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Now, Continue reading to learn more about the hosting packages namely VPS and Dedicated server that Alibaba Cloud has to offer. 

What are the Prices and Plans of Alibaba Cloud Hosting?

It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the features and associated costs before learning how to order them. To help you select the Right plan among the ones mentioned, a table presentation has been supplied below.

  • Elastic Compute Services

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute service offers fast memory and the latest CPUs to help you to power your cloud application and get quicker results with low latency. The other features and its related price is tabled as below:

Family vCPUs MemoryClock SpeedInternal Network BandwidthPhysical ProcessorPricing/per Month
General Purpose Type G62 vCPUs8GB2.5GHz/3.2GHzUpto 3 gbpsIntel Xeon$46.02
General Purpose Type G632 vCPUs128GB2.5GHz/3.2GHzUpto 10 gbpsIntel Xeon$736.32
General Purpose Type G6104 vCPUs384GB2.5GHz/3.2GHzUpto 25 gbpsIntel Xeon$2393.04
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated host is a fully managed server hosting service that Alibaba Cloud offers for Enterprise users. It offers dedicated resources, scalable deployment options, rich configurations and high cost- effectiveness. The resources in dedicated servers are not used by other users. It can be easily scaled to suit your website needs. The other relevant features are tabled as under:

Dedicated Host TypePhysical CoresvCPUsMemoryPhysical Processor
General Purpose type G652104 vCPUs384 GBIntel Xeon (Cascade Lake) Platinum 8269CY
Local SSD type 124880 vCPUs640 GBIntel Xeon (Skylake) Platinum 8163

Now let’s have a look on how to order the above mentioned hosting services from Alibaba Cloud. 

How to Order Hosting from Alibaba Cloud?

As we have already discussed Elastic Compute Services and Dedicated host offered by Alibaba Cloud. So let’s discuss the ordering procedure for each of them in a stepwise manner.

Elastic Compute Services

To order the ECS hosting services from Alibaba Cloud, one needs to follow the given instructions.

  • Visit the official website of Alibaba Cloud > Drag down the Product tab > Click the ECS option provided at the HomePage itself.
  • On clicking the given option > you will require to login to your hosting account > Enter your login credentials > Press the Login button to initiate the Singing in process.
  • On logging in your account > ECS pop up appears > Choose the Custom Launch tab to make the configuration > Choose the appropriate Billing Method > Select the nearest location of your Data center to ensure low latency.
Alibaba Cloud Order
  • Select the processor according to the needs of your website > Adjust the Quantity that you need to purchase > Set the storage limit and select the backup plan that you require in the services.
  • Finally press the next option to proceed further with the ordering process.
  • Set the Bandwidth limit that you require for your website to handle the traffic > Enter a host name.
  • Choose the billing period and the auto renewal option to enable automatic renewal of your ECS plan > Press the create order b button.

With the help of above steps and screenshots one can easily navigate through the entire process to order hosting services from Alibaba Cloud.

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Dedicated Host

So what about Dedicated Host services? Dedicated hosting services can be order with the help of the following steps mentioned as under:


With that being said, let us now discuss the order activation period after successfully making the payment for your hosting services.

How much time does Alibaba take to Activate my Order?

According to the policies of other hosting providers, the activation of the ECS services normally take few minutes (sometimes instantly) whereas the dedicated servers(offered by Alibaba Cloud) take a lot of time to get activated due to its entangled setup, therefore it takes around 48 to 72 hours to get fully activated for usage.

However, we have tried contacting the support team of Alibaba Cloud regarding the activation period of the order. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any response from the Ticket support  expert nor from the ticket support agents. 

However, we received a call (phone no) from the support team of Alibaba Cloud wherein I tried asking them about the Order activation period to which they replied that the Dedicated servers might take 2 to 3 days to get activated whereas the ECSs and other related services get activated instantly.

So lastly we assure you that the activation period of the order for VPS and Dedicated servers would be the same mentioned above. 


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