Order Hosting from HostPapa

To host your website with the finest hosting provider, Hostpapa can be a perfect choice. They offer web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and other services like domain registration, website building, etc.

If you want to Order Hosting from HostPapa, read this guide to understand the step-by-step process.

What is HostPapa Hosting?

HostPapa hosting is the website hosting that is offered to the client who wants to host their website on the internet.

Let it be a business website, an online store, or just a WordPress site, Hostpapa can help you in making your site available online.

How To Order HostPapa Shared Hosting?

To order a Hostpapa shared hosting you must create an account with them. Then you can follow the steps given below.

  • Click on this link https://www.hostpapa.com/ and select the shared hosting option. You can also select the hosting option from the menu and select shared hosting.
Order Hosting from Hostpapa:  Order Shared Hosting
  • ย Then from the packages option, you can select a starter pack, business pack, or a business pro pack
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Click on Select
  • You can now see the Order Details. Scroll down and click on Next Step
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • In the next step, you can either select I need a domain name or you can click on I already own a domain name
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Then you should add your personal details. If you are already registered, then click on Sign in to your account
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Click on Next Step
  • Then you can choose the billing cycle and make the payment to purchase your hosting plan.

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How Can I View And Edit an Order in Hostpapa?

You can view and edit your order details using AbanteCart Store and please find the guidelines below.

  • Click on the Sales section on the Dashboard after logging in
  • Then select Orders
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Now you can see all the orders you have made in Hostpapa
  • You can now click on the Order details from the drop-down menu just as shown in the picture below
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • See your order summary which will display a brief overview of the order
  • Use the navigation tab to View Full Order Details, shipping address, payment address, and status, and comments
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Click on Edit order details if you want to make any changes to the order
Order Hosting from Hostpapa

How To Order VPS Hosting With a Cheap Hosting Price?

To order VPS hosting from Hostpapa, you can use the following guidelines.

Order Hosting from Hostpapa: Cheap Hosting
  • Click on the Hosting option and select VPS hosting from the sub-menu
  • Now you can see various VPS hosting packages. Select one that is affordable to you and click on Get Started
VPS Hosting Plans
  • If you want a new domain, select I need a domain. If you already have a domain, then select I already have a domain
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • You can either transfer your domain or change your nameservers
  • Now select your plan and billing term, your VPS essentials, and the payment method, and click on Create Account/ Sign In
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Make the payment and your order will be successful.

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How To Order HostPapa Reseller Hosting With Best Plan?

  • Go to the website and click on the Hosting option and select reseller hosting from the sub-menu
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Select a plan from the option they have and click on Get Started
Reseller Plans
  • Then follow the same steps as mentioned above

How To Order a Managed Dedicated Server?

Hostpapa does not offer a dedicated server. They only have VPS. If Also, you want to know about the ScopeHosts Nameserver & Use Domain Name.

How To Order an Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Unfortunately, HostPapa does not have any kind of managed or unmanaged dedicated server. Instead, they offer VPS which you can order from Hostpapa using the guidelines mentioned above.

How To Buy Additional Services Using HostPapa?

To buy any additional services in Hostpapa, you can use the following step-by-step process.

  • The first step is to log in to your HostPapa client portal.
Order Hosting from Hostpapa
  • Then click on the My Services tab
  • Select Additional Services
  • Now you can select a service that you want to add and click on Add to Account

FAQs – Order Hosting from HostPapa

Conclusion – Order Hosting from HostPapa

Hostpapa is the best hosting provider and the customer will not have to find another host to register a new HostPapa domain and to build a website.

Order Hosting from Hostpapa offers all the necessary services that the customer needs to bring up a good business website or a blog.

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