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Looking for the best and cheapest hosting service? Have you looked everywhere but discovered only a few possibilities or been unable to make an educated decision on them? So here we are with HostMonster?

Want to create a new purchase for Web Hosting? Give us a chance to stuff you with some 

great offers HostMonster provides and help you to Order Hosting From HostMonster.

 This article will be a brief of every plan HostMoster offers and how this would help to buy their Web Hosting plans smoothly.

What are the Price and Plans of Web Hosting?

The following would provide an informative and detailed idea of what to expect from HostMonster and the type of services provided by this web hosting company. 

Shared Hosting Plans

This plan allows for cheap web hosting for your basic to overall needs. Though, You would be sharing resources amongst different users, Setting up your basic site with less traffic could be done with simply clicking the purchase button. 

HostMonster provides 3 shared hosting choices to the newbies:

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus 
HostMonster Shared Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting Plans

With unshared and partitioned hosting, HostMonster can ensure stable traffic and great uptime, promising a stable customer base.

They offer 4 types of plans 

  • Standard 
  • Enhanced 
  • Premium
  • Ultimat
HostMonster VPS Hosting Plans

Dedicated Hosting Plans

For the exclusive businesses longing to cater for a wide traffic and greater audience.

These are already preferred by some of the big names known in the industry, and provided here are the plans offered by them:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Premium
HostMonster Dedicated Hosting Plans

How to Order VPS Hosting in HostMonster?

To Order Hosting From HostMonster, you will need to follow these options in the same manner.

Order Hosting From HostMonster
  • Select your plan on the next pop-up menu, 4 types of plans are included and presented < click on ‘get started’ on the preferred plan.
HostMonster VPS Hosting Plans
  • Enter your pre-existing domain or ‘create a new domain’ altogether, for those newcomers who are creating a new site for the very first first time, welcome to the world of hosting. 👏
create a new domain HostMonster
  • If the entered domain name is not available, new domain names could be used as suggested by the HostMonster (also provided with suggestive extension too).
Set up your domain
  • Choose your preferred domain name and start the buying process.
  • Enter the related details about name, country, address, city, email and the related details < Choose plan validity.
  • Add or not ‘Package Extras’ additives accordingly < update payment method (PayPal or Credit Card < ‘tick’ auto-renewal  < click on submit < after successful payment on the payment portal, your request will be generated.
Create Your Account

Looking to build something bigger for your scalable business? Let’s get you ball with Dedicated Hosting too, buy big and grow big.

How to Order Dedicated Hosting in HostMonster?

Want to order a dedicated server too? Look no further as we will dive right into Order hosting from HostMonster, and provide you details on every related step, Happy hosting 👍

  • Scroll down on HostMonster < select ‘Dedicated’ tab.
Order Dedicated Hosting in HostMonster
  • From the excellent selection of plans, choose what would be the right fit for your business from the provided 3 options.
HostMonster Dedicated Hosting Plans
  • Choose the ‘domain name’; you could have a pre-existing domain name or not, but HostMonster provides you with the option to set an already registered domain name or a unique one with the relevant extension, of course.
create a new domain HostMonster
  • For the new novice out there, we tried to create a new one, “abced.com”, but found this was not available.
HostMonter Domain
  • So, just for you, we went on with the relevant suggestion of “AbcDe.net” (with the suggestive Typecase and extension too).
HostMonster Domain
  • From here on, we were redirected to the “Create Your Account” page and filled in the required and requested information about name, country, address, city, and email.
Create Your Account
  • Selected the correct information regarding our purchase plan and needs.
Package Information
  • Selected the relevant add-ons needed < entered the credit card info (you can also choose PayPal as your preferred payment option in “more payment options”)
Package Extras
  • Check the agreement policies of HostMonster and also remember to check the above box for receiving communication on their relevant and similar products too.
agreement policies of HostMonster
  • Click on submit < complete the purchase process < wait for some time, and now you’re an owner of a new dedicated hosting account, great 👍

How much time does HostMonster take to Activate my Order?

Since we have learnt placing order for the web hosting services form HostMonster, let’s now buckle up to know about the time periods that your order will take to activate, after talking to the customer care agent and also after some successful purchases, we confirmed a successful hosting amonut would take around 30 minutes to becomes active, and now we’re welcomed to the web-hosting world too; follow the above steps now.

HostMonster take to Activate my Order

For our readers, who were keenly wanting to know the order activation period, we have tried contacting HostMonster Support team and gladly came up with the following informtaion:

  • It takes a minute or two for your shared hosting plans to activate after successful payment is made.
  • On Account of greater configuration and comples setting required, the dedicated servers take 30 minutes to activate.

On successful activation of your hosting services, you can sign in to your HostMonster login account and update your HostMonter NameServers to ensure uninterrupted accessibillity to the visitors of your websites.

Conclusion – Order Hosting From HostMonster

Still thinking whether to buy or not, remember to follow each and every step correctly or watch for our other blogs where we cover ordering tutorials from other hosting companies too. Always remember to buy a web hosting service according to the needs of your business

Comment any suggestion you would like for us to improve upon and keep hosting as always. 👍

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