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Are you a potential user of ViceTemple and are completely unaware of the support services offered by them? If that’s the case, then you have clicked the right page to get your doubts addressed. 

Here, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding about the kind of support channels provided by Vicetemple, and also how to operate it without any hindrance. So with no further delays, let’s begin with a small brief about ViceTemple.

ViceTemple is a renowned network that provides adult web hosting services to its users. Established in 2016, ViceTemple provides services at affordable cost and in case users run into problems, it provides 24/7 continuous assistance as well. So let’s carry on to understand deeply about the support channels that ViceTemple offers and its working too.

What Support Channels Does ViceTemple Offer?

ViceTemple offers different support channels for its clients to get their issues resolved effectively and instantly. The support channels provide 24/7 of consistent customer assistance to ensure swiftness in the website performance. 

Here are the types of support channels offered by ViceTemple.

  • Live chat
  • Support ticket
  • Email
  • Voice call

How to Contact the ViceTemple support channels?

Initiating contact with the support team of vicetemple is trouble free. Once you reach the homepage of Vicetemple, all the support channels are handy and do not require any complex steps to follow to establish a connection with the support executive.

Live chat 

  • Go to the homepage of ViceTemple.
Vicetemple homepage
  • Click on the pink message box provided at the bottom of the home page.
vicetemple support box
  • As soon as you click the message box, the live chat option pops up. Requiring your email address to initiate live chat.
  • After filling in the details, press the start the chat option to begin live chat with a customer support executive.
  • Address your issue in the space provided below the live chat box. The agent gets back to you with the solution. 
vicetemple live support
  • In this way, you can connect with the live chat team without any hassle.

Support ticket

The technical issues that hinder the performance of your website can easily be sorted out using this support ticket option.

  • Firstly, go to the homepage of ViceTemple, Login to your account. If you do not have one, then register yourself with ViceTemple by clicking the sign-up option.
Vicetemple Login
  • As you login to your account, you’ll reach your dashboard where you are required to press the + open new ticket option.
Vicetemple dashboard
  • On clicking + open new ticket option, select the appropriate department depending upon the nature of your issue.
Vicetemple ticket Support
  • On choosing the appropriate department for your ticket, fill in the other details related to your issue and then briefly type the doubt you are seeking to resolve under the message option. 
vicetemple ticket
  • After typing the issue, include necessary screenshots as attachment to make your issue look valid. Finally, click submit.
VICEtemple ticket
  • On clicking the submit option, you’ll be provided with a unique ticket number for reference. This ticket number enables you to successfully track the status of your ticket in case of any delays.
vicetemple ticket
  • As the ticket gets resolved by the technical staff, the status is received in your dashboard. On clicking the ticket, you can see the answer along with the other relevant information.

Using ticket support cannot be easier than this, as almost all the configuration is handy and does not require rocket science to be involved.

Voice call

In order to acquire assistance over a phone call, the dial number is: +1 415-800-4875


For seeking assistance via email, the vice temple offers email addresses not only to its clients but also to new users as well.


Filing issues via the ticket system is as important as tracking the ticket to know about its status. It enables the user to be updated with the ticket information and keep a record for future reference. So it’s crucial to understand how to find the support ticket history.

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How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

As you file an issue via support ticket, tracking the ticket is a must not only to have a record of tickets submitted but also to know its whereabouts in case of delays in ticket resolutions as well.

  • Go to the client area to login to your account.
login button
  • As you log in, you’ll reach your dashboard. Now press the support option provided in the menu list above. Then click the Tickets option from among the options in the support tab.
Vicetemple-Ticket support
  • On clicking the Tickets tab, you’ll reach my support ticket, where you can easily track the tickets previously submitted.
  • Here, you can easily track the prior ticket by clicking on it. All the details regarding the ticket appear on the screen. The department pertaining to the issue submitted, the subject, and the current status of the ticket is shown enabling the client to keep a record of his tickets.

Other ViceTemple Customer Feedback

The extensive customer services offered by the ViceTemple Hosting provider are phenomenal with 24/7 consistency. The customer support channels, especially live chat and support tickets, attracted a lot of positive comments from its potential clients. Here are some of the feedback given by the customers.

  • Answered all the questions ASAP
customer feedback of vicetemple support
  • Customer executive supports amazingly well
vicetemple customers feedback
  • Superb customer assistance 
  • Customer service is available 24/7 without interruptions 
Vicetemple Support reviews

The reason for such positive feedback is due to its responsive and useful customer support channels. Sometimes, it happens that we find it difficult to believe the third-party feedback, so in that case, we made sincere efforts to contact the support team ourselves. 

Our Experience with the ViceTemple Support 

Furthermore, we’ll be happier to share our experience with you that we gathered after conducting tests via live chat, support ticket, and email. 

Live chat 

  • The customer executive in live chat was quick in giving responses to the issue.
  • It took around 40 seconds to answer back to the client.
  • The reply was warm and admirable due to friendly support. The tone was positive.
  • The response was knowledgeable and helpful to get the doubt resolved.

Support ticket

  • The support ticket option was pretty swift in terms of response time.
  • Reply came after 4 minutes of submitting the ticket.
  • Issue was addressed by the support team in a stepwise manner.
  • response was good enough to get the doubt resolved.


  • The email option was quite lagging behind may be due to heavy traffic 
  • The issue that was asked never got a reply even after hours went by.
  • Not an efficient mode of getting the issues addressed.

So we see that the issues requiring tech support and asking for scientific know-how, filing a support ticket is suitable as it not only resolves technical issues but also provides prompt reply. 

And on the other hand, the minor doubts that need a quick reply in not more than 30 seconds, the live chat option is best suitable. 

Clients having issues should prefer reporting their doubts via the support ticket system and live chat as not only the replies are instant but also useful.


In this article, we learned the best ways to get the issue by it Pre-Sales issues, billing issues, abuse reports, and many more via live chat, ticket system, email, and dial number.

We sincerely hope the content written in the article proves helpful to you. If you have any suggestions to make, we are all ears to them and make our best efforts to implement it.

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