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“Without Nameservers your domain name is non-functional” After purchasing web hosting services from Smarthost, the first step for a new user is to edit nameservers and route them to their domain name or to update nameservers if their domain name is already registered with another service provider.

Now where to discover the Smarthost nameserver? How can the domain name be pointed to the nameservers? How can we monitor the nameserver updates? Finally, how can we get in touch with the tech support team if we require assistance configuring nameservers? Are the queries that this article will sort out for you. 

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SmartHost NamerServers

For users’ comfortability, we have presented a table to catalog the nameservers of Smarthost. They are listed as under:

How to find SmartHost NameServers?

Locating the Smarthost nameservers can be easy once you decide to follow the instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of Smarthost > Click the Client Area button to login to your Smarthost account.
  • Once you login to your hosting account using your login credentials > Click the Domains tab provided in the Dashboard.
SmartHost Nameservers
  • On clicking the Domains tab > Choose the domain whose nameservers you want to change > Press the 3 horizontal dots provided at the right corner of the chosen domain’s field.
SmartHost Nameservers
  • As you drag down the 3 horizontal dots > Click the Manage Nameservers from among the given options.
  • Choose the Default nameservers checkbox > You can easily locate the Smarthost nameservers.
SmartHost Nameservers

So we see that the process to approach the nameservers of smarthost is lucid. Now what if you you have newly registered a domain name with Smarthost? What about the nameservers then?

In such a case when you have newly registered your domain name with SmartHost, your domain name will use the nameservers of Smarthost by default.

And what if the Domain is already registered with some other hosting provider? What about the nameservers then and what procedure do you need to follow to point the Smarthost nameservers to your domain?

To know all the details about it please keep reading the article.

How do I point to the SmartHost NameServers in my domain?

If your existing domain is registered with another hosting service provider, then you need to point the nameservers of Smarthost to your domain to enable the visitors of your website to approach you without any hindrance. 

So to point the Smarthost nameservers to your domain, you need to follow the given instructions:

  • Visit the official website of Smarthost > Go to the client area and login to your hosting account using the login credentials.
  • From your Dashboard > Tap the Domains tab > Press the three horizontal dots provided at the right corner.
  • Click the manage nameservers option > Tap the Use Custom Nameservers option > Enter the nameservers in the required field.
  • Finally, press the Change nameservers option.

The nameservers are then successfully pointed to your domain name and the visitors of your website would now face no difficulty in accessing the information on your site.

The updated nameservers take usually around 24 to 48 hours to get updated. However, at times the nameservers may show some glitches even after pointing the nameservers to the domain. 

In such a case verifying the updated nameservers is very crucial to track down the possible flaws occurring with Smarthost namesevers and steps can be taken to rectify it.

How do I check and verify my updated NameServers?

To check and verify the status of your update nameservers, we would advise you to utilize a third party application tool, Googiehost whois checker tool which happens to be efficient and gives you instant results as well. Lets see how to make a use of it:

  • Visit the official website of googiehost > Scroll down to select the Whois checker tool.
  • Enter the URL of your domain whose updated nameservers you want to check > Click the Get Whois Data.
  • On clicking the whois data > updated nameservers will be displayed along with some relevant information about your domain name.

A user can easily access his domain information entirely free of charge with the help of this useful googiehost tool.

What if the nameservers of your domain are not functioning even after successfully pointing it to your domain name? Contacting the support team of Smarthosot is the only way of Redemption. Keep reading further to know more about how to contact the support team of Smarthost.

How to contact SmartHost Support if my NameServers Are not working? 

According to the valuable reviews of Smarthost, you can easily contact the Smarthost support staff via ticket support system, if you run across nameservers issues, while using Smarthost. We tried contacting the Ticket support to see how responsive it was to nameserver-related concerns. 


The ticket was successfully submitted but may be due to lack of technical staff, the support team of smarthost didn’t respond to our nameserver request. However you can get access to the knowledgebase of Smarthost to get useful information on nameserver

The ticket option solely, is sufficient enough to resolve the tech issues related to locating and pointing nameservers as well.


This post shows you where to get the DNS servers of Smarthost, how to point the nameservers to the registered domain and how to get in touch with the technical support if you need more assistance to solve the issue as well.

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