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Tired of the pathetic hosting support offered by other companies? Searched around and found only those limited options. We looked around for you and found a great hosting service provider, SmarterASP, a reliable hosting company with instant support

This article will cover for you what support channels SmarterASP Support offers with checking your ticket history and sharing our experience with other customer feedback; we will finally summarise this topic.

What are we waiting for, let’s start exploring SmarterASP Support 👍

About SmarterASP 

Founded in 1999, SmarterASP has been serving its customers with excellent service and assistance all around the world. This company has three Data Centers across various sites: US, EU, Asia, UK, and AU. 

SmarterASP Support

Want to know more about this company, Let us see what support channels SmarterASP offers.

What Support Channels Does SmarterASP Offer?

By creating an account with the help of this guild, we had some related doubts, as you might have right now, on SmarterASP Support. We cleared our doubts through these mediums.

Let’s help you with the same doubt and answer the question of What Support Channels SmarterASP has to offer?

They offer these three support mediums:

  • Live Chat

A live support agent is present round the clock on their site.

  • Help desk 24/7

A support ticket generation counter for those with a registered account.

  • Sales Query 

A ticket creation panel for new users with no account. Let’s see for ourselves how we would contact them.

How to Contact SmarterASP Support

Now, we will learn how you would connect with SmarterASP Support channels. 

Live Chat 

SmarterASP Support
  • Let the page load; you will see the “We’re ONLINE – Zero Waiting” tab down below the right side of the page.
We’re ONLINE - Zero Waiting
  • Click on the button < type in your name < mention the type of query you have, “Sales/Billing” or “Tech Support” in the selective button.
  • Connect with a live chat agent and chat away any query you have.

Help desk 24/7

To create a support ticket, you need to register with them, follow our login guide from here and create an account for yourself.

SmarterASP Login
  • You will be logged in to your dashboard page < click below on the “Got Questions?Ask Us” tab.
Got Questions?Ask Us
  • Click on the “Create a Ticket” tab on the upper side of the screen.
Create a Ticket
  • A new page would pop up, where you can refer to FAQ articles here or type in a new query.
FAQ articles here or type in a new query
  • Type in your query.
Type in your query.
  • This would redirect to a new page, scroll down < click “create a ticket here” tab.
create a ticket here
  • Enter your query < click the submit button.
Enter your query click the submit button

Sales Query 

Do you have any questions regarding their plan ? Or do you want to custom make your plan? This section would help you throughout.

  • From here, you can open their contact page, which will look like this:
From here, you can open their contact page, which will look like this
  • Click on “here to email us” hyperlink, under the Sales Questions title.
under the Sales Questions title
  • This would allow you to access a ticket generation portal, enter your information, and wait for the portal to respond.
Contant us

Let’s see where to look for their reply on your generated ticket.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Searching for where to look for the generated ticket we would help you with that right in a flash.

Got Questions?Ask Us
  • On the new page, all of your created tickets would pop up and it would look something like the image below.
SmarterASP Ticket

Want to know more about the company, let us see what previous customers have to say about SmarterASP.

Other SmarterASP Customer Feedback

Now, we will dive through the comments of what other customers have to say about SmarterASP :

  • “Free 60 days trial and highly recommended”
SmarterASP Customer Feedback
  • “Satisfying experience and responsive team”
Satisfying experience and responsive team
  • “Affordable buy with quick resolution on queries”
Affordable buy with quick resolution on queries
  • “Easy to use and affordable but needs more power”
Easy to use and affordable but needs more power

Do you want to know our experience with the company as well, you’re in the right place as we have covered it below.

Our Experience with the SmarterASP Support 

Our overall experience with SmarterASP Support was delightful and pleasant we could be more happier with their service thereon:

Live Chat

  • Connection with the agent was instantaneous
  • The agent was accurate with the information
  • The support was only in English 

Help desk 24/7

  • Response time was around 30 to 45 min
  • They were directional with the steps.

Sales Query 

  • Provides with enough and proper support on every sales-related query we had.

However, they could improve upon providing a working phone number for customers who prefer to clear their doubts over verbal communication.


Oh, you’ve completed your read on SmarterASP Support so fast; we hope you like the article and that the information provided is sufficient for you to make a purchase.

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