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If you are a new user in ViceTemple, a most popular adult web hosting platform on the Internet, you might have come across nameservers. So, what are ViceTemple nameservers? Or if you already have a domain name, then how to update nameservers after switching to ViceTemple?

In this article, you will get substantial understanding about the ViceTemple nameservers and the manner to solve other related issues. Therefore ,let’s stop switching over webpages and scroll down to read.

Before we start to understand necessary configurations related to nameservers, first let’s know what are ViceTemple nameservers.

ViceTemple NamerServer


How to find ViceTemple NameServers?

The nameservers of ViceTemple can easily be located by:

ViceTemple Live Chat
ViceTemple NameServers

After knowing your name server, you need to point the nameservers to your domain name to make your website accessible to your visitors.

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How do I point to the ViceTemple NameServer in my Domain?

Pointing ViceTemple nameservers to the domain can be made easy by following these simple steps.

  • Go to the ViceTemple client area login page. Fill in the login details and tick the I’m not a robot checkbox before pressing the login button.
ViceTemple client area login page
  • After successfully logging into the account, go to the domains section provided on the menu list in your dashboard. Drop down the options and choose my domains button.
my domains button
  • As you reach My Domains page, you’ll find all the details relevant to your domain. Now click the downward pointing arrow provided under the status option.
My Domain
  • On pressing the downward arrow option, choose manage nameservers from the options provided.
Manage NameServer
  • On clicking manage nameservers, you’ll be able to use custom nameservers by entering the changes in the boxes provided below. 
custom nameservers
  •  On changing the nameservers, press the change nameserver option.
change nameserver option

By following these above mentioned steps, you’ll be able to change your nameserver and point it to your domain to make your website accessible to your visitors. Now how to track the status of the updated nameservers? Is the question that might appear in your mind as soon as you change the nameservers.

To this, you need to read further to find out how to check the updated nameservers.

How do I Check and Verify My Updated NameServers?

To check and verify the updated nameservers, it is better to use third party applications to get quicker results. The best one being GoogieHost Whois checker tool, which is not only prompt but also less complex for users to use. The steps to follow are:

  • Go to GoogieHost free whois checker tool. Put in your domain name in Enter a URL box whose updated nameserver you require to verify. After typing the domain name, click GET WHOIS DATA to proceed.
GoogieHost free whois checker tool
  • On clicking Get Whois Data, detailed domain information is provided to the user to enable him check his updated nameservers as well.
Get Whois Data

With the help of this incredibly helpful GoogieHost Tool, a user can effortlessly get access to his domain information for free.

Sometimes, the nameservers do not get updated due to some grave issues, so in that case it is advisable to the users to contact the tech support team for seeking resolutions.

How to Contact ViceTemple Support if my NameServers Are not Working? 

On occasion of issues cropping up while pointing nameservers to domains or issues on nameserver updates, you can reach the tech support executive by opening the ticket system of ViceTemple. The steps to open a ticket are as follows:

Vicetemple Customer Support
  • On clicking submit the ticket option, you need to choose the appropriate department to address the issue. As soon as you click the department, a new ticket opens up.
ViceTemple Open Tiket
  • After you briefly write about the issue, tap Im not a robot option and click the Submit option.
Submit option

On submitting the ticket, you are provided with a unique ticket number for future reference.

On submitting the ticket

Therefore you also came to know how to tackle the nameserver issue by contacting the support team experts to resolve it.


So we have properly been able to state the issues faced while configuring name servers in domain name. And if you happen to meet some uncertain difficulty, feel free to contact us by mailing us at: ([email protected])

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