HostMonster NameServers

Purchased hosting services from Hostmonster but being tied down while setting up configurations related to its nameservers? If so, then we are here for you to help set up your HostMonster NameServers and various related structures.

So stop horsing around with the same idea; embark with us on the journey of locating the HostMonster NameServers and also point these NameServers to your existing domain to maintain effective traffic to your site.

Furthermore, we’ll even discuss about an incredible and user-friendly tool, the Whois checker tool provided by GoogieHost, enabling you to check these nameservers for your website.

So, without much further ado, let’s start with knowing everything that is there to tell about HostMonster NameServers.

HostMonster  NamerServers

For your comfort, we’ve even listed the HostMonster NameServers in a tabular format:


Let’s see for ourselves, how will you find these NameServers for your website.

How to find HostMonster NameServers?

After a detailed chat with a support agent, we can indeed confirm how you would find a nameserver for your website, so let’s get going 👍

Step 1: Refer to our login guide on HostMonster login to log into your account.

Step 2: Go to the “Domain Manager” tab inside the “Domain Management” menu.

Hostmonster Namservers

Step 3: Choose your requested Domain name by clicking on the tickbox near it.

Hostmonster Nameservers

Step 4: Some new subtabs will pop up < Find and click on the “Name Servers” tab.


Step 5: Select the “Use Custom Nameservers” tab under it.

Hostmonster nameservers

Step 6: Type in your preferred “nameserver” now.


Step 7: Click “Save Nameserver Settings.” < done with all the steps, you have updated your Nameserver as simple as that.

Hostmonster Nameserver

Completed the steps mentioned earlier? Now, let’s see if you’ve done them correctly.

Notes- In Step 5, The tab would be set to default Nameservers; you can change to custom nameservers only if you wish to use some custom DNS for better functionality.

How do I check and verify my updated NameServers?

Done and dusted with updating HostMonster NameServers to your site? Now, we will check if you’ve reconditioned and updated your site correctly or not. Exclusively for you, we present this fantastic tool from GoogieHost, namely, Whois Checker. Let’s check that site right away 👍

Whois Checker tool
  • Open Whois Checker from here.
  • Copy your site’s  URL < paste here.
  • This would present all the required data for your website.

Once you update the nameservers, it will reflect after DNS propagation. Propagation time can vary depending on the geographical location. Usually, the domain DNS takes 0-8 hours and is known to take up to 48 hours maximum to propagate completely.

Do you still need help and want to contact HostMonster? Let’s help you with that, too.

How to contact HostMonster Support if my NameServers Are not working? 

Are you still needing help with updating your nameserver? Contact them immediately with our guide curated and filled with the support channel HostMonster offers and how you would contact them easily. Solve your every doubt, contact them right away.


We are grateful that we can help you with hostMonster nameServers and how you can skillfully find and point nameServers to your site.

Connect with HostMonster anytime through the methods aforementioned in the article.

Comment with any suggestions and tell us down below if we are able to solve your queries on HostMonster NameServers. We hope you have a great day. Happy Hosting 👍

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