Contacting the support team becomes crucial, once you run into troubles and technical issues while using the services from

So how many support channels does the team offer to its clients and most importantly how to contact them? If you are a new user of and require solutions to these queries, then you’ve arrived at the right page. 

In this article, we will provide how efficiently you can establish contact with the support team of through various support channels and also share the experience that we’ve gathered about customer care services after contacting the support team.

So to begin with let’s first discuss and the valuable feedback of its honest clients. So, without any more delays, let’s get started.

About is one of the world’s speedy WordPress hosting providers that offer swift and secure website hosting services to its potential customers. It extends lightning fast, protected, and entirely customized websites that are painless to operate and manage.

It not only provides diverse features but also gives excellent customer support 24/7/365 in order to assist its potential clients with genuine issues related to sales, billing, or technical support.

Let’s see what customers have to say about Support.

Other Customer Feedback 

The people who are active users of are not only satisfied with their extensive features and customer care services but also have posted appealing comments online to spread awareness about the quality products offered by

  • WordPress hosting provided by is fantastic and innovative Customer Feedback Customer Feedback
  • The assistance offered by is great as well as speedy and reaches any level of help to provide quality assistance to the customers. customers Review

Let’s now discuss the various support channels offered by to give high-quality customer care service in order to enhance their efficiency in providing services.

What Support Channels Does Offer?

Support channels are the medium through which the customers get their issues addressed, so they happen to be the bedrock of every hosting organization. A variety of support channels gives customers a wide range of options to reach for assistance in case of a specific issue.

Here is the list of support channels of,  available for clients during the requirement of technical issues. 

  • Live chat
  • Support Ticket
  • Email
  • Voice call support

As now you know the various support channels to get access to the support team, let’s read further about how to establish contact with the support team on the occasion of doubts and issues.

How to Contact support?

Contacting the support team becomes easy once you adopt the following set of procedures as stated:

Live chat 

Contacting the live chat team is the easiest of all, as the option to initiate the chat process lies right on the home page of

  • Go to home page. Click the message box provided at the right bottom of the display.
  • After clicking the message box, fill in the necessary details and click Start the Chat to start talking to the support team. live chat

Support ticket

This option is made available to the clients if they run into some technical problems, where only tech expertise is required to resolve the issue. The support ticket can be accessible by following the steps given under:

  • Go to the Login Page to create your account.
  • After logging into your account. Scroll down your dashboard and click Create a ticket.
  • As you click the create ticket option, choose the nature of your issue.
  • After choosing the type of issue to be submitted, fill in the relevant details and specify your trouble in detail. If possible, provide a screenshot as an attachment to make your issue seem genuine. One has been done for you to give you an idea.
  • Press submit to finally file your issue.


The email option is available to all the users whether new or existing in order to provide necessary help on occasion of billing, sales, or technical-related problems. The email address provided by the Support team is as under:

Voice Call support team only provides voice call support to its enterprise clients. So, in order to avail of the phone call support, one needs to purchase its enterprise hosting plan.

After successfully submitting the support ticket it becomes necessary to track the history of the ticket previously submitted.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

So in order to check the status of the tickets previously submitted to acquire technical support, one needs to go through the following steps which are as under:

  • Go to your dashboard after logging into your account.
  • Scroll down your dashboard and click the view tickets option.
  • Click the My Tickets option provided in the top menu bar.
  • After clicking My Tickets, my requests page will appear in which you can easily locate your previously submitted tickets, their necessary details, and their status as well.

Mostly all the support channels are available once you log into your account, be it live chat email or support ticket options.

Our Experience with the  Support 

We had a golden opportunity of establishing contact with the support team and we came out with the following results.

Live chat

  • The live chat option is easily navigable as it is on the introductory page of
  • The support team was prompt in addressing the issue.
  • It answered the query in a minute.
  • The agent had a positive attitude towards the complainee.
  • The knowledge provided by the team member was knowledgeable

Support tickets

  • For submitting the tickets, one requires to log into his account as the option is available in his dashboard.
  • The reply by the tech support team was quick. We received the reply in 2 to 3 hours.
  • The assistance was way beyond helpful.


  • Addressing the issues through email address is not effective as it lags a lot.
  • We wrote to the tech support team 4 hours ago though we have not received any response yet.

Through this article, users can easily locate the support options to enable them to ask for the technical expertise required to solve the issues that pop up normally. 

Conclusion – Support

We hope that this article was of great use to you. We also highly recommend valuable comments on the posts from your side so that we can amend them for your own suitability.

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