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Contacting the Smarthost support team has become a herculean task for you, Right? Didn’t you click your way through to reach this article just because you were finding contacting the support team of Smarthost difficult?

Support channels offered by Smarthost? How to contact the support team via the available channels? And How to check the support tickets after submissions? Are few of the topics that we’ll be covering in this article. We have also shared our experience gathered after contacting the support team of Smarthost.

To know creamy know-how about the above mentioned topics in detail, keep reading this article further 👍

About SmartHost

Before we dive into the specifics of what support channels do Smarthost offer and its related things, let’s first have a small brief about what Smarthost actually does?

SmartHost support

Well! Smarthost, established in 1998,  is a web hosting company that offers VPS hosting, Dedicated server hosting and Colocation hosting services to its users. Its features like:

  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Sufficient Storage Space(10GB to 20GB) using latest SSD NVMe technology
  • Multiple data storage to enable you to choose the nearest one for better website performance.
  • 24/7 support services 

And amazing reviews of Smarthost have been the reason why it is approached by thousands of Bloggers, web developers, Businessmen and many more users too.

With that been said, let’s see how efficient the 24/7 support services are? For that, we need to have a look at the various support channels offered by Smarthost.

What Support Channels Does SmartHost Offer?

The support channels offered by Smarthost are as follows:

Contact Form

This support channel is widely used by the newcomers who have not registered with Smarthost and by existing users, who have an account with the Smarthost. The mechanism involved in the contact form is same as the ticket support system.

Contact Form

Ticket Support 

For getting any technical issue arising due to difficulty in configuring smarthost nameservers issue, login troubles and other such related issues resolved, Ticket support mechanism can be used by the users after successfully logging into their Smarthost account.

Ticket Support 

Email support

[email protected] 

For contacting the support team of Smarthost for more information about the products and other related assistance, the users can email the support team of Smarthost using the email address provided above.


For minor issues, users can get access to the knowledgebase area where they can find related articles connected with the issues they are facing. Moreover they can save their time by referring to this article and getting their issue resolved on their own. 


Now let’s see how one can approach these support services of Smarthost.

How to Contact SmartHost Support?

To contact the support team of Smarthost via ticket support, follow the instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of Smarthost > Click the client area option > Enter the login credentials to sign in to your Smarthost account.
  • As you reach your dashboard > Drag down the support tab to click the Submit a ticket option.
click the Submit a ticket option
  • Select the appropriate department to whom you want the ticket to redress.
Select the appropriate department
  • Type the subject of your issue > mark your ticket at a high priority level to get the reply instantly.
Type the subject of your issue
  • Type your issue in detail > attach relevant screenshots if any to back your issue with visual evidence > Click the submit option finally to register the ticket to the support team.

After the submission of your ticket, it usually takes 3 to 4 hours to receive a reply. In case you didn’t receive a reply by that time and want to check the status of your ticket submitted, read further to know about the related process.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

To check the status of your ticket submitted or to track the previously submitted ticket to refer a similar issue that had already  erupted earlier, you need to adopt the following measures to refer the history of the tickets submitted:

  • In your dashboard > click the support option 
  • History of all previously submitted tickets is displayed along with the status of the recently submitted tickets as well.
  • For recently submitted tickets: OPEN
  • For the tickets responded by the support team: ANSWERED  
  • For the ones that are previously submitted and answered by the support team: CLOSED 
Check My Support Ticket History

Let’s now have a look at what the potential customers of Smarthost have to say about the quality services of the support team of Smarthost.

Other SmartHost Customer Feedback

Feedback is the grassroot foundation of any hosting organization. It is the nature of feedback by the potential users that the new visitors and newcomers make their valuable decision after considering the various positive feedback by other users as well.

Before we share our experience and give feedback on the support team services of Smarthost, we have tabled a few valuable comments given by other users using hosting services from Smarthost.

  • Support service is fast
Support service is fast
  • Support services were not concerned to learn more about the issues 
Smarthost customer reviews

Confused after seeing a positive and a negative review back to back? Have no worries, as we have run a few tests ourselves to find out the creditworthiness of the support team of Smarthost. To know about our experience with the support team, swipe the page down to read more 👍

Our Experience with the SmartHost Support 

Keeping in mind the suitability of the readers, we have made sincere efforts to contact the support team of Smarthost via different channels offered, to enable the end user to understand the swiftness and smoothness involved in getting the issues redressed. 

At first, we tried contacting the support team via ticket support. Then we referred to a few articles from the Knowledgebase to find out how useful the information available is.

Ticket Support

  • The response time of the ticket support was 4 to 5 hours. The reason for the delay might be lack of available technical staff in the support team.
  • The support ticket option was easily navigable once logged in the client area.
  • The reply was simple and was addressed in a comprehensible format.
  • The verbal language was formal in nature which seemed friendly too.
  • The  only disadvantage of the ticket support of Smarthost is that it takes a lot of time to redress a small issue. However, the tone was decent and the information provided was useful and straight to the point.


  • The  knowledgebase option is easily approachable after making a few clicks in the dashboard of the user.
  • The articles are user friendly and easy to comprehend.
  • The information is useful and doesn’t require any rocket science to understand and execute it.

With such an efficient ticket support system for new and existing users along with the informative knowledgebase, Absence of Live chat option and inefficient email support system has a meagre impact on the quality of support services offered by smarthost team to its users.


Got all your answers resolved, didn’t you? We sincerely believe that the information provided in this post proves worthy.

Lastly, we want to convey that if you are trying to contact the support team of Smarthost for any sort of technical assistance, you can simply use the ticket support option as it is not not only user friendly but also highly responsive as well. 

Share the article with your closest ones who you feel requires guidance in configuring functions of Smarthost.  

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