other web hosting servers.

IKOULA is best known for its 100% dedicated servers with expertise in managing its customers’ problems. The setup is free from defection, making IKOULA an amazing web hosting service provider.

Considering all these things, it was obvious for us to compile an Ikoula review to analyze how good the hosting actually is and whether the words spoken for it are even justified. So, here is a detailed Ikoula review for you to understand if Ikoula is the hosting service meeting your needs or not.

About Ikoula

IKOULA is a web host that was established in the year 1998. It is considered a pioneer in hosting and has a well-managed team of skilled and expert people. The servers are well-dedicated, and the team is quite passionate about their work.

Ikoula Review

The infrastructure of the servers is well built upon and is further cherished by a quick query resolution of the customers. The company’s whole management is worth an example for other hosting service providers.

The most important feature of IKOULA is that it strives to create an environment for its users so that they may just concentrate on their work and solely work on their own websites.

Test and Analysis 

The following key points highlight how IKOULA is different from other web hosting service providers. It gives a comparative analysis of IKOULA with respect to all important features that are considered by a user so as to choose between a number of web hosting service providers for designing its website.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The platform is well-designed, with all basic information presented in a well-synchronized manner. With the addition of new features on the servers, the information is communicated to the user via the website, which is regularly updated to provide adequate and relevant information to the user.

Ikoula Customer Support

There are contact details such as mobile number, email address, and an instant messaging feature for the user to get connect. The whole customer support is available 24*7 hours for the users.

Ikoula Customer Support

It is, therefore, a vital feature that IKOULA provides to its customers. Complete customer care and support. The responses from all the support features are pretty timely.

Security Analysis  

The whole security provisions are well authenticated for the user’s personal information storage. The hosting comes with SSL certificates, VMware, and other security features to keep the websites and data safe and secure from any threats.

Core Features of Ikoula

The key highlights and features of IKOULA are discussed below in brief so as to distinguish between the IKOULA server and an ordinary web hosting service provider

  • Microsoft 365 Integration

You can easily integrate your hosting with your Microsoft 365 account which makes it easier for you to handle your business emails and other data.

  • Backups

The hosting continuously takes backups of your data and resources to keep them secured and prevent any data loss.

  • Eco-friendly Services

The services are provided using green energy which makes the hosting environmentally friendly and thus a better choice from an environmental conservation and sustainable energy usage perspective.

Types of Web Hosting Ikoula Offers

IKOULA offers the following web hosting services-

Pros & Cons – Ikoula Review

This section offers the advantages and disadvantages that IKOULA has.


  • Certifications from various multinational companies.
  • The power source is renewable and green.
  • The backup power is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly.


  • Lacks a live chat option as a contact service for its users.

FAQs – Ikoula Review

1. Can I host several websites on a VPS?

Yes, you can host multiple websites on a VPS hosting service provider

2. Why choose an IKOULA VPS?

IKOULA VPS is a green hosting server. It has a 100% renewable energy source, giving it an additional feature over other service providers.

3. Where are the servers located?

The servers of IKOULA are located in Paris, France.

Conclusion – Ikoula Review

Concluding this Ikoula review, the overall usage of IKOULA as the best web hosting service provider is quite beneficial. The whole setup is easy to operate and is, therefore, a good web hosting service provider. 

The security provision is well-maintained, and the customer care services are available 24*7 hours for the customers. It has got the upper hand as it is a green website. The security provisions are well-updated so as to give the IKOULA clients a taste of the best hosting services.

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