India’s Top Bulk SMS service provider MSG91, LocalText and Bhashsms Review

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All Indian business owners now testing digital marketing services such as Online Advertising, Emails, Bulk SMS etc, but unfortunately, they end up with worst ROI because of bad service providers in India. This is why am writing this article to share my personal experience with India’s Top Bulk SMS service providers.


I am using TextLocal service for my own another brand YouStable Technologies with WHMCS Billing panel and it was pretty easy to integrate. They have proven as best SMS channel partner for our business because according to my personal experience everything seems reasonable to them like SMS Pricing, Delivery Quality, API Options, White Leveling etc.

As of now, we have used over 5 lakh SMS with them and it was really amazing experience because we have converted over new 1000 customers to our business and bulk messaging service helped us a lot into achieving this target.

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This is another trusted SMS provider based in India, MSG91 used by many big companies such as Policy Bazar, Honda IAMAL etc. I have a Start Up account with them and it’s working really great for me however my SMS account with MSG91 working with API only am not able to send SMS directly from the dashboard but yeah I can say the delivery quality is really fast and accurate.

MSG91 Coupons
MSG91 SMS Panel

The best thing is you don’t have to wait for Sender ID approval, all you have to do is define your desired SenderID at the time of sending SMS and it will be using the same.

Unfortunately, I don’t find their pricing affordable because of additional service tax but if the budget doesn’t really matter for you then you should give them a try and Promote your business.


Hmmmm! Finally, am going to share my worst experience in SMS promotion, I started my account with BhashSMS in 2014 as a reseller and sold about 15 accounts to my clients with 3 lakh credit but after few days we started getting complaints from our customers related to messages not getting delivered.

BhashSMS Dashboard
BhashSMS Dashboard Panel

We decided to test their service personally before selling another customer. We set up 5 campaigns including 50+ own numbers and result was surprising, we haven’t received 90% messages even on DND numbers and the worst thing is that they disabled automatic NON-DND refund system, that means if you send SMS to DND numbers using promotional route you will be charged but SMS wouldn’t delivery.

My Account manager Surjit tried to resolve the issue many times but nothing worked for me, we decided to quit the service and initiate a refund to our customers. BhashSMS cost us Rs50000 as loss because we had to refund many customers due to bad service.

Contact for BULK SMS

MSG91, LocalText and Bhashsms Review
  • Features
  • Support
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Easy to Use


While there are many other SMS service provides and aggregators in market, above are the noteworthy ones in retail sector.

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  2. I have used MSG91 ‘s SMS package for my startup. Even though the primary attraction was their free bulk sms package offered for startups like me, what i rather like is their prompt SMS delivery and good post sales support though i am yet to test their complete services (for ex promotional SMS features and its application) I can be sure MSG91 is worth a party to consider for your next business.

  3. Human beings are greedy and bash sms take advantage of that by placing low price. None of our sms got delivered, they do not even refund. I have moved to a different sms provider Spring Edge.

  4. BHASH is a fraudster company, sms campaign are not reliables. Report says message sent and delivered, but in reality itโ€™s not. Donโ€™t rely on them and waste you time money and efforts. Strict legal action to be initiated against such fraudulent companies. Customer service is the worst one.

    • Yes! They are doing something which is not legal but people looking for cheap SMS services without knowing that what exactly they are getting. If it was official then it is not bad at all.

  5. Your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. I really like your blog.
    You can visit:

  6. Text Local and Msg91 are perfectly good SMS vendors. But you also should need to add companies like Digimiles, Kapsystem, 2factor.


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