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Craving to contact Alibaba Cloud Support team but are unaware of how to reach them? Have zero stress in mind since you are in this post. 

Here, we will descriptively discuss the number of support channels offered by Alibaba Cloud. How to effortlessly contact them? And how to check the status of the previously submitted support ticket. 

For our readers’ suitability, we have also run some tests to see how responsive and efficient the support team of Alibaba cloud is? 

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About Alibaba Cloud 

Before we make any move further to tell about the support team, let’s shower some light about Alibaba cloud hosting company.

Founded in 2009, it is one of the largest cloud computing tech-organizations providing changeable, secure and trustworthy computing services all across the globe to accelerate digitalization. With Data centers strategically located in Asia-Pacific region, many customers choose Alibaba cloud hosting company as their trusted cloud provider in Asia. Besides, Alibaba cloud also offers flexible customer care services structured to meet the demands of the users

You are advised to coolly go through the Review of Alibaba Cloud to know tasty details about the other features that you will enjoy once you purchase the cloud computing services from Alibaba.

Keenly waiting to know the various support channels offered by Alibaba cloud support services. Let’s make a leap forward 👍

What Support Channels Does Alibaba Cloud Offer?

The support channels offered by Alibaba cloud are not only diverse but also user-friendly. The accessibility of the  support channels are easy and quick. In some cases like for the submission of the support ticket, one requires to login to the account. To make things comprehensive for you, we have made sincere efforts to pen down the list of all the support channels offered by Alibaba Cloud:

  • Live chat with an expert agent

In case of minor issues that require a quick resolution, live chat feature is the best of all the support channels available to the users.

  • Support ticket submission

To get the technical issue related to your hosting plan, Alibaba Cloud nameservers for instance, you can approach the ticket system provided by Alibaba as it not only gives you a chance to specify your issue in detail but also gives you an instant reply.

  • Phone support

+91 11-71279699 (For Indian Clients)

8000-404-480 (Toll Free Number)

  • Whatsapp support services

+86 138 1196 1093 

One can easily use this contact number to approach the support team via whatsapp.

Alibaba Cloud Support Whatsapp chat
  • Email support 

[email protected]– For contacting the support team sales and billing related purpose.

[email protected]– Approaching the support team for miscellaneous issues 

  • Other support/Contact mediums
  • Facebook– For getting attractives advertisements and related offers
  • LinkedIn– To contact the professionals of Alibaba cloud 
  • Twitter(X)- Get latest tech announcements and updates
  • Youtube– To view the tutorials and virtual guides
  • TikTok– For enjoying amusing reels (Not accessible in India)

How to Contact Alibaba Cloud Support

After knowing the contact services offered by Alibaba Cloud, you may be keen enough to know the manner in which you can establish an uninterrupted contact with them. Below, we have provided the navigations to enable you to contact the support team via various support channels:

Live chat 

To contact the support team of Alibaba cloud, one can follow the step by step instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of Alibaba Cloud > Click the orange icon with a message box made on it.
  • Type your issue in brief > Press Enter to send the message and start the conversation.

The live chat option is available right at the HomePage, enabling users to get the chatting option at the doorsteps.

Support ticket

Now what’s with the support ticket? You need to login to your registered Alibaba cloud account. Yes! You heard that right. Let’s see what are the steps to access the support ticket of Alibaba cloud:

  • First Sign up with Alibaba Cloud > After creating your account with Alibaba Cloud, Go to your Dashboard.
  • DragDown the Tickets option provided in the menu bar > Click the Submit Tickets option to Open a New ticket box.
  • Choose the Appropriate Department to type the ticket to get your issue resolved > Click the Ask option.
  • On clicking the Ask option > Type the issue in detail > Add necessary screenshots and click the Submit button to register your issue with Alibaba Cloud.

Contact Us

If in case you are finding it difficult to report your issue, You can also avail the Contact Us option to enable the support team to reach you. The support team establishes a contact by calling you at your submitted registered phone number. To let the support team contact you, follow the instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of Alibaba Cloud > Click the Contact Us.
  • Enter the relevant details > Click the submit button.

After the support ticket is submitted, it so happens that you tend to receive the reply late. In such a case, you can check the previously submitted ticket to know its whereabouts.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

To check the status of your previously submitted tickets, you can follow the steps given as under:

  • Visit the official website of Alibaba Cloud > Login to your Client area.
  • Drag the Ticket option to click the submit ticket tab > Click the My tickets option
  • On clicking the my tickets option > You can check the status of your previously submitted tickets.

In case you want to know the resolution of a previously submitted ticket, you can do so through this option as well.

So we see how easily one can access the support channels of Alibaba Cloud, Chat with an expert agent, Submit tickets for issue resolutions and check the status of the previously submitted tickets by simply following the above procedures.

Now let’s peep into what other potential clients have a say on the support channels offered by Alibaba cloud hosting company.

Other Alibaba Cloud Customer Feedback

Feedback from the potential customers is a grassroot foundation of any company building a base for other new clients to buy services from the same company as well. 

Wide customer support facilities provided by Alibaba, attracted a large number of the potential clients to post positive feedback about the services provided by them. Lets see a few of them:

  • Amazing Services
  • Informative Direct Communication
  • Fast and Easy to Communicate

The Reviews mentioned above are the comments registered by a third Party personnel. So, we have tried contacting the support team ourselves to give you the reviews with a rock hard proof in order to enable you to rely on our tests run to find the efficiency and promptness of the support services.

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Our Experience with the Alibaba Cloud Support 

We made sincere efforts in establishing contact with the support team via all channels offered by Alibaba to bring fruitful outcomes for our readers. After running tests, we came up with the following results:

Live Chat

  • The Live Chat Agent is friendly and the reply is prompt. Received the reply in 10 seconds.
  • Usage of simple tone and words to make users understand the information.
  • Both (English and Mandarin Chinese) are used by the support team to address the users.
  • The live chat support option is easily accessible at the HomePage itself.

Support ticket

  • To address issues via ticket, one needs to sign up with Alibaba Cloud and access the Dashboard.
  • The reply is received after 2 hours of submission.
  • The ticket support team is formal while resolving the issue.
  • The resolution is technical in nature and informative too at the same time.


In this article we have systematically discussed all the support channels offered by Alibaba, the ways to access the support team and the experience that we have gathered by contacting the support team via various channels mentioned in this article. 

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